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August 2014 Discussion Post: Cryptozoology Chat

August 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM

This month’s topic was suggested by Mockingbird and ties in with the August 2014 Book Club post (this month’s selected reading is The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel) quite nicely, I think!

General Cryptozoology Chatter is the name of the game this month. For example, what are your favorite cryptids? Which beings and creatures in the realm of cryptozoology do you find the most interesting? Do you believe in any cryptids? Have you ever tried to hunt them yourself?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of cryptozoology, here are some introductory links:
Cryptozoology @ Wikipedia
Cryptid @ Wikipedia
List of Cryptids @ Wikipedia

If you’d like to go a bit more in-depth into the world of cryptids, of course the most obvious suggestion is to partake in the August book club post. However, I’ve also rounded up some websites that should be both enjoyable and useful when it comes to this discussion:
Cryptozoology News
The Cryptid Zoo
Cryptid Wiki
Cryptozoology category @ Unexplained Mysteries

The Mothman Prophecies @ Amazon Instant Video
Cryptozoology YouTube Video Collection
Cryptozoology Museum @ Travel Channel


As you can see, cryptids seem to inspire a particularly active online community. I’m sure that I’ve missed many, many, many sites – if you’d like your website/podcast/whatever to be featured here (obviously, it must be cryptid-related), please comment with a link.

Everybody play nice and have fun!

The Nightcrawler

August 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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I remember it being a very typical day. So typical and dull that the details of what happened previous to the “incident” completely slip my mind.

It was at around 2:30am – 3:00am and I was walking home. The sun wasn’t up yet and the stars were blocked out by the heavy grey clouds swirling above me in the sky.

I recall walking down the street, the damp asphalt beneath my feet. The air was wet, humid and had a metallic taste to it. I could smell a storm coming on. Then, sure enough it started to rain. The lampost lights were dim. I couldn’t see very well in the dark so I decided I would take the subway to get home and to avoid getting completely soaked down to the bone.

As I walked that early morning I saw no one. The occasional car passed by every 5 minutes or so, but other than that it was lifeless. Who would be out in such weather at such a time anyway? No one but me, the foolish young woman that so happened to pick a night job, of course.

As I went down the stairway to the underground metro station that was the nearest, I noticed it was deserted. I felt out of place and slightly disturbed in a way.

The long white tiled hall that led to the main underground area was empty. Nothing but echoes and a certain humming to accompany my footsteps could be heard. I paid for a ticket at the booth and went through the machine to go sit on an empty bench near the tracks. I waited patiently in silence.

There were no trains there. Worst of all, there were absolutely no other people there besides myself. Never had I felt so alone in my entire life.

The neon lights on the walls flickered in the big empty space. I could see small insects flying and bumping into them multiple times ignorantly. I crossed my ankles and bit my lip staring up at the many pipes sticking out of the ceiling above. I waited for one of the trains to come by. Any of them. Any at all. But none ever did. It had been so long that I’d lost count of the minutes.

After a while, something caught my eye. A small blinking red light at the other end of the station. I got up and walked over to it narrowing my glare, attempting to find out what it indicated.

After getting a bit closer I noticed it stated that this station was closed due to repairs. I thought “Why not lock the entrances then? Would’ve saved me a lot of wasted time” But that’s when I remembered that there were no doors to lock. The area was open to the public at all times. Also, the machines worked so it didn’t seem to be closed. Anyone could’ve just come in and make the same mistake I’d made. But, I didn’t see anyone else so I felt a bit embarrassed.

I sighed and told myself that walking in the rain would have to do, turning on my heels and heading for the exit once again.

As I was leaving, I heard a sudden booming sound before seeing nothing but darkness. The shock of the moment got to me and I jumped up a bit clutching at my chest with one hand. I was startled and confused as to what was going on. I widened my eyes and noticed the lights had been turned off.

Could there have been an automatic switch that flipped off at a certain pre-set time? In any case, this wasn’t very practical. Not one bit. I took a deep breath, knowing I would have to find a way out somehow.

