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It was a Friday night, and I was grounded, without a phone. I lived alone with my dad in a rural community where everyone knows each other, but some keep to themselves. My dad headed up to bed around 11 o’ clock, and I began to get ready to carry out the plans I had made during the school day. Since I had no phone, my friends and I made plans during the school day to all meet up at my best friend Greg’s house around midnight.

After putting on some warm clothes, going on my computer for a bit, and getting a snack, I was ready to sneak out.… Read the rest

I first met her when I saw her sitting and crying at my favorite spot in our school garden. When I asked why, she told me she was hungry but she didn’t have any money left. Her luck. I was supposed to hang out with my group at the Pizza Galley, but I begged off to see my boyfriend- only to find out that he had basketball practice. So I bought her ice cream, and while we sat together, she told me stuff about herself and instantly we became friends.

She came from the middle school at the other block. She’s only nine years old, quite petite for her age, and she was fun.… Read the rest

As I stood outside the entrance to the underground passages, heavy rain falling upon the cobblestone road, ready to take part in the cities famous ghost tour amongst a group of about 20 to 30 people, I felt a sense of nervousness and excitement in the atmosphere.

I’d arrived in Edinburgh that afternoon, travelling light, just enough clothes to last the night and my camera which had hung from my neck all day long, ready to snap up a piece of this beautiful historic city at any giving moment.

Throughout the day, I had took part in the type of activities you’d expect from a tourist in this city.… Read the rest

I jammed my hands into the pockets of my pullover sweater, and hunched my shoulders slightly against the morning chill. The spongy forest floor cushioned and muffled each footfall into near perfect silence. That explains why I didn’t know I was being watched. Followed. Never alone. Unsafe. The towering redwoods used to bring me comfort, sheltering me with their spiny branches. Then there was that day. Just that one day. Changing everything. It was morning, a bit early. Just after dawn.
The ocean fog had rolled in, shrouding everything in a thick mist. Even though I was young, just a teen, I knew my mom would be okay with me walking around this early.… Read the rest

Patient 1970
Log 4
Dr. Evans
11:23 am Wednesday

Patient shows further signs of deterioration. MRI scans show that brain matter shows no signs of damage, however, the actual electrical currents are continually changing and decreasing. I have been caring for this 30 year old man for about a month now, yet it seems like years. He came in with very little wrong. He just constantly talked about his father. His wife was scared about him becoming violent or losing his mind at the death of his father two years prior but while in our care he has shown no signs of violence.… Read the rest

September 14th

My doctor suggested I start keeping a journal in order to organize my thoughts. Said it would help reduce stress, and god knows I need that. I don’t even know what to write, I’ve never done the journal thing before but I guess I’ll start simple.

My name is Milo Stokes, I’m a corporal in the U.S. Marines stationed at Cherry Point North Carolina. Almost a year ago my wife left me after 4 years, said she couldn’t take this lifestyle anymore.

Can’t say I blame her though, if I had a way out I’d take it too, This place is a fucking hole.… Read the rest

One day, there was this girl, let’s call her Anna. In her hands, Anna held a handful of all kinds of pills. As she stared at them, she was thinking about all of the pain and suffering she has endured throughout her 17 years of life. She looks up into the mirror, stares at herself, and starts thinking. She has been picked on for as long as she could remember and she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to end her own life so she would no longer be bullied. No more life, no more suffering, and she was angry. Why does she have to end her own life to find peace?… Read the rest

Ever since I can remember, the moment I fall asleep, I ‘wake up’ stuck in my body, unable to move, unable to sleep. The only thing I know that will wake my body up is my alarm clock in the morning, which is set to a ridiculously loud volume and, though I expect it to go off every morning, the noise of it scares me awake, physically. .
As you can imagine, my ‘wakeful’ life is altered. And even more so is the void which is supposed to be the life that I live ASLEEP.
When I was younger I told my parents about all this.… Read the rest

I love how my Grandfather is always around to keep me company. On days that my Mom isn’t around, Grandpa is always nearby to comfort me. I sit on his lap, tell him stories about my day, and I never feel like I’m alone. Although our house is never empty even when Mom leaves for work, and I sit with Grandpa and read stories while he enjoys his chair, we always have guests in every room of our house.

There’s Edna and Elma the twins my Grandfather is friends with, they’re always sitting together in the kitchen with a teapot between just the two of them.… Read the rest

I’ve always had trouble sleeping at night. Noises have disturbed me my whole life. I found out years ago that I have hypersensitive hearing, picking up all sorts of background noises. They couldn’t fix it; only recommend the obvious techniques to mask the problem. Not that I hadn’t tried these already. Ