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The Final Report

The final report

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Police report Detective Richard Miles

The following report is concerning the incident occurring the evening of July 13th 2022. I firstly wish to apologise for the tardiness of this report however I needed to make sure that I took time to understand the details of everything that took place that night and what I saw. I understand that my actions on that evening have been called into question and there are many calling for my resignation. Here in I shall explain all that I have witnessed and leave it for my superiors to determine wither my actions were called for or if I have simply become unhinged from years of service. So here are the facts in my own words, I ask not for forgiveness, merely understanding.

It began that evening around 9:30pm. I was in my office working on a back log of paperwork. It’s funny, they tell you at the academy that the job is mostly forms, I simply never believed it until I joined the force. I was about to wrap it up for the night when I had gotten a call on the office phone. On the other line was the receptionist from the Clark County Urgent Care Center. As soon as I heard who it was I what it was concerning, there had been another attack. I wasted no time in getting on my jacket and driving out towards the hospital.

Well I heading to my destination my mind kept going back to the previous attacks. They started about 6 months ago and seemed to happen randomly. At least once a month we would get a call from the hospital about someone covered in blood. The victims stories all differed but had enough similarities that we deemed them connected incidents. Some were in their car when something hit it from the outside and tried to force their way inside. Other victims were blitz attacked well out on a nightly stroll. All victims however were raked with one or multiple razer sharp blades. The last victim before tonight’s attack had also received a pair of puncture marks from an unknown tool. None of the victims ever got a good look at their attacker and could only conclude that they were very fast. We had searched the surrounding area every time and found no sign of the attacker. With no real evidence to go on the only thing my department could do is wait for the next attack.

I arrived at the hospital at 10:03pm and found the receptionist in tears. She had been present for almost all of the previous victims being brought in. She knew what to expect and yet there was something very different about her. She was pure white and almost in shock. I asked her what was wrong and all she would say was that there was so much blood. I didn’t feel the need to ask what she meant and the doctor came out a moment later making the point moot. Dr. Fred Donovan led me to the back where I questioned him in what he saw. He informed me this victim was different then the others. This victim wasn’t just attacked but torn to shreds. He could conclude that it was a similar or the same tool as always but the rage in the attacked was much higher. The body was so mangled they would not have even been able to identify the victim if not for their wallet. I asked who had brought them in and he informed me that it was a stranger. The stranger’s name was Nora Fleming and she was in the lobby. I went out and did an interview with Mrs. Fleming. Below is the transcription of my audio interview with her.

Miles: This is Detective Miles of the Clark County Police Department. It is 10:17pm and I am begging the interview with Mrs. Nora Fleming. Can I get you anything to drink Nora?

Nora: No thank you detective I don’t think my stomach could handle anything right now.

Miles: Please note that you are conducting this interview purely of your own freewill and can stop at any time.

Nora: I understand that and apricate it officer.


Miles: Please call me Richard. Now in your own words please tell me how you came across the victim.

Nora: I had just finished dropping off my kids at their friends place for a sleepover. I was driving down Miller Drive near the corner of Stanley Ave when I thought I saw something on the side of the road. I could see a mass of white and red shining in the moonlight so I stopped. I got out of my car and almost got sick when I saw the man lying there. He was completly covered in blood and was shaking on the ground. I heard a gurgling sound and thought it was a bullfrog but that was when I noticed it was him trying to talk. I looked down and his throat was…his throat was….

Miles: In your own time Nora.

Nora: It was shredded beyond repair. I knew then that this man was going to die. I am ashamed to admit it but part of me wanted to leave him there. I wanted to get back in my car and convince myself that none of this was real. However I couldn’t just leave him there like that. This man at least deserved to die in dignity. He is dead isn’t he?

Miles: I’m sorry I can not legally provide that information.

Nora: Yeah that’s pretty much what the doctors said but I know it’s true.

Miles: I am sorry Mrs. Fleming I truly am. Now let’s go back to when you found the body. Did you see or hear anyone around the scene.

Nora: No I couldn’t see anyone, but it was also very dark so they may have been in hiding. There was a moment just after I put the man in my car that I could have sworn someone was watching me. Obviously you can’t put much stock in a simple feeling but I felt eyes on me.

Miles: I understand, is there anything else you can tell me? Anything else you noticed?

Nora: Well nothing I could see or hear but I will tell you this, there was a powerful smell in the air.

Miles: What type of smell? Did you recognise it?

