Beings and Entities

No Rhyme, No Reason, No Explanation

Back when we were six, my brother developed a notorious sleepwalking habit among his various other disorders. So much so that dad child proofed the doors to our room and closet (after an unfortunate pissing incident involving a soiled pile of clothes) so that when we were awake, we could leave, but asleep, no dice. …

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I was nine when it happened. I grew up in a small town of about 800 people, along the south side of the Rocky Mountains. Our town was surrounded by forest, and during the summer it was the location for our greatest adventures as children. The older kids would accompany us, either for entertainment, or …

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Melvin Maudley’s Malevolent Market: The Tale of Gregory Stonewall

It had taken only a few seconds but the old lamp-lit street you were walking on suddenly melts away, and you stand in a crowded thrum of bodies and shouting. Looking around you notice the things around you are far from human. Goblinoid creatures with silver-white flesh, Amphibious bipedal creatures with blue-green scales, and even …

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The Ragman

“He’s waiting, he’s watching. He’s biding his time. He stares as your sleeping, it’s just after nine. You‘re holding your blanket, In comfortable heaven. He’s sneaking towards you, the clock says eleven. You dream about candy, and chocolate and fun. He’s nearly beside you, it’s just turning one. You don’t see him coming, there’s no …

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