This cruel place beyond the blizzard

This Cruel Place, Beyond the Blizzard

“Do you think we’re dead?” I gave Eleanor a perplexed look. “I can see your breath. And we’re talking right now, so…” “No, no,” she muttered, shivering in the keening wind, “not here. No sense in asking that here.. I mean out there.” I stared out past the dark sea, […]

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Blind Curve

The snow was coming down harder now, the flurries growing larger and gaining in intensity with the coming darkness. Not at all a situation any normal woman would care to find herself in. Yet there I stood, alone, hungry, waiting. Minutes passed until at last I saw the headlights of

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Snow Day

Jake Thomasson pulled the sleeve of his sweatshirt down, covering his hand, and wiped away the condensation from the window.  It was the third time he had done this in the past ten minutes, but he didn’t want to miss seeing if any cars drove by outside.  He was sitting

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