It’s just one of those challenges life faces you with to see if you can manage. You just have to get out of it. It’s like a test in a way.

I called out “Hello?” once or twice, but was left without an answer. So, I finally decided to get a move on and head out of there. But, there were tracks nearby and I didn’t want to fall in by mistake wandering around blindly in the dark.

I thought about this for a little while before deciding to get on all fours and feel where I was with my hands so I wouldn’t fall or bump into anything. I started crawling around the dusty ground. I searched for a wall, desperate to try and reach a light switch of some sort.

In that one moment that felt like an eternity, I litterally felt like I was nowhere. Like I wasn’t even part of the world I knew anymore. It was all so surreal. The feeling wasn’t quite “right”.

I couldn’t see of course, so I focused on listening to what was around me to get an idea on where I was. There was a constant dripping, myself breathing quite loudly in panic, metal pipes creaking and the blinking red light in the distance. Those were the things I noticed the most.

I wanted to be back in my warmly lit apartment, telling myself that I had made it and everything was “okay”. But sadly, you have to get through the problematic situation before that. Imagining being out of there made things even worse in a sense. Because, I really didn’t even really feel like I would ever get out of there. I felt trapped and lost in an unknown place.

My hands intensively scanned the floor, practically sweeping it clean. My fingers then felt a hard wall in front of me. I couldn’t help but exhale quietly in relief. I spread my arms widely on the rough surface to find a switch. Sadly, there was nothing of the sort. They must’ve kept the switches in a control room or something.

I hit the wall with my fist in anger and major disapointment. That’s when the strangest thing happened. A few seconds after my punch was heard, another one sounded through the station, a bit louder than mine had been. I stood dead in my tracks and took a gulp before hesitantly turning around. I couldn’t see anything but the little red blinking light. It was the only thing still on, proving to me that I’d not lost my vision. I figured it must’ve been an echo from my punch or something and ignored it shaking my head.

I walked along the wall quickly to try and find a door to some place other than where I was. There was sure to be a switch in a storage closet. So, I followed the wall, tapping it every second to make sure I was still walking straight.

That’s when my knees hit something hard, probably a bench. I decided to sit down for a bit and calm down. There was nothing else to do and I didn’t know what to think anymore. Must have been about 3:45am by now. I tried to comfort myself thinking that the sun only came up in a little while. But then I realized I was underground so I wouldn’t even be able to see its light from where I was.

That thought was a total let down.

I sat there for a bit wondering what I would do, which would be the best course of action to take. I thought about it for a few seconds before a certain feeling tugged at my throat. It was as though I was being watched. Quite closely too. I was too afraid to move or even breathe. I hadn’t thought about it but, what if something really was down here with me in the dark?

I held my breath and looked around, still unable to see anything but the little blinking light. I couldn’t hear anything but the regular eeriness of the place. Other than that, everything seemed pretty quiet. But the feeling wouldn’t leave me alone. If anything, it was growing stronger by the second. I looked to my left, at the edge of my seat, leaning forward. The bench on my side was all shaky from my trembling. Then I realized it was strange that the other side of the bench wasn’t. So, I slowly looked to my right…

That’s when I saw it.

There is no other way for me to describe it than “Horrific”. And that isn’t even close to pin-pointing it well enough.It’s one of those things to take your breath away (and not in a good way) or make your heart stop beating right the second you lock eyes with it.

It was a pitch black silhouette. Darker than dark. As if it’d never seen the light. Even though we were already in the darkness, I could tell. That’s how I’d identify it. And that wasn’t the worst part. What made me paralyzed with fear… Those utterly mortifying eyes. They were a bright shade of yellow and wide open. Brighter than any car headlights, but small and perfectly round. They would hauntingly glow as it stared at me without making a peep or any movement what-so-ever. It wouldn’t even blink.

It couldn’t have been human. No doubt, it was something else entirely.

