Cthulhu Mythos


I hate the water. Always have, always will. Oh, sure, I’ve swum in pools and jumped off diving boards like any other person, but I have never once allowed my feet to leave the ground at a beach or lake. Something about not having solid ground to stand on freaks …

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The Unfamiliar

The darkness is insurmountable here. The air reeks of saltwater, decaying fish, and other human stenches that I cannot even begin to imagine even if I felt the desire to. An unearthly black fog has settled over the city, as it does every night, and I yearn for a daylight …

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Mr. Scott

“You may commence, Chief Inspector.” The two constables started to write down notes as I began, my sweating forehead reflecting the bright shine of the desk lamp despite the harsh cold temperature. A notebook with a cheap webcam was recording our talk. “We were called the September 29th, Dundee division. …

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The Pit

It seems strange, now, to recall that place. Almost as if it were a dream, or some imaginary tale I once heard as a child. But the evidence is damning, As much as I like to think it did not, It happened. I was a private investigator at the time, …

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Lost Tombs and Those Lost Within Them

I could barely keep from collapsing as I ran through what seemed to be the never-ending darkness of the godforsaken catacombs. When I’d first signed on to serve as Professor Nickel’s field assistant, I’d assumed that the shrunken old man and I would spend days standing over a blanket of …

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“Swallow something, canned, frozen, Ungodly festering source. Dragging and kicking and screaming for more, That burns, burns, burns, burns.” – Made Out Of Babies, “Cooker.” “I’m not going to sleep well,” thought Olas to himself. He was sweating through his shirt to the point where peeling it off would take …

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