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Lisa Lynn

Fabled Oaks Elementary School – 1998 The bell rang out through the corridors and classrooms of Fabled Oaks Elementary School, signalling the end of another day for the children and teachers within. “Okay kids, that’s the bell!” Sarah Rogers stood up from her desk and made the announcement to her …

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What Haunts the Fields

“In the midst of the fields, they say are where the bodies were found. They were nailed to a stick of wood and used as scarecrows, but not before their bones and organs were removed and replaced with straw.” “Is the story true?” Jonas asked. “Of course not, my boy,” …

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Washington’s Inconceivable

Let me begin by stating that I have always had a fascination with nature and its creatures. Even at a young age, I would watch documentaries that explained nature, its inhabitants and humanity’s place as the apex predator. As I progressed from childhood to adulthood, the documentaries ingrained in my …

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The Loss

No one knew where it came from or how it happened. It was just another sunny, dull, and happy day in the small Michigan town when it began. It occurred with the small things first (like memories of anniversaries or memories of where the car keys were). Memories simply disappeared …

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