I tried to tell myself it wasn’t real. I tried to convince myself it was a reflection of some sort. But, what reflection? We were in the dark already. There was no source of light to reflect. A million questions swam across my mind in a single second. What did it want? Had it been watching me the whole time? Was it an animal? Why wasn’t it moving? etc.

I looked away in disbelief then as soon as I looked back, more afraid than ever, I found it had silently moved and was now about a heads length away from my own, still staring at me in complete silence. I jumped back and ran. I ran for my life ignoring everything around me. The sounds, the posts, the tracks, all of it. Nothing was important anymore. Nothing mattered but getting out of there alive.

As I ran I heard banging on the walls. As if something was trying to get my attention. But I wouldn’t dare look back. I located where I was by positioning myself in my mind, seeing where the red light was and making a mental path for the exit, which I could’ve done in the first place, just that it had only now occured to me.

I ran down the empty hall as the banging got louder and louder behind me, then slower and slower before suddenly ceasing. I was terrified. No other feeling. As I got closer to the exit, stumbling on the stairs, I heard a deathly shriek. So high-pitched and loud that I had to cover my ears to keep going. It got in my head and I can only say I’ll never forget it. That was proof to me that it was definitely “NOT human”. It sounded like a cross between a dying rabbit and a hawks screech. But it was much longer and somehow different.

I finally reached the surface after a few minutes as the sun began to rise. I cried with relief and fell to the ground exhausted. I was so happy to be out of there. I was safe. I didn’t feel like it would follow but I kept running anyway.

I never used subways again. And I never found out what that “thing” was. Nor do I ever want to.

I still think about it every now and then. It never left my mind. It was too real to be dismissed by my memory. It wasn’t a dream. And it was not a nightmare. It was a terror far worse and beyond that.

Even though it has been many years since then, I can still picture it. Its lifeless stare. I see its eyes when I close my own. And I feel its presence when I’m all alone. The feeling of emptiness and quiet. I can’t take it. I do many things today to try and forget that experience. But, I don’t think I ever really will.

Was it responsible for the lights switching off? What exactly were its intentions? How did it make that noise? …

I fear I may never get the answers to my questions. But at least, I can give you this advice. This warning. “Beware the Nightcrawler”.

That’s what I decided to call it after a while. I thought it deserved to be recognized and have a proper name (Not that it’s really all that proper). In any case that is what I picked.

It carries the stench of death. It stares blankly as would a lifless corpse. It stalks its prey, hiding in the shadows. The only source of light in its world of darkness, eyes of ghostly yellow. It never blinks. It always watches. It may even still watch me to this day.

And that thought, will truly haunt me forever.

Credit To – S.W.

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August 2014 Book Club: The Mothman Prophecies + Shin Megami Tensei IV Giveaway

August 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM

August 2014 Book Club: The Mothman Prophecies

If you’re not familiar with our book club posts, please read the explanation here. To summarize, each month I will select a book for the community to read in order to broaden horizons and foster inspiration and creativity. We do this in the hopes that expanding the Creepypasta writing community’s frame of reference when it comes to all the creepy, paranormal, exciting, and just plain weird stuff in the world will result in less of the Mad Lips-esque copypasta submissions and more new, fresh stories for everyone to enjoy.

This month’s selection is The Mothman Prophecies, by the late and beloved John A. Keel.

First off: this book was turned into a relatively successful movie starring Laura Linney and Richard Gere. It’s actually pretty enjoyable and, if you haven’t yet seen it, I do recommend giving it a shot. However, please don’t use it as a replacement for reading the book – the storyline in the movie is A) only loosely based on the book and B) only features a very small part of the much larger narrative in the book. The book touches on related events, Men in Black (Keel is actually the one who named the concept of MiBs as such!), a much larger focus on the fascinating “Indrid Cold” entity, other cryptids, and much more that clearly could not have fit in a simple feature film.