Nora: I can’t say that I did but it was very strong. I thought maybe there was a dead animal in the bushes or something. It was a nasty smell that overpowered me. I’m sorry, I guess I’m not great at describing things under pressure.

Miles: It is no trouble Mrs. Fleming you did very well. Thank you for bringing him here regardless of what happens. Now if you think of anything else you need to tell us please do not hesitate to call the station.

Nora: Just promise me one thing. Please get this maniac. Whoever did this, they are not human. I will get no real rest until I know that they are caught or dead.

Miles: That makes two of us Nora.

After my interview with Mrs. Fleming I proceeded to the intersection where the body was found. Thankfully my department had been working the scene already. Aside from the victims blood there seemed to be no other physical evidence to be found. The consensus was that he must have run from his attacker from inside the swamp and collapsed on the road. Though I agreed with this theroy I found it quite strange. To run away with those type of injuries was insane, something put the fear of God into this man before he died. I looked out into the dark swampland before me scanning the area but could see no sign of anyone out there. That didn’t stop the feeling of eyes on me coming from those trees.

It was about 11:22 when my phone rang. On the other end was my research assistant Joe Rodney. He informed me that he had been studying the attack sights and with the latest case he noticed a possible clue. All of the attacks were within 5 miles of Holland Swamp in particular the small patch of land known as Reg’s Lot. I shook my head and let out a sigh because I should have thought of it sooner. Reg’s Lot was a section of the swamp owned by a local recluse known to the locals as Crazy Reggie. His real name is Reginald North and he lived alone in a small shack. He wasn’t the friendliest of people especially to those who came on his land. However apart from some threats leveled against trespassers he had been a low cause for concern to our department. That was until that night and though it scared me to death, I had to go to his shack to bring me in.

I looked at the swampland before me and took a moment to gather my courage. I know it may seem odd to an observer as I spend my life hunting criminals but woods and swamps at night put me on edge. Call it latent childhood fear but something about being surrounded by trees and nature in the dark just sends a chill down my spine. I told myself it was simple logic, woods could be dangerous at night because you could trip or fall down a sudden drop. Swamps were worse because you never knew when you might step into water bodies. However it would seem fortune favoured me as we had been experiencing a record breaking heat wave and the woods were dry as a bone. I took that as a good omen and began making my way towards Reg’s lot.

The forest was full of the sounds of nature as I walked through. The sounds of crickets chirping, frogs croaking and branches creaking filled the air. It put me back on edge for it made it harder to hear if someone was sneaking up on me. I tired to dismiss those types of thoughts but images of all the attacked victims kept jumping into my brain. If Reg had indeed done these attacks then he was clearly unhinged and here I was inching my way towards his lair. I began to see myself in those victim pictures with my throat and body shredded to bits. I found my hand drifting towards my service pistol subconsciously.

I entered a small clearing and that is when I had a feeling that I could not explain. I felt eyes on me and not in the way someone on edge does. This was an absolute certainty, as certain as I am that I am right handed. There was somewhere out there with me with eyes that burned into my soul. I felt my hand drift towards my weapon again but this time I pushed it towards my flashlight instead. I turned it on and began rapidly scanning the area. For the briefest of moments I thought I saw a flash of glowing red but it disappeared when I shone the light back towards it. “Just a firefly.” I had thought to myself but now I am not so sure it was. I dispelled the feeling and continued towards my destination.

After several long minutes where every gust of wind or rustle of leaves sent my hair standing up, I finally arrived at the shack. I can not be certain of the time but it must have been close to midnight. The shack looked almost obsidian against the light of the moon. I called out for Reg to come out but was met with no reply. I moved slowly to the door and gave a courtesy knock. To my surprise the door swung open on it own at my knock. The first thing that hit me was the smell. The aroma was more then pungent, it was atrocious. I was reminded of Mrs. Fleming describing an overwhelming odor and I knew this must have been the same one. It was similar to dead bodies I had come across over the years but there was a strange but familiar undertone that I couldn’t quite place. I was close to moving to the bushes to vomit when I saw something inside that caught my attention and stopped my blood cold.

On the walls of Reg’s shack were pictures of all of the victims in these attacks. There were red x marks in almost all of the victims however a large circle had been drawn over last months victim Victor Cormac. I shone my light around and saw more and more pictures of victor everywhere. The photos were candid and all very recent. I dared not enter both due to the smell and my lack of warrant however I knew I had had enough evidence to get one right away. I reached for my radio but that was when I heard a voice behind me say. “What are you doing on my property?”

