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5 Creepy Things from the World of Warcraft

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Anyone who has played World of Warcraft even once is probably aware that it’s not just another game. Its impact on our minds is real and it has been inspiring millions of people since its launch in 2004. But inspiration isn’t everything. If you are already acquainted with the dark corners of Azeroth, chances are that you frequently experience a chill running down your spine. 

The thing is that World of Warcraft is a game full of haunting stories, creepy scenes, and eerie tales. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the creepiest things you can encounter while playing World of Warcraft. 

1. Children of Goldshire

Goldshire is indeed one of the creepiest places you can encounter, not only in the World of Warcraft but in today’s gaming industry, in general. It’s a human town in the southwest of Northshire that human characters frequently visit. And obviously, this place can get creepy at times. 

The thing that makes this town so scary and mysterious at the same time is the Goldshire kids. Every morning at 7:00 AM server time, there are six children in Goldshire who walk to the house near Crystal Lake and stand in a pentagram. Not surprisingly, this seems like a dark ritual. Speaking of gold and spooky encounters, courage isn’t always enough to handle such eerie encounters. It demands resources, which, in terms of World of Warcraft, is WoW gold. And if you’re looking for simple ways to get it, you can buy WoW gold from WoWVendor and equip yourself with everything you need to handle these haunted encounters. 

2. The Whispering Forest

If you were to choose the scariest location in northeastern Tirisfal Glades, that would be the Whispering Forest. Only the fact that you can find a ring of giant mushrooms near the forest is creepy enough to send shivers down your spine. This is not to mention the dead fisherman near the lake, the Gnomish flying machine at the bottom of the lake, and the faerie dragons who fly above the mushroom ring from time to time. 

All these elements create an unsettling and fascinating atmosphere for players who are ready to explore the haunting mysteries of Azeroth.

3. Newman’s Landing

No one knows exactly who Newman was but a glance at Newman’s Landing is enough to realize his life ended in a tragic way. Newman’s Landing is a part of Dun Morogh and is famous for its dilapidated dock, which, in turn, points ominously into the Great Sea. 


The main reason why this place is so mysterious, and, therefore, scary is that there you can find a skull that is run through by an axe, stuck to the signpost. The eerie atmosphere is strengthened by the bones that are scattered around this mysterious house.

4. Skeletons in a Circle

Speaking of skeletons, if you’re afraid of portals and chilling rituals, maybe you shouldn’t consider getting to the Blasted Lands while playing World of Warcraft. This place is a mysterious spot where four skeletons are arranged in a perfect circle around an unusual device. But this perfect combination isn’t the only thing that makes the scene horrifying. The thing is that all these four skeletons are looking up. What were they looking at right before they died? No one knows.


The only thing that is clear is that they were looking upwards, probably at something terrifying in the sky while facing their final moments.

5. Scarlet Monastery

The final eerie WoW thing on our list is Scarlet Monastery — a northeastern corner of Tirisfal Glades that greets visitors with hung corpses. This place is considered a stronghold for the Scarlet Crusade but the thing that scares the players while getting introduced to that spot is the terrifying human bodies. Some of them are hung upside down, while others are missing limbs. Either way, each of these corpses has one thing in common – they serve as a warning to anyone who dares to challenge the Crusade’s authority.

Bottom Line

We don’t even doubt that you have noticed how these 5 creepy things from World of Warcraft enhance your gaming experience and turn it into a real adventure, especially if you’re a horror enthusiast. If that’s the case, then you should know that WoW includes plenty of other mysteries that are yet to be explored. Some of the legends that Azeroth is built on are creepier than others. And this makes it even more worthwhile to explore these and other dark narratives in the game.

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