Disclaimer: It should be said that these books were chosen with mature readers in mind. If you are under 18, please do check with your parent/legal guardian before reading these books. I’d really prefer to avoid a pitchfork-mob of angry parents who find this topic inappropriate for their kids. I’d also like to say that the opinions expressed in the books are, of course, the opinions of their authors and the people profiled only – I’m not advocating or co-signing any of the groups covered in these books.

So how does this work?

THIS POST is your book club. The comments here are where you should air out all your thoughts and ideas that spawn from reading the suggested books. There’s no requirement for how fast you progress through the book, or even if you finish it at all, so please feel free to jump in and discuss the book whenever you’d like.

This book is “nonfiction” so many things can be discussed without fear of spoilers (after all, the main story arc does cover something that truly happened and it’s a big strange to consider history as a spoiler), however – feel free to use spoiler warnings in your comments if you feel like you’re about to bring up a certain twist or turn of the book that might come as a shock to someone who just started reading.

As before, since the winner has been contacted and payout is in process, the raffle is going under a cut.

A Walk in the Dark

July 31, 2014 at 12:00 PM
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Anna Hamilton didn’t see herself as a suspicious person but when someone’s been following her for quite awhile she gets a queasy feeling in her stomach. Guaranteed she was out late but she was strong and from taking the new karate classes she knew she couldn’t (and wouldn’t) be defeated. Anna picked up the pace, her legs and arms pumping as she turned her walk into a brisk one, looking back to see that the dark silhouette was still following her.
Anna had the strongest urge to spin around and smack the strangers face and demand them to answer why the hell they are following her at this time of night. But her mind argued with her, saying how just maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe the stranger was just going the same way as her. A few more minutes and she had came to the entrance of her cookie-cutter home. She hated it but she wanted to humor her mother and to make it seem as if she actually cared about the presence of the house so she had put flower pots randomly. This neighborhood had no history of crimes but Anna has seen th news and people seem to get crazier by the second. She turned at a ninety degree angle up her drive way and what now seemed to look like a man, slowed his step, making Anna grow even more concerned.
“Look, can I help you with something? Are you lost or did you just want to follow me for the hell of it?” Anna finally confronted the man but all the man did was look up at her with haunted eyes and moved his head forward once again. It was almost robotic, “Well, I’m going inside now,” Anna unlocked the door and with suspicions she locked it up quickly behind her, watching as the man walked into the foggy night.

The next day and Anna had almost forgotten about the whole ordeal. But looking out her bedroom window she could see the shape of a man standing right outside her property, toes barely touching the curb of her yard. Turning around, she turned on the light and to make sure she wasn’t crazy she turned back to her window, only to see the mysterious man had gone.
Walking with her purse across of her shoulder she headed to her place of work, which so happened to be the library. If someone would ask she would say she loved her job, the smell of books and the hushed laughter of the school kids. Everyone loved Anna too, she was known to be the ‘cool librarian’, as she let the kids sneak in food and drinks or let them be a little too rambunctious.
As always her fellow librarian and friend, Katy, sat on one of the desks behind the tall counter. But instead of the latest Cosmo issue, she had a newspaper in hand, “My dear Katy! Is that actually a newspaper in your hands? I never knew I would be alive the day that Katy Pryce would read it,” Anna joked and Katy stuck her tongue out in response. Anna put her bag in the crew room and went to sit next to her friend. Peeking over her shoulder, Anna’s eyes furrowed and she pointed to a picture of a man that looked very similar, “Hey, I know him!”
Katy looked interested and set the newspaper down an inch, “You do? How?”
Anna shrugged, “He’s weird, he followed me home yesterday and I think I saw him outside my lawn this morning.”
“Are you sure Anna?”
Anna looked at her friend in confusion, “Yes of course, why?”
“He was murdered two weeks ago.”

Credit To – Kiah Johnson

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West Lakeview Lane

July 31, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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There were no words to describe how excited I was when I was told that I could go live at my grandmother’s house while I finished the last couple years of high school. My father was strict and had mentally abused me since I was old enough to remember and now I had the opportunity to break free from his chains of oppression.

