First person

Quiet Stanley

Quiet Stanley

The town I grew up in, Lay Marsh, was a pretty average place. Parents moved there because they wanted a quiet, safe environment for their kids to grow up. They were upper-lower class, hoping one day to be lower middle class, maybe middle-middle class but few imagined a life as […]

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sacred bond

Sacred Bond

Licking the apple lip gloss off my lips isn’t enough to calm me down. I might as well down the whole bottle, puke out every last bit of brain matter I have, blackout from the exhaustion and probably wake up in a suitcase with one sock and both of my

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the sewer under the lighthouse

The Sewer Under The Lighthouse

You were always against moving away from your family and friends. You didn’t want to leave the city, the coast never appealed to you anyway. You didn’t want to move from a place with a population of one hundred thousand to one with a population of five. It didn’t matter,

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the show at the barn theater

The Show at the Barn Theater

I performed my heart out on stage, but I don’t think it was enough. It was like moving through tar, with every action every word being forced out of my body like how I was being forced to act on this stage of suspense. Their eyes seem to pierce my

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