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Will You Play With Me?

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I never wanted to reveal my story, but it has to be done. It’s been so long, and nobody’s known. But now I confide in you, the reader, to read my story, and attempt to comprehend the horrors I experienced. My fingers stutter and shake and tears cascade down my cheeks as I try to type this. But I warn you now, what you are reading cannot be unread.

It was just an ordinary night in my apartment. I was tired, the days at the office had been so stressful lately, and I looked forward to the quiet release of sleep. It always seemed to make everything better.

But this night was different.


The wind seemed ominous. The sky seemed darker. And as I relaxed in my chair watching my favorite sitcoms before bed, I saw what appeared as a strange silhouette standing outside my window. I focused my full sight on what i thought was there.

Nothing. Just darkness.

I figured I was just over-tired. Just a little too much work today, that’s all. I finished watching my show and retired to my bed. As I tried my best to sleep I heard the door at the end of my bedroom creak. I dismissed it, too tired to get myself worked up over nothing. I then got the sense something was watching me. I tried to shake it off, I just wanted to sleep. Finally, I heard something breathing heavily and slowly. At first I thought it was me and that I was psyching myself out, so I held my breath for a moment.

It wasn’t me.

I jolted upward from my bed and opened my eyes. I became frozen as I saw, at the foot of my bed, a young girl with long, black hair, around the age of 6, in a white night-gown. She stared at me with unblinking eyes and a wide smile. She had deep cuts covering her face, and her hands that hung at her side were covered in crimson. We both sat and stood staring at each other for a good moment, until she let out a horrifying, inhuman scream. At that moment I tried to race for the door but she leapt on me, digging her nails into my face, her dark, black eyes inches away from mine, screaming all the way. The screaming became deafening and I soon lost my balance and hit my head on the table next to my bed. I lost consciousness.

I awoke in what appeared to be an empty basement. My clothes remained on, except for my shirt. I struggled to find my balance. My head was covered in dry blood. I looked at my arms. There were cuts all down them, writing down words. I found the words read “Will you play with me?” It was also written on both my sides. I gazed around the room in horror and found an iron door with blood seeping at the base. I slowly made my way there. There was no sign of the girl, though I feared she may be behind the door. Despite my fear, I had to go in.


I had to.

What I saw was horrifying, bodies lay spread across the wide room all the way to the stairwell on the opposite corner. Men, women, children, all of them laying still. Cuts on their arms and legs, similar to mine, read “will you play with me?” Except these victims had something I didn’t have. I looked at a nearby women in horror.

She laid on her back, her stomach split open, as I came closer what came into my sight was a large toy fire-truck shoved in with her entrails. I choked back vomit and backed away. A man laying against the wall had metal jacks stuck into both of his eyes. His skull had caved in, and what lay next to him was a broken baseball bat, snapped in half in a pool of blood. A young boy lay lifeless in the very middle. His mouth was wide open and sticking out of it was the beginning of a toy car track, it had been shoved down his throat. His chest was cut open and his heart lay next to his body. In place of his heart were the dismantled pieces of a doll.

I lost my control and vomited. I cried for a moment, but then the thought struck me.


“Where’s the girl?”

I didn’t think this wanting to know where she was, of course. I thought it very briefly before noticing the stairwell that stood at the corner of the room. I started walking towards it, but then I stopped…

Something behind me was breathing heavily.

I turned around, and there stood the girl, after having stood in the corner in wait the entire time I was examining the bodies. She then said, in a high voice that pierced my ears with terror.

“Will you play with me?”

She began screaming. I turned to run away, but she was on me. Knife-sharp nails driving into my back and my neck. I struggled and eventually I threw her off of me and onto the ground.


I ran for the door, but it slammed shut. I banged on it and cursed, blood running down my back. It would not open. She was on me again, I elbowed her face, she drove her nails into my back. I managed to push her off and turn around. As she lunged I caught her. Her big, black eyes inches away from mine, her nails plunged into my face. Her screams deafening my ears. She raised one hand, smiling ear to ear, and her hand plunged down on my eyes.

Everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital, bandages covering my body, including both of my eyes. A police officer stood in my room, speaking with a doctor. They saw I was awake, and smiled. They informed me I was the only survivor of a mass murder, and that the suspect, a middle-aged man, had been captured. I told them about the girl. They said no girl was found at the scene. They didn’t believe me. They told me “I should rest.”

Two weeks passed, and I was cleared to leave. As I exited the hospital, permanently scarred on my arms, face, back, and sides, I passed the waiting room. It had some toys lying on the ground. The game jacks, a toy fire-truck, a doll, and a toy car track. Sitting with these toys was a small girl with long, black hair. She wore a white gown. She looked up at me and smiled widely, and in a voice that pierced every cut on my body, she said:

“Will you play with me?”

Credit: D.S. Ozolnieks

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162 thoughts on “Will You Play With Me?”

  1. If your eyes were bandaged, how could you tell that the doctor and policeman smiled? I might be nitpicking, but that’s the kind of derp that ruins continuity, for me at least. And yeah, the generic Samara-esque child clichè is almost as overdone and overwrought as the vampire/zombie crap.

  2. omg I loved this and I’m very new to creepypasta but it seems really cool I will have to read some more stories and maybe write some of my own

  3. this is one of my favs although whenever i searched in thew google “Sally Williams” the image seems to be so much different
    – BROWN colored hair
    – PINK colored DRESS (some are pink t-shirt and shorts…….but meeeeh)
    -holding a teddy bear
    -deep scars on face (well of course)

    -BLACK colored long hair
    -WHITE nightgown (same with dress? except you use it at night time? meh anyways..)
    -knife sharp NAILS
    -deep scars on face
    -crimson colored hands

  4. Ok that’s scary I read the jack the killer one it was more scary I could not sleep at all so i watched big hero 6 the whole night

  5. Why is it that the Images on Google show Sally Aka: The child, with brown hair and green eyes but here it says she looks like a child version of Jane the killer?

  6. This was amazing. I have had nightmares about little kids asking for me to play with them. This took that to a whole other level…. I thought it was pretty original. Innocent Child lures victims to the basement and shoves toys into their bodies as maybe a game? Never read that before. Think it’s time to get rid of my kids toys and just get him a phone, Xbox, and iPad. I’ll tell him he can thank you for that. Kudos 10/10

  7. This was amazing! I loved the entire thing it was short and sweet-… well you get what I mean. I have only read a few Creepypastas so far but I’d half to say that this is definitely one that I’ll remember and enjoy reading again! 10/10

  8. This is an awesome story and it reminds me of Sally. The girl has exactly the same quote with Sally that I think this whole story was copied… I can’t tell?

  9. Creepypastafangirl857

    This was a very well written story and I liked the plot. Even as a new creepypasta fan I know very well that this is one of the ways to bring chills down your spine. :D

  10. אלון דנציגר

    plot hole: how did you know that the police officer and the doctor smile? I thought that you had bandages on your eyes

  11. This is a really scary story! I mean being a victim of mass murder and you think you see your killer after you get out of the hospital. That’s some scary shit, man!

  12. Devil Whisper Blemish

    Whats this a story? I love Creepypastas but I have no interest In reading whatever this is. Someone please tell me what these pointless Paragraphs are here for.

  13. Hey there Im Holli

    I thought she would’ve had brown hair with blood in it and green eyes. And her teddy bear. But it was still pretty good.

  14. Not scary really, has a bit of a creepy factor though. 7/10 the writing is really good with makes for nice read.

  15. it’s funny i know what sally looks like and i have a creepy resemblince to her and also my name is sally funny right?….wait a minute

  16. Destany LeBlanc

    It scares me becuase I’ve seen a little girl in a white gown all the same traits too I was scared haft to death I haven’t seen it since last week though

  17. TheEmberShadow

    I found this to be a very good Creepypasta story. I would have given you 10/10 for grammar, good storyline, plot and all those other things but instead, I’ve just given you an 8/10 because the use of a ‘girl with long black hair and a white gown who looked about 6’ is kind of cliche and a bit over used. But nonetheless I still think this is the best Creepypasta that I have ever read. Good job