My grandmother lived right on the outskirts of the city on Lake Sinclair. Her house was a 1970s raised ranch-style house that was built on a hill facing the lake. The house contained many traditional features of a rancher including: lowered roof line, open floor plans, and a separate living area that was located on the foundation of the house. This is where I would be staying.

It was a fifteen minute drive from my house to my grandmother’s house. Even though I lived nearby, my mother didn’t let me come out here by myself too often and I never understood why. Just before I veered onto her road, I noticed a girl walking with a yellow summer dress. She appeared to have just taken a swim, seeing as she was wet from head to toe. As I passed her, I tried to get a good look at her face, perhaps recognizing her as there were a few girls in the area I was familiar with. I was unable to see any features of her face but her arms and legs seemed deteriorated, like she had a sickening flesh disease. I thought nothing more of it and continued down West Lakeview Lane.

“Daniel! I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages! It feels so good to see you.” I had not seen her this excited to see me in quite some time.

“It’s good to see you, too.”

I brought all of my belongings inside and headed downstairs to set them up in my room. The downstairs was a completely separate living area from the rest of the house. It had a refrigerator, a stove, a living room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. There were pictures of my mother when she was young adorning the walls, as well as pictures of me. They were arranged side-by-side down the corridor leading to my room and the eyes seemed to pursue me as I made my way there.

My room was quite old, containing Victorian paintings and elaborate, hand-crafted furniture. There was a vanity mirror in front of the bed against the wall that hinted that the room was designed for a girl. The dresses in the closet seemed to confirm my suspicion. The windows were lined with ethereal white curtains that seemed to radiate in the early afternoon when the sun was at its strongest. The window panes started from the ground and extended to the ceiling. The bed frame was embellished with multiple hand-carved sections and had pillars reaching to the ceiling on each side of the frame.

I looked out the window and into the backyard and marveled at how beautiful it was. I decided to walk around back there since it had been quite some time since I had seen it last. There were dogwood trees and stone steps leading down towards the dock. There was a boathouse that extended off the right side of the dock. It was in quite a dilapidated state and in need of a roof repair but it seemed to be holding its own. The dock itself extended about 30 ft out to the water and had a small boat docked off to the side.

That night I decided to hit the sack early because I wanted to get a head start to the weekend and because I was exhausted from unpacking. I awoke a few hours later to a burst of luminescent light flowing into my room and rebounding off the walls, casting dancing shadows on my face. The window was open and the curtains were waving from brief gusts of wind entering through it. Before I could close the window, I noticed a silhouette standing at the edge of the dock. I stared at it for what seemed like an interminable amount of time. I was frozen, like I had looked into the eyes of a gorgon. Finally, the silhouette fell backwards into the water. Panicking, I quickly rushed out the back patio door, down the hill, and approached the dock. I looked over the edge where the figure had fallen in and was unable to notice any ripples or indications that something large had entered. Confused and unable to ascertain what happened, I decided to retreat back to bed, confused and mildy startled.

My grandma was up early as was I, since I didn’t sleep well after the “encounter.” I decided to tell her what happened.

“Grandma, something weird happened last night. There was a figure standing on the dock. I don’t know what it was doing but it gave me the creeps. Then it fell in the water. I raced down to the dock and didn’t find anything. Not even a ripple. I feel like I am losing my mind.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t the moonlight creating an illusion? The reflection it casts off the water sometimes plays tricks,” she replied, confidently. I still wasn’t sure what I saw, but what she said seemed to make sense so I passed it off as an illusion.

I decided to go swimming that afternoon in the lake since it was a warm, sunny day and I hadn’t been swimming at my grandmother’s house in years. The water was slightly murky, yet warm and inviting. I waded around near the seawall for a few minutes, thinking about the specter I thought I saw on the dock the previous night.

