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You lay in your bed quietly. Your window is open, a light breeze flowing through. You stare up at the ceiling, watching time pass by. Why is it so hard to sleep? you silently wonder, tapping your heel impatiently, waiting for oblivion to overcome you. You haven’t been able to sleep for ages, and it’s been almost 3 days since you got some shut-eye.

Laying here, your senses are heightened, the quiet rustling and hooting of the occasional owl ringing in hypersound. Your eyes have fully adjusted to the dark, allowing you to see every detail in the bedroom around you.

You suddenly hear a creak. Thinking it’s just your dumb dog walking around at night, you push your head under your pillow and groan.

Another creak, followed by a crash. You jump up, grabbing the gun from your bedside table. “Who the hell is there?!!” You shout, aiming around the room wildly.

There is something out your window. It crawls through the hole, its face white, with singed black brows and a bloody red smile. Its hair is long, black, and matted. It wears a white hoodie, smeared with black substance you can only guess to be blood. It rushes in on you, tackling and ramming you into the bed, hissing 4 words into your ear:



You look up into the things eyes, and you push yourself up, staring at it. “Who the hell do you think you are?! Barging into my room like this?!”

The thing stares at you. “Wait.. what?”

You stare at it angrily. “And why the FUCK did you tell me to go to sleep?! I mean, for all I know, I might have just been about to drift off, but NOOOO, YOU have to go show up!”


It starts to walk to the window. “I-I’ll just be on my way.. heh–” He dives out the window, running into the night.

You plop the gun onto your desk and lay back down on the bed, sighing and speaking aloud. “Jeezus.. People these days.”

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45 thoughts on “People”

  1. I laughed so hard at this, mostly because I’ve done this except the person who was to “kill” me was my brother trying to prank me.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when Jeff just burst into your house like he owns the shit and then starts bossing you around like he’s the fucking king. Damn it, Jeff.

  3. Oh dear.
    The description scared me. I’m wearing a white hoodie right now. And it is partially stained. But the stains are mostly red and brown. Luckily. I’m never sleeping with my window open again… especially because of where I live! Follow me on Instagram~ ctherosie


  4. I knew that would happen considering the date was April Fools when I looked at it. I just wanted to read it anyway because funny creepypastas are the best

  5. you_scared_lovelies

    I love your stories!! I post them on my scary stories account (you_scared_lovelies) and my IG followers LOVE THEM!!! You’re my website on Ig and me and Kenzie just love it all!

  6. A Zerg Hydralisk (Wearing a Top Hat)

    Jeff The Killer:
    But I just wanted to read you a bedtime story..

    *pulls off tophat, holds in both hands- er, claws, to center chest near chin and gives “puppydog” eyes*
    you can read me a bedtime story… :)

  7. Me “hey get off the dang bed and me I don’t know where you’ve been what you’ve done so DONT TOUCHÉ ME OK!” Jeff ” oh ok sorry by….” Me “just just leave”

  8. This is my favourite Jeff story of all time. I can’t even begin to explain my love for it. I’m so glad someone made it. :3

  9. TheIntimateAvenger

    Jeffy must really be slipping if he gives up after one guy gets annoyed at him. He needs career counseling.

  10. I completely agree with this person when they get ticked when Jeff comes barging in, I feel the exact same way whenever i read a pasta about how Jeff always says GO TO SLEEP.

  11. That was great, I love it! I hate it when people crawl through my window when I’m trying to sleep, too bad my gun is to big for the nightstand, hopefully a dagger is good enough.

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