Beings and Entities


“So what time you gonna be here?” Tyler asked me impatiently, his voice obviously frustrated. “Cause, like, the storm’s gonna hit any second and I wanna get dinner cooked now in case the power goes out.” I glanced up at the gray sky from underneath my umbrella and saw a large front of ominous looking …

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No Contest

“Alright, kids,” the counselor announced, a devilish grin stretching across her face. “You know what time it is!” Jack nodded vigorously, bouncing up and down with excitement. He had been waiting for this moment all day. “That’s right!” she responded. “It’s time for our scary story competition! I want you to share the most terrifying …

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A Lesson

Acknowledging the paranormal entity only gives it strength. Acknowledging, in this sense, refers to admitting to yourself and those around you that there’s an entity bugging you. Entity is the species name for the beings I speak of, the things which mortals have named ghosts, demons, spirits, and so forth. I’ve seen it happen that …

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