I swam over to the dock and dove down, swimming along the bottom and grabbing handfuls of sand. That’s when I encountered something that nothing in the future could ever rival in sheer terror. The girl I had seen prior to arriving was standing on the lake floor, staring away from me into the murky depth. Her yellow sundress was battered and much more weathered than I could recall earlier. Her skin still maintained that diseased look and I was about to find out why. Her head slowly turned towards me to reveal pure terror incarnate. The left side of her face was ultimately non-existent, the flesh rotting off, revealing a bony a jawline. Her left eye was missing. I watched in horror as maggots slowly poured out of the socket, writhing in agony as the water claimed them. Then, just as her mouth was starting to open, I turned around and swam as swiftly as my body would allow, choking on water with every thrust. I managed to swim back to the surface and get to the seawall before my strength gave out.

I needed to tell someone. I needed to tell my grandmother what I found beneath the lake, but I couldn’t. She wouldn’t believe me. I was petrified from fear but managed to drag myself back to my room. I curled up, hyperventilating for a minute before calming down and falling asleep.

I slept for hours, waking up before sunset. I raced out of bed and found my grandma in the kitchen. I had to tell her about the body, even if she wouldn’t believe me.

“G-grandma…,” I cried out, apprehensive about telling her. “There is a body in the lake. There is a GIRL’S BODY IN THE LAKE.” I started to panic again and became inconsolable. My grandmother jumped up, looking just as startled as I was.

“Oh my God! Show me, Daniel!”

I led her down to the dock and I, reluctantly, dove underwater to the spot where I found the girl.

I found nothing. There was nothing there.

Had imagined it again? Was I losing my mind? No, I saw a body down there. But the scariest part was that she was just standing on the lake floor, nothing holding her down.

“Uhh…grandma I can’t find it. But I swear to you there was a body here. This doesn’t make any sense,” I said to her, in disbelief..

My grandmother was wearing a skeptical look. “Honey, you can’t just fabricate stuff like this. A dead body? If there was really a body here it wouldn’t have just disappeared on its own. I blame your father for this; all those years of abuse are starting to take a toll on you.”

This is madness. There is no way that body was a figment of my imagination. No way.

I spent the rest of the day watching TV in my living room and trying to forget that frightening image of the girl’s mangled carcass, looking at me from the bottom of the dismal depth. Then I had an epiphany. The silhouette I saw that night on the dock. It fell into the water right where I saw that body. It couldn’t have been a coincidence, there was no way. That girl wanted me to find her that day, I was sure of it.

Sleep didn’t come easy that night. And when it did come, it didn’t last long. I awoke again to my curtains rustling in the wind. I got up and peered out the window. The moonlight was gorgeous that night and it caused light to ricochet across the water and light up the shore. That is when I suddenly noticed yet another figure in the moonlight. It was standing in the woods off to the right of the dock and appeared to be facing me, but I couldn’t tell.

I kept my eyes on the phantom, expecting it to do something like the previous one. Slowly, it extended its hand out and pointed to the ground in front of one of the dogwood trees. I grabbed a flashlight and darted outside to discover what it was pointing at.

When I arrived in front of the tree, I noticed there was a mound of dirt that appeared to have been recently unearthed. I went to the side of the house and grabbed a shovel out of the tool shack. Whoever concealed this hole didn’t dig deep because within fifteen minutes I had found something.
I sifted through the dirt and located multiple strands of hair. I followed the hairs down to find the skull of what seemed like a child. I fell backwards, violently shaking and wanting to run away. But something told me I needed to stay. I knew I wasn’t hallucinating. Now another question burned into my skull. This body was too small to belong to the girl I saw. This…was someone else.

“Ah, I see you found him.”

Flabbergasted, I turned around to see my grandmother walking towards me with a large chef’s knife in her hand.

“He was a bothersome child. I caught him and his sister trying to steal from me. NO ONE STEALS FROM ME!”She shrieked.

My grandmother was maniacal. I have known her my whole life and not one second did I think she was capable of this.

