Beings and Entities

Kingdom of Suffering

Hidden deep within the rural countryside of mainland China sits a rotting edifice of failed consumerism: the decrepit remnants of Disneyland China. Half of a Western-style castle, bits of girders and wires and planks jutting out of moldy particleboard like shattered bones from gangrenous skin, looms over a wide swath of flat swampland. Tourists and …

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Who is Mary Weatherworth and What is She Doing in Your Mirror?

“This is breaking and entering,” said Delores. “Not,” said one of her friends. “The older kids party here all the time.” “So it’s only breaking and entering for the first person to do it?” “If you’re too scared go home. Baby” Delores opened the door, its brass handle gleaming like some sole survivor of decay. …

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The Well in the Forest

We first set foot into this forest yesterday evening after spending just over an hour and a half making our journey. It was one of those evenings where the many Jet-Trails amongst the twilight sky had blended into light orange and pink among the distant orange and black horizon that all camouflaged into an array …

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You lie on your bed, huddled under the covers with a fresh book from the library. Your eyes feel somewhat droopy but you are reluctant to put it down, the story too enticing to pause so you can sleep. It’s nearing the end anyway, you reason silently; not even thirty pages to go. Might as …

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