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The Looming Person

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I am out of time. I have to tell all of you before it is too late. For weeks it has been following me everywhere and now it is here, in this very room. I don’t know where, it can be in the closet, under the bed or under the table I am sitting at right now. Or perhaps it is in all of these places at once. Closing in on me every second. Though I have never seen it, I know it is here. Waiting, stalking, looming over me until I am in its grasps. I can no longer think straight. I haven’t left my room for 6 days, ever since I heard it scratching at the door. I have stopped sleeping ever since that night with the dream. And now it is here with me. The moment I turn around to look if it is there I will be face to face with it. I don’t know why I know that, and yet I do. I just do. So please listen to my last message I can give to world before I face it and embrace my eternal fate. Because I need to warn you about it. This thing. This creature. This looming person.

It began about a month ago while I was walking in the streets I noticed that someone was following me. I turned around and saw nobody in particular. Just random people going on with their own lives. First I didn’t think any of it. Maybe I was just tired or stressed, I thought. But that feeling only got worse as the days went on. Every time I left the house I felt it. Stronger than the day before. Somebody was following me. That was the only thought I had every time I left the house. Yet I never saw anyone acting suspicious. As if that follower was invisible. But the feeling stopped every time I entered my home. It became clear for me that it was the only place I was safe from whatever was stalking me. 10 days after I first noticed that presence of the stalker I stopped leaving my home. I felt forced to call in sick at my work as it became impossible for me to leave the building.

The moment I laid my hand on the door handle I felt as if I were to open the door, I would run straight into the person that was looming behind me for all this time. Anxiety crept up on me and I stood at that door for what felt like hours, unable to move a finger. Then suddenly a knock at the door. I was so startled I could not even scream. I just backed away when suddenly a second knock came from the door. Then another one and another one. Each was louder than the last until it felt like someone was hammering at the door, trying to ram it in. I ran back up the stairs into my room on the 3rd floor where I hid, however it knew. The knocking at the door stopped the moment I was on the 1st floor and once i was in my room I heard something. Scratching. At my window it sounded like nails moving up and down the glass. How could that be? In the time I ran up the stairs it managed to climb up the wall and found my window. But how? Doesn’t anyone outside see this thing? I tried to call the police but instead I heard an automated message telling me that the number I dialed does not exist. I was trapped. There was nobody I could message to ask for help and even my roommate did not come home anymore. I was alone. Alone with that person looming over me. I did the best I could trying to survive.

I tried to ignore the noises from outside as best as I could. I had lots food stored in my kitchen, some of it is my roommate’s but I can pay him once he returns. I have spend my days searching online for any clues on what may that thing outside my house may be. I asked questions on different forums, but everyone either laughed it of as a joke or told me to go outside and face it. However one reply appeared on every forum I posted on. A reply by a user simply named “Person” which read “You Can Only Deny My Presence For So Long. Soon You Will Realize. I Am Already Inside.” I thought it was just a troll comment, but how could he find all of my posts on various websites? 15 days after I locked myself away I made a fatal mistake. I send “Person” a pm with a simple question “Why me?”.

That evening, after I was just done using the bathroom i was walking by the door of my roommate’s room when I saw movement. In the corner of my eye a shadow behind the slightly ajar door disappearing. I slowly turned towards the door, sweating and at the verge of crying. I reached for the handle when the door slammed shut. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed everything edible in sight and ran for my room. I kept my eyes shut in the hallway, I did not dare opening them until I was inside my room. How? How did it get inside? Did it break a window? No, I would have heard that. I spend the rest of the day wondering how it happened. And why did it decide to invade suddenly? Was it because I asked “Person” about it? How could it know? Was it “Person” himself? And I still don’t know why it is doing all of this. What have I done to deserve this? I did not dare to look at the door where I heard continues scratching for the entire day.

The next day I returned to my computer where I saw that “Person” has answered me. I did not dare to open the message. It seems the more I acknowledge its presence the closer it gets. That much is certain. But now I am trapped inside my room. The food I scavenged from the kitchen might last about a week if I ration it carefully. It was less than I grabbed, but on the way back I was shaking so much that I must have dropped at least half of what I was carrying. What can I do? I am scared. What will it do, if I face it? Will it kill me? Or will it do something worse? Besides my fear another feeling crept up inside me. Curiosity. I suddenly became very curious on what it is and what it does. But even more than that I needed to know why. Stupid. I was so stupid to let my curiosity get the better of me. I opened the message of “Person”. “Be Honored! You Have Been Chosen! Stop Fighting And Embrace Your Fate!” That night I had a dream.

It was dark. Darker than just darkness. This was not the absence of light. This was the overwhelming presence of darkness. My eyes were wide open, I watched the darkness, unable to close my eyes for even a blink. I lay there, unable to move. There was no escape. I was trapped. Trapped on my bed all I could do was face forward to where it stood. There it was, right in front of me. Behind the darkness it stood before me. Even though I could not see I saw it there in the darkness standing at the end of my bed. A terrible, human-shaped figure whose head reach up to the ceiling. It had no face, yet countless eyes stared at me. In front of me, above me, on my left, my right and even below me, it saw me from every direction. I could do nothing but look. I wanted to scream but I didn’t feel my mouth. I wanted to run, but I didn’t feel my legs. All I could do was face it as it faced me. And so I waited for it to finish it.


But it never did. I did not move. It just stood there, looming over me, stabbing me with its stares like needles. “No escape. Nowhere I will be safe from it. No matter where I am it will always be there. This looming person will never let me escape.“ These thoughts circled in my head the entire time I lay there. I finally woke up, covered in sweat, I thought it was just a dream and I finally was safe. I was wrong.

After the drowsiness wore off I noticed it. It was inside my room. I was not able to see it but I noticed this feeling again. The feeling of its eyes looking at me, like rusty needles piercing my skin. No matter where I turned it was right there just disappearing out of my sight. Up, down, left, right, it didn’t matter where I turned. It always disappeared before I could see it, however every time it disappeared it felt closer. Every time I looked for it, it felt like it was one step closer to me than the last time. At that moment I knew that I could no longer run. I decided to throw caution into the wind and contacted “Person” again. I asked him every question I could think of. “What is it?” “Is it you?” “What does it want?” His answers where not helpful, just the same as before. “You Know That You Cannot Run So Why Are You Still Resisting?” These answers didn’t scare me anymore.


I was certain, that once I asked the right question I would get the right answer. I spent the last days asking him everything. I did not sleep, I did not eat. I barely even blink anymore. I know that it is right there, looming over me. The moment I get careless it will take me. But I can’t let it. I’m scared. Before I started writing I asked “Person” my last question “Will it hurt?”, and his answer was “The More You Fight The More It Hurts. You Should Have Given Up While You Had The Chance.” It will hurt. It will hurt terribly. At this point I was ready to accept death, but it won’t let me. For so long it has been tormenting me. Just killing me like that won’t be enough for it, I know that.


If I am fast enough I should be able to escape it one last time. I hope it works. But I also wish that nobody else will have to face this monstrosity. Please just go away. I do not wish this fate on anyone and if it does I hope that there is a way to get it away from you that I have missed. Now it’s time for me to go. I will not be able to fight this for another minute. I will close my eyes and rush to the window. This is my only chance to escape it’s clutches. Just send this and then to the window.

Credit : Alender

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