Seasonally Spooky

Magda A Dark Christmas Tale


Some of our most lasting memories are associated with Christmastime. I can clearly remember receiving a red tricycle when I was four. I can still smell the roast goose my mother made for our Yuletide dinner when I was six. I recall fondly that when I was nine, my father let me climb up a ladder to place the star atop the tree. And when I was eleven, a dead man terrorized me on Christmas Eve. When I was twelve, he came back. This is the story of that man.

Melvin Maudley’s Malevolent Market: The Tale of Gregory Stonewall

It had taken only a few seconds but the old lamp-lit street you were walking on suddenly melts away, and you stand in a crowded thrum of bodies and shouting. Looking around you notice the things around you are far from human. Goblinoid creatures with silver-white flesh, Amphibious bipedal creatures with blue-green scales, and even …

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“Mom…dad…is it over?” It was pitch black and silent for a moment after… “I don’t know, son.” Then woman’s voiced quivered… “Henry, how will we know?” It was then Henry switched on the lantern. He was a blinded momentarily and when his sight came too he saw his wife and son huddled in front of …

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