I knew instantly that it was Reg behind me and a whole new level of fear entered me. I almost froze completly there but I managed to turn around. When Reg saw my face he developed a look a fear that must have equaled the one hidden in me. He glanced behind me and saw the open door. To my surprise his held out his palms and put his hands up to his chest. He spoke slowly but calmly despite the look of horror on his face. “Listen I know why you are here and how this must look. You have to believe me that I had nothing to do with tonight’s attack.” I was shocked by his statement because it was almost a confession for the other attacks. However how could he be responsible for the others but not this one? I shone my light in his eyes and the man looked half mad, as if he was holding back rage. Very slowly he began reaching for his jacket. At this point I drew my service pistol and pointed it at Reg. “It is ok officer I have no weapon I promise but I need something in my jacket right away.”

He reached into a small pouch attached to his jacket and pulled out some sparkling powder. He then put the substance in his mouth and began to chew. The powder seemed to calm him for the feral look in his eyes seemed to subside. I decided to try and reason with him. “Listen Reg I know you are a good man. If those drugs are causing you trouble then we can get you some help. Why don’t you come to the station with me, I’ll get you a nice hot meal and we can talk about all of this.” Reg seemed to grow tense again. “I can’t come with you Richard I have work to do tonight. If you truly care about the safety of this town then you have to let me go at least for tonight.” I let out a sigh for I knew there would be no reasoning with him. “You know I can’t do that Reg. I’m sorry I have to bring you in.” Reg’s mouth began to quiver and I thought I saw tears in his eyes. “Please.” He begged me.

The following moments happened at a pace that makes it difficult to recount them all but I will do my best. Reg began to look afraid and I swear on my years of service that I saw his ears twitch as if they heard something I couldn’t. I heard perhaps the faintest of rustle of grass behind me and that was when Reg began running at me. I fired a round from my pistol however in my shock the shot when high and missed Reg. As he was almost upon me I thrust the butt of my gun at his forehead bringing him down in a single shot. He fell limp to the ground and I wasted no time in handcuffing him. I lifted his limp body and began carrying him slowly out of the swamp. When I arrived back to the road several more officers had arrived as my gunfire had alerted them. I assured them I had the suspect in custody and placed him in the back seat. I saw the small pouch attached to his jacket and confiscated it to send to the lab.


It was 12:34 when I began driving back to the station and as I approached town the suspect woke up in a daze. I did not record this conversation and am recounting this one from memory.

Reg: Where Am I?

Miles: You are in a police cruiser heading to the station. Can you tell me your full name?

Reg: Reginald Lawrence North, or Reg if you prefer or hell call me Crazy Reggie I don’t care.

Miles: Good you don’t seem to have a concussion. I’m sorry for hitting you but you got a bit panicked back there.

Reg: I understand officer no offense taken. You think I did it don’t you?

Miles: Well just so we are on the same page what “it” are we referring to? If you want to confess I would be more then happy to take a full statement when we arrive at the station.

Reg: I’ll admit I attacked those people but I’ve never killed anyone. That fellow tonight, that wasn’t me.

Miles: Then who did it? If you know something Reg then please tell us. Lives are at stake here.

Reg: More then lives at stake tonight officer. Now I’ll tell you everything but tell me something first man to man. Did that fellow that was attacked tonight die?

Miles: You know I can’t disclose that.

Reg: I know your stupid rules say you can’t but I’m not asking the officer, I am asking the man behind the badge. Did he die?

Miles: Yes he is dead.

Reg: Oh thank the heavens.

Miles: You consider it a good thing that someone died?

Reg: In this case, yes I am very much relieved.


Miles: Perhaps you could tell me why. I held up my end of the bargain now you hold up yours.

Reg: That’s fair officer now I know you won’t believe me but…..

The suspect began looking in pain and his head began shaking back and forth.

Reg: My pouch, where is my pouch?

Miles: I have it Reg.

Reg: I need it now! Right now do you hear me?

Miles: I don’t know what you are on Reg but you don’t need it, just stay calm.

Reg: You don’t understand I need it now!

Before I could respond something smashed into my car, sending it out of control. By the force of it I thought it must have been another vehicle however I was not in an intersection and there were no cars to be seen. I struggled to keep the car on the road and in the end we slammed into some dumpsters outside of a building. I was in complete shock for a moment that was broken when I could hear something attacking the backseat window. Someone was trying to get to Reg so I sprang into action. I got out of the car and pointed my gun at the assailant. Before I could get a good look at the attacker they bolted down the street and ran behind a building. I forgot all about Reg and began my pursuit of the suspect.

