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Black Cab

Black Cab By Christopher Haynes When Shawn called me to hang, I still had no interest in eating—the wounds were still fresh in my mind like the first car accident you had or getting fired from a job when you knew it was not your fault. Amanda had taken what […]

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When Adam had been much younger, he had gotten lost on a walk through the woods. He had become separated from his parents and wandered into an abandoned church. It was an Autumn afternoon, the leaves had curled up into claws, and the darkness waited to drape itself completely over

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On The Brink

I remembered that my mother had said that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but today, the sky didn’t even maroon in that direction. I stared at the horizon, the pavement cold, and slowly numbing the pain, waiting for the signs of a new day

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You know that horror movie trope about mirrors? The one where the protagonist is near a mirror and they look or shift away from the mirror for just a moment, and when they look back, a ghost, killer, or some other entity appears, and then usually rapidly disappears when they

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Return to Sender

Another bouquet of flowers showed up today. That’s the third this week. They’re beautiful flowers, they really are. Roses, and lilies, bursts of color and baby’s breath. Lovely arrangements that would make anyone happy to receive. Yet every time they arrive, I can’t help but feel a stab of fear.

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The Lights

On the southern edge of the small town of Rhanville there is a wide unlit road that separates the town from a wild and thick forest. Three houses adorn the northern edge of the road – they are the homes of the Peters’ family, old Mrs Abernathy, and Joshua Daniels,

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Nice Neighbors

Her family had lived in that house, on that street, for as long as Ivanna could remember. She had her birthday parties in that backyard and swung from the big tree in the front yard until the rope wore down and the metal creaked. Every Christmas morning her and her

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Revelations (Sequel to The Fort and Survival)

As noted in the title, this is a sequel to The Fort and Survival. “Baby, come on! We need to go!” Ryan yelled as he slammed the trunk of their Hyundai sedan. “I’m coming!” Carla called from inside the house, appearing seconds later carrying a gym bag. “I just got

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The Unfamiliar

The darkness is insurmountable here. The air reeks of saltwater, decaying fish, and other human stenches that I cannot even begin to imagine even if I felt the desire to. An unearthly black fog has settled over the city, as it does every night, and I yearn for a daylight

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