July Discussion Post: Worst Creepypasta Tropes

Hello, your lovely mod derpbutt here~ My co-admin predhead and I have been going through plenty of submissions over the past few weeks since relaunching this website, and we’ve discovered a mutual annoyance: The over-reliance on certain “creepy tropes” that crops up in many submissions. Now, we just shitcan the …

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Movie Night

You were excited for this day. You should be after all, you’ve been working hard. You deserve to have some fun. For tonight, you planned a movie night with a couple of old friends. Horror movies, as was customary since your younger days. You all watched with wide eyes and …

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Jack Hill – Mystery of the Game and Watch

Hello, my name is Shaun. I live in a high-rise studio apartment in Philadelphia. Recently, I’ve seen many arcane events unfold, and I would greatly appreciate any advice. Let me start at the beginning. Just a few days ago, after arriving home from my part-time job (I also go to …

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Pitter Patter

Pitter patter, on the pane, Pitter patter, once again, Pitter patter, how I strain, Pitter patter, but no rain. What so does tread my halls, Humming low with crooning calls, Succubae or hellish thralls, Why for do they tread my halls? No creak yet disturbs this floor, No shadows flit …

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Is it silence where you are now, except for the whirring of your computer, or whatever your reading this on? Good enough. Tune out that noise. Listen. Very carefully. To the noise within your ears. Before you may have dismissed it as hissing static in your head, or a barely …

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