Like a fool, I allowed myself to get cornered in front of the seawall and the only direction I could go was the end of the dock. She continued to question me as I walked backwards.

“Now answer me this.” She was calm now, in a psychotic, twisted way.

“How did you know? How did you know there was a body here? ANSWER ME!” She bellowed with an unnatural ferocity.

“A girl did…it was a girl with a yellow sundress…” At this point, I was in tears. If she was capable of killing two children than even her grandson was fair game.

“You dare mock me? Who told you?!” Paralyzed in fear, I couldn’t answer.

“WHO WAS IT, GODDAMN IT!” The force at which she bellowed at me deafened my ears.

My heart was racing, I knew the silhouette was the girl but my grandma wasn’t going to believe that. She would have to see it for herself, which would not be at all impossible because the dreadful corpse of that girl began climbing up the seawall behind her. I pointed at her, causing my grandma to reverse.

The girl stood at the foot of the dock, standing motionless. Her dress gleamed in the moonlight, causing my grandmother to see the monstrosity she was responsible for.

“What the – what is this, Daniel? Is this one of your tricks?!”

I said nothing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the cadaver approaching us. The girl slowly began lifting her head, revealing a malicious grin on her face. Half of her smile was rotting flesh while the other side of her face was bone. My grandma was paralyzed. She just stood there with a look on her face like she was staring at Death himself.

“Wh-what do you want from me?” My grandmother managed to mumble out in between sobs.

The girl stopped smiling and struck an everlasting fear into my soul as she muttered to her.


The girl lunged at my grandmother, knocking them both into the lake. I peered over the edge of the dock and saw nothing. No sign of a struggle, no bubbles, and no ripples. Then an ear-piercing scream echoed out across the lake. I took off, running as fast as I could to my car and I left that place without looking back.

The police searched the lake for hours the next day. I told them about my grandmother trying to kill me and of the location of the child’s body but I knew I could not tell them what transpired with my grandma and the girl. I simply told them that I defended myself and pushed her in. However, I did tell them that my grandma confessed to murdering the girl.

Eventually, one of the divers signaled he had found something. They drove back to shore with the body of the girl.

“We found no trace of your grandmother. Are you sure she couldn’t have come back up?” The diver asked me.

The girl’s corpse maintained that petrifying grimace. This time, it was aimed for me.

I replied to the diver.

“I’m sure.”

Credit To – The-Heretic

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Creepy Bridge on Mumbai Expressway

July 30, 2014 at 12:00 PM
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To begin with, I am Ankit Saxena living in Mumbai, India. I have newly joined as a Consultant in Capgemini. I am kind of an atheist and don’t believe in any supernatural but these past few days, there have been some incidents which have shaken my belief, if not shattered it completely. And when I am sharing this on creepy-pasta, I am not putting a story, but a portion of my life, to have the answers which have eluded me, as I believe on this forum there are many people who have faced similar situations in their lives and can really help me out. Now I would like to share the incidents or rather some creepy incidents which occurred with me in these past few days.

I live alone in a 1-Room-Kitchen Apartment in a sub-urban area of New Mumbai, known as Koperkhairne, this area being very far from my Office, so we use Transport facility provided by the Organization for our smooth travel. It’s nearly an hour journey, which goes from crowded city roads to a long stretch of Expressway to my organization. On the stretch to Expressway there is a 200-300 mtr long bridge which is over a small stream of water which comes from the Gulf between Mumbai and New-Mumbai, this bridge end with a toll-booth and then the Western Express Highway.
We have our working hours fixed at nine and half hour every day. Failing to complete it, means a negative point against you in annual grading or appraisal as we call it. This incident is from some two weeks back on a Tuesday, I returned from a week holiday and I had lot of work. Normally I leave office at around 9:45, but that day I stayed back to complete my back-logs. Around 10:00, I was finished with most of my work, So out of boredom, I decided to go to a nearby mall (R-City) for dinner, thinking that I would be able to return for the next bus which is at 10:45. But unfortunately I was able to return around 10:50 and I could see the bus leaving in front of my eyes. I enquired and got to know that there is still a bus left which is at 11:15. I went inside to find, that the bus was already there and boarded it.

