Kali Yoga

Are you familiar with this thing we call meditation? Well, that was a foolish thing to ask. Of course you know what meditation is. It’s the thing new age gurus and hippies advocate to improve your well-being. Very simple stuff, y’know. You just sit cross-legged on a surface (hard or soft), close your eyes, get …

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Take a look around and observe your surroundings. Where are you right now? Are you sitting inside of a dark room? Is there anyone else with you? Are you all alone? Most sources indicate that a majority people read tales of horror by themselves. Something about this genre and medium compel you to experience it …

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It was nearing midnight, and the air was rapidly cooling. It was silent but for the few cars passing by, and the wind rustling trees. I looked around outside once more before shutting the front door and bolting it. I turned off the hall light and made my way upstairs. As I was brushing my …

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