Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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chatroom a

Chatroom A

It was the summer of 2019, the 16 year old Thomas Mitchell and his family went on a trip to their cabin in the Stillwater State Forest of Montana. He had two younger brothers, Felix, who was 10 and Michael [...]

May 13, 2018 Beings and Entities, Christmas and Holidays, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Locations and Sites, Slashers and Gore, Strange and Unexplained, Technology, the Internet, and the Deep Web
There's Something in the Fields behind my Apartment

There’s Something in the Fields Behind My Apartment

I’ve never really considered myself to be much of an explorer or even a particularly brave man, however that hasn’t seemed to stop me from getting in the predicament I’m in now. It was around 3 months ago that my [...]

February 4, 2018 Locations and Sites, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Nature and the Outdoors