The wolf below and above

The Wolf Below and Above

I don’t need to watch to know where the woman has decided to hide. It’s always one of three places, and out of those three it’s usually one specific spot. It’s all so… predictable. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t absolutely need to. If I could avoid it, …

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The final report

The Final Report

Police report Detective Richard Miles The following report is concerning the incident occurring the evening of July 13th 2022. I firstly wish to apologise for the tardiness of this report however I needed to make sure that I took time to understand the details of everything that took place that …

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only a little pinch

Only A Little Pinch

The GPS display cast its glow on Ralphie as he slept in the passenger seat, the half-empty box of Entenmann’s Minis still clutched in his hands. Powdered sugar around his mouth made an amusing contrast to the deep brown of his face and served as a reminder, not that I …

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