The suspect proved to be very fast and every time I got a glimpse of them they darted around another corner. There was no time to call in back up, no time to even think, all I could do is run telling them to stop. Finally I chased them down into a dead end alley. The alley’s light was out and the suspect was in complete darkness. I held out my pistol and told them there was no where to run. From the darkness I heard the suspect panting but it sounded too low, almost more of a growl. I told them to come out with their hands up or I would fire. The suspect still did not obey so I cocked my pistol praying it would scare them into submission.

At last we have reached the point of this report that I still can not fully explain. The following paragraphs will determine my fate in the department and perhaps my life. I wish I could give a simple excuse but I must tell the truth exactly as I saw it. It was at this moment that the clouds over the moon parted allowing it’s rays of light to shine into the alley. In the meager light of the moon a silhouette of my attacker emerged before my very eyes. The man was abnormally tall approaching 7 feet. His body was long and roped with muscle. However I knew in an instant that this was no mere man standing before me, but a beast. It head was oddly shaped with long ears that stood straight up. Where a mouth should have been there was a long snout with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the light. The beasts fingers were long and tipped with sharp claws. The fingers however looked wrong, they were bent at odd angles and spaced abnormally apart. He also seemed to be naked apart from a body full of long brown fur. The beast tilted his head slightly and I could see his eye glint the same red that I saw for a moment in the forest.

I know that this glance could not have been more then a moment but it will forever be stained on my memory. I see it every time I close my eyes. I was so stunned that I almost dropped my gun. Perhaps that was what the creature was waiting for as it lunged at me a second later. I regripped my gun and fired 4 rounds directly into the beasts chest. The bullets didn’t even cause it to flinch and he swiped at me with those long fingers. I moved back at the last second and the claws slashed my breast pocket where I kept Reg’s pouch. The contents flew into the air sprinkling the area with that strange powder. I didn’t understand why but the powder seemed to hurt the creature as it let out a loud yelp. I knew this was my only chance so on full instinct I drew my pistol and fired my last bullet straight through the dust into the creatures chest. This time the bullet sent the creature flying straight into the darkness. I could hear it’s grunts of pain and slowly they began to lessen until it fell completly silent.

I don’t know how long I stood frozen there. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. It was like walking into a nightmare and yet I could feel the pain from the crash coursing through me. This was real and I had to deal with it. I snapped back into myself and shone my flashlight down the alley. I was not prepared for what I saw for laying there was not the beast but the dead and naked body of Victor Cormac. The 5 bullets I put into him riddled his body, draining blood on to the side walk. This couldn’t be right, beast or no beast the thing I shot was massive and Victor couldn’t have been more then 5’3. I shook my head in disbelief and that is when the onlookers came. People from all over came to see what all the noise was about and when they saw Victor’s body a wave of shock went through them. Their eyes drifted from him to me with the smoking gun still in my hand. Whispers of murder and police corruption filled the air. Before I knew it they had all bought out their phones to film me.

I was about to defend myself when a new noise rang though the night. The sound of metal tearing, glass breaking and an inhuman like growl roared just a few blocks away. I jolted as I realised the sound was coming from my cruiser. In all the chaos I had forgotten about Crazy Reggie in the back seat. I ignored all the onlookers and ran back towards my car. I still clutched my service pistol like a talisman even though it was empty. When I arrived back at my vehicle I was once again floored by what I saw. The bulletproof glass was shattered from the inside and the backseat was torn to shreds with large claw marks. Reg was gone and the only piece of evidence left was a small patch of brown hair left in the broken glass.

So there you have it, I have said my piece. I understand how this will look and I am resigned that I will likely lose my position here. Perhaps it is for the best for after that night nothing has felt right for me. My mind keeps flashing to the beast I know I shot and the bullet ridden body of Victor. As for Crazy Reggie I have no idea where he is but I doubt he will be easy to find. He will have gone deep into hiding likely more for our sake then his. I still do not know exactly what happened that night however I have uncovered two possible pieces of evidence that may have given me an idea. I do not expect you to believe but I know what I saw and what the facts say. The first is that the lab results came back on the contents of Reg’s pouch and it is pure powdered silver. The second piece is this, after doing some research I pieced together that all the incidents including my own took place on the night of a full moon.

Credit: Tenac

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