The bus took off at sharp 11:15, I was the only traveler, other person was the driver, there was a cool night breeze and I felt sleepy after a long day of work, so I dozed off. It was at around toll-booth when I got up, I looked at my watch which told me it was around 11:40. I rubbed my eyes and lean my head outside window to have the awesome view of the area from the bridge, with the town lights on one end and shining water from moon-light below. As we reached the middle of the bridge, I saw a laborer standing near a light-post, I could see that he was completely drenched, as we were closing on him, I could feel that the area was rather cold, maybe because of water body below. I felt sorry for the laborer to work in those harsh conditions. As the bus was passing him, and he was just parallel to me, he suddenly took his head up and looked at the bus, I felt something strange about him as his eyes meet mine, I can swear that I felt goose flesh going in my body, his face looked so devoid of expressions almost lifeless. I took my eyes down feeling sorry for him, as bus crossed some distance, I turned my head back to see him, but there was no-one standing there. I mean I could very well see the whole portion of the bridge from that point, but he was not there.

At that moment I knew that this was something different, I enquired to the driver and he reacted as if it’s a regular affair, He said in almost dismissive tone that, it was one of the ghosts, which people sometime see on this bridge. For the first time in my life, I had my heart in my mouth. He further told me that it is believed that some laborers died during the construction of this bridge, when an Iron beam fall on them while working below it during Monsoon season, some of them fell into the raging stream and their bodies were never found, the incident was hushed up, but since then some people have reported sighting of these laborers, including the Contractor who owned the contract of construction of that bridge, it is said that he was so terrified that he never returned back to the sight, even for the ceremony when the Bridge went operational. That night I had terrible nightmares all night long.

Now this incident is of this Wednesday, I was asked to sit late that day by my manager as UAT (User acceptance testing) is going on, and unfortunately I had to stay that day also till 11:15, I boarded the bus, but my heart was already pouncing. I saw one more traveler with me, which was kind of a relief, there was a heavy rainfall as this being the Monsoon season in India. I had kept in my mind that I will not look outside my window during that stretch of journey. At around 11:50, we were on the tollbooth, I was on the second seat, the other person was on the first seat and he was sleeping in-fact snoring. The driver stopped the bus after just crossing the tollbooth. I asked him, why he has stopped the bus.

He told me that he has to renew his monthly pass for this tollbooth, I insisted that he should do it next day, but he told me that at this time there is no rush, and next day he has an afternoon shift, when it will be heavily crowded. He took off from the ‘driver’ gate, bridge was just 5-6 meter from where, the bus was standing & it was still raining cats and dogs. I closed my window as well as my eyes while put on my earplugs listening to ‘Teri Galliyan’ a new hit song from a Bollywood movie to distract myself. It was not even a minute, when I felt that somebody was knocking, I pull out my ear plugs and saw a person standing below my window with his hand out, begging. I never wanted to open my window, because in back of my mind I knew he could be a ghost, but somehow I couldn’t stop myself from opening it. He was just staring at me with his hand out, I took a ten rupee note and said, “Take it quick, or the note will get wet”, but he didn’t took it.

At the same moment, I was shook by the other person from the first seat, he asked me who I was talking to and when I turned back there was no-one, I told him what I saw, he was scared too. The driver returned and I told him that what had happened, this time he replied with a serious look, and he said that he was not asking for money, but he was asking my hand, but he didn’t told me what he meant, I asked him many times, but he never told me the meaning of his statement.

Now I am frightened, as I have no idea, what it means, does this have happened to anyone else too, on that bridge. I am now frightened enough even when the bus crosses that place in daylight. If anybody has any experience or suggestions, what this meant, then I would be very grateful.

Credit To – Ankit Saxena

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