  18. This story is a well written, well thought out, and has a overall great concept. It makes me want to read it from beginning-to end, it also made me glance to my sides a bit. (Reading in a dark room, midnight, and all that good stuff)
    If this was a bit longer, i would not mind a bit. It seemed very short, but besides that, it is a great short story to give me nightmares. I rate it 8.5/10

  19. eyelessjackismybae

    That is on of the best stories i have ever read. To all reading this i think yall sould go read the smile dog story. Very interesting. For a while my friend Jordyn believed that my house was haunted by Sally. A while ago i had a Halloween party. A few people came inside to check my place out. Jordyn and i heard laughing…

  20. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    note to self…
    do NOT play with girls that are 6 years old, wear white night gowns, and say “will you play with me?”

  21. Site admin here. Aria, if you have proof that this was stolen/submitted without the author’s permission, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch with me. Thanks!

  22. Holy Shit! I Have Only Heard Of Sally But Never read The Story. Before I Read This I Thought That Story Of Sally Would Just Be about Her Being Murdered/or Ran over By A Car, And Only A Woman Could See Her ghost And Sally Stared At the Edge Of Her Bed every night Watching Her Sleep But This, This Was Horrifying!

  23. How did Sally, a young girl with brown hair, emerald eyes, and a pink gown come from this? The girl in this story has dark eyes, black hair, and a white gown, and has the same saying as Sally!
    Someone help!

  24. Taylor Marie Munday

    WTH. it wasnt even scary.. i have had worst incounters, im doing a story on facebook about a girl names Alice,But anyways i don’t belive that because i would know that slenderman would always be with her, And also the cops would of trasied the blood markings of the little girl at the crime ceen. But i give it a 3 :D

  25. This wasn’t creepy at all I’m only 12 and nothing scares me I love Ben he is way better. also my baby jeff

  26. But the littke girl has already drove her nail to this guy’s eyes, how is it possible that he knows that there are toys, and that girl?

  27. I don’t know why but every artwork I see of Sally is brown haired and pink dress… Also I give a 10/10 because one I felt the pain of the narrator and second I would’ve answered yes instead of running which deducted from my original 12/10. Lastly I feel terror for my first creepypasta and I rarely get scared. No joke!

  28. Now when my baby cousin asks “Will you play with me” (she likes trains and is 5 with black hair in a ponytail” I go “After I shit” and shake myself on the toilet. A great story 9.5/10. The other .5 percent should’ve at least explained how an adult got his ass kicked by a 6-year-old girl. Jk 10/10 :)

  29. The only “fancy” word is cascade though….. |:

    Honestly, if you’ve been long enough in creepypasta, you’ll find more satisfying pastas then this. Sorry, it’s just really cliche and overdone. What really put me off was the first paragraph. A creepypasta author would know how to make a story creepier without the need for fancy words.

  30. The Only Sane Person Here

    If only it was a spirit, I could drive it out. No, I’m not insane. I’m actually a Budhist monk.

  31. I Liked This story!! It Was Scary But that’s What Creepypasta Is All About!! Kept Me On The Edge of My Seat!! 9.5/10

  32. “Of course i’ll play with you little girl! How about i be your friend and you don’t go all freaky on me, `kay?” *hands girl a lollipop but has a knife behind back*

    I like this story. It’s not the best one i’ve read but it was creepy. I say 6 and 3/4 out of 10.

  33. >bandages covering both of eyes
    >”the police officers saw that i was awake, and smiled”
    How could she know they smiled when her eyes were covered? Meh. 8/10

  34. May I just point out, it says that she had bandages on her eyes, then proceeds to explain how the scene looks. If I am going to be 100% honest, she shouldn’t even be able to see after that, nonetheless be able to take off the bandages and look directly at the officer and see him smile, it would be painful and gory.

  35. Anna ~ Lets have some fun ~

    I can say, is this kinda like the creepy pasta ‘ Sally ‘ or as her creepy pasta is ‘ Play with me ‘ can someone send me a link..?

