Roadrunner Energy Drink Study: Our Bizarre Outlier

I am a researcher for a small team, and now, I’m facing a moral dilemma. Over the past year, one of our main projects has been the development of a healthier, more energy efficient drink named Roadrunner. Upon completion of Roadrunner’s formula and design, we contacted a local university and …

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“We’re going down!” Captain Raul Santana yelled over the intercom. “Everybody, brace for impact!” Hazard lights blinked a pulsing symphony of angry red while alarms bleated in terror. The plane’s nose tore through the final layer of thin white clouds as the island rushed up to catch the doomed airliner. …

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June 2016 Discussion Post: Creepy Real-World Locations

First of all, a big thank you to Katherine C. for suggesting this month’s topic! I was drawing a total blank. If you guys have any suggestions for future discussion posts, please drop them in the comments here. Thanks! This month, I’d like to hear about the creepiest real-world locations …

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The Cellar

“So how much farther until we find this ‘really awesome place’ that I just ‘had to see’?” Patricia asked impatiently, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She pushed aside a low-hanging limb and walked past it, ducking low, her eyes cast upwards in an ongoing search for spider webs. “It isn’t …

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Ohran’s Eye

Legends. Such strange yet fascinating things they are. These intricate weavings of fantasy and imagination have always existed among us, usually bringing hope, caution or fear in one form or another. Some tell the tale of a brave adventurer forging his way to glory and fame through some metaphorical method …

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