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5 Haunted Myths of Las Vegas That Locals Believe

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Mystery, horror, and thrills are some of the adjectives that we can use to describe common urban legends in the city of Las Vegas. Tales of mothers murdering sons in casinos, eerie figures wandering in haunted buildings, or whispers heard in empty corridors are just a few of the many myths you can hear in Las Vegas. 

If this sounds scary enough, you’re definitely in the right place! Today, we’ll be sharing 5 haunted legends of Las Vegas that might lead to thrills and a sense of terror even in the bravest people among us.

1. The Curse of Room 123 at Circus Circus

While you’re sitting comfortably, playing online casino slot games, and dreaming of visiting luxury casinos in Vegas someday, you should know that not all casinos are equally safe. In fact, some of them may hide eerie stories that still haunt gamblers. We’re speaking of the Circus Circus Casino Hotel and Room 123. As the legend says, this is the place where a great family tragedy took place. 

Although Circus Circus is famous for multiple tragedies, the most prominent one among them is the story of the mother who killed her son and then committed suicide. This was the beginning of further tragedies, including the murder of a Vietnamese couple in 2018 in hotel room 321. Interestingly, the hotel is still functional and is worth around $24.99 per night. So, if you’re brave enough to hear distant screaming and children’s pleas for help, maybe that place is worth exploring. 

2. The Ghosts of Luxor’s Pyramid

If you’re attracted by pyramids, the idea of staying at the Luxor Hotel might sound impressive to you. But don’t rush yourself, because staying at this hotel and casino is almost the same as gambling with your life. The hotel’s interior resembles ancient tombs and it seems like it carries their mystical atmosphere. Interestingly, the Luxor is widely recognized as both haunted and cursed, and guests and staff often report seeing ghosts and hearing eerie voices.

As they say, there are five ghosts that walk in the hallways of the hotel. Some people believe that these ghosts are the souls of construction workers who died in the building. If you still decide to visit the hotel after hearing about this legend, we recommend staying away from ​​the 12th, 13th, and 14th floors — that’s where those ghosts tend to walk.

3. The Phantom Gambler of the Flamingo

The next Vegas venue that is said to be haunted by mysterious creatures is Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. But this time, the myth isn’t just about random ghosts. Instead, the main character of this legend is the so-called “Phantom Gambler” — a figure believed to be William Lee Bergstrom, also known as “The Suitcase Man.” However, the reason why people called him that name is that he placed a single bet of $777,000 — the biggest bet in gambling history back then. 


In fact, he’s not even the ghost who haunts the casino. Instead, locals believe the Flamingo Hotel is haunted by Bugsy Siegel — the mobster who played a significant role in the development of Las Vegas.

4. The Vanishing Hitchhiker of Las Vegas Boulevard

Surprisingly, the next mysterious story about Las Vegas isn’t related to casinos. This time, it’s about the Vanishing Hitchhiker of Las Vegas Boulevard who has become a part of local folklore. Although there are multiple various of this story, one of the most popular is that the Vanishing Hitchhiker is the ghost of a man who escaped a mental institution. It’s thought that this man now targets lover’s lanes. He comes outside of the car, attacks the lovers, and then disappears into the night.


5. The Ghost of Redd Foxx

The final ghostly tale from Las Vegas tells the story of Redd Foxx – a beloved comedian and star of the 1970s hit TV show ‘Sanford and Son’. He always had a connection with Las Vegas, where he performed during his later years. It seems like he loved the city so much that his spirit has never left it.

As locals claim, the ghost of Redd Foxx is still in his former house in Las Vegas. That home was sold in the 1990s and recently, the current owner, Jesse Garron, noticed the ghostly figure that looked like Redd Foxx. He was so scared that he even brought a medium to understand what was going on. However, paranormal activities still take place in that spot.

Final Thoughts

These five myths are just a few of the many urban legends of Las Vegas that still continue to intrigue and mystify both locals and visitors. We don’t know for sure whether most of these scary stories actually happened or if they are just myths created by locals but it’s clear that these legends prove Las Vegas’ mysterious and eerie past. Simply put, we can even assume that every corner of this city holds a mysterious story ready to be discovered.

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