  36. I think it is OK even though sally had brunette color and her eyes were green but other than that if is cool

  37. i just finished my preteen years what better to wrap up my childhood than some creepypastas but it wasnt totes scary it was 6/10 at most just because i didnt find out how sally actually killed people

  38. “I woke up in the hospital with bandages covering my body, including both my eyes”, “they saw I was awake, and smiled”

    How did the narrator see it if their eyes were bandaged?

  39. I would have ripped the little bitch off my back and tear her limb from limb if that were the case. But, that’s just my opinion. I don’t think that demanding little child deserves to be played with. Anyways, on a lighter note. XD

    I liked this story. I didn’t find it very creepy, more irritating. There was a bit too much in it that it made me go, ‘okay, this looks over-staged’. Either way, I rate this 5/10 and will favourite. X)

  40. I’ll never understand the whole ‘ little girl with long black hair’ bit. To me a Victorian child with bouncy blonde curls and dead eyes who is grinning is infinitely creepier to me. That said this was a decent pasta. Not quite al dente but edible.

  41. Nice, but how did he see the policeman and the doctor, and see they smile, if his eyes were bandaged? THEN WHO WAS BANDAGE?! :)

  42. Ok wait so… you woke up, with bandages covering most of your body, INCLUDING your eyes… but still noticed that the doctor and officer smiled? HUH???? Ok regardless of that particular confusion, the story overall was creepy enough to make me shudder, although creepy little children stories are starting to get overdone these days. But still, it was definitely creepypasta material.

  43. If there were bandages covering yours eyes how did you know there was an officer in your room and that the people in your room smiled when you woke up?

    1. This is exactly what I wondered… Must be pretty hard to see someone smile with bandages over your eyes.

  44. I Gotta say, This was creepy.Going to have nightmares for like 1-3 weeks and sometime waking up to A girl saying ‘Will you play with me’

  45. Hey guys! I wrote this story and plan to write more, so you’re comments are very important to me. I’ll definitely make note of my mistakes (plot holes, cliches, etc) and make sure i don’t make these mistakes in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

  46. >It was an oridinary night
    >But it was completely different at the same time

    Try to avoid plot holes like this in the future.

  47. I’m sorry but i refuse to beileive your story everyone has seen the grudge and heard tale such as this im not saying you are lieing i give you credit for your imagination maybe you thought you had expeirenced this but in reallity you didnt its just to cliche sorry

    1. I think the “creepy” part (and a clever/cliched way of starting a story) is making it seem as if it were true.

    2. This story is just written from the character’s perspective, not the author’s. Of course it wouldn’t be true.

      And yeah, it might be cliched, but, as someone in the comments above said, cliched things become cliched for a reason – they’re good. Also, people can experience cliched things. I guess you don’t understand that.

      As a side note, I haven’t seen The Grudge.

  48. I love this story. Its delicious creepy pasta. i think you should write some more ! but one thing at a time. I will give it a 9/10. i could do 10/10 but the story will give me some nightmares.

  49. The story is good in itself, however the “a young girl with long, black hair, around the age of 6, in a white night-gown.” is definitely over used, try and be a little more creative when developing the main antagonist, it will make your story one to be remembered. But aside from that, your grammar was nice and the story flowed quite nicely as well. 7/10

  50. Honestly, if you’ve been long enough in creepypasta, you’ll find more satisfying pastas then this. Sorry, it’s just really cliche and overdone. What really put me off was the first paragraph. A creepypasta author would know how to make a story creepier without the need for fancy words.

    1. Wow you need to get a life because this is a really creepy story unless your a 5 year old girl that likes to play with Barbies saying “let me wet my pants”!

  51. The young girl with long black hair. This cliche deserves its own category on this site. You get points for grammar, but for the plot, I give this a 3/10.

  52. even though i´m kinda new to creepypasta i gotta say… this is definitely one of the top storys! well written (i like the words you, seemingly, carefully chose), good tension throughout the whole story, just creepy! still i have to admit; a little longer would´ve been nice and there were also some little repetitions in it. all in all, 9/10!

    1. They said that the girl was actually a man dressed up as a six year old girl and he was murdering everyone :0 that wouldve been better

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