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In the Dark

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I see you over there, tucked into your bed. I hope you feel uncomfortable. I hope you sense me over here, watching you. I wonder if you can see my emerald eyes staring at you, I hope you feel them piercing your soul, I hope you feel my presence here, waiting. The bed trembles as you turn uneasily, I know that I will soon have my prize. I am coiled springs, ready to attack when you are weak, which will be soon. The blankets churn, it won’t be long now, I see your resolve fading quickly. Only a while longer until I can sink my sharp teeth into you, only a while longer until I can claw you into ribbons. You look around as you get up cautiously.

You know I’m here, but you convince yourself that I’m not lurking in the shadows that stretch across the room. As you walk by, I prepare, you will come back and that is when I will attack. I come out of my hidden spot, just enough so that nothing will catch me as I pounce to destroy you. You are walking back now, you are right next to me, I go! My claws and teeth sink into your protective coat, right into your core.


“OWW! Kitty, what are you doing?”
Killing the beast that has infected you I think, “meiow!” is what I say instead.
“It’s just a sock,” you say as you drag the bloodied white creature behind you.
It is a dead parasite, “Merrow,” I use lighter words to comfort you. As you settle back down into warmth, I can take vigil on top of the bed to scour the darkness for other things that lurk in plain sight.

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9 thoughts on “In the Dark”

  1. Goddamn it, this is the wrong version. Sorry folks I messed up…I have too many different versions. The ending is much better I swear!!! ;-;-;-; also I looked at the FAQ and stuff…I never got a response..also, don’t kill me pls. This is NOT the final. I was dumb…

  2. The cat refers to both the human and the sock as “you,” switching it’s focus without indication. A bit muddled, but cute story.

    1. It’s a bit more clear in the other edition…and the ending is much better, I totally was not paying much attention when I sent this, I had two main copies one in a text doc and one in my notes and I sent the one in my notes the text doc one was better edited and stuff. I sent the new version in the email like they said…but I haven’t a response or anything.

    2. Also kinda intentional(ish) while using you in the middle it was to show how the cat thinks that it’s taking over the kid. This is also made much more clear in the other version… I’m super sorry guys!!

    3. Okay…so all of my comments just disappeared…the edit will fix that stay tuned for when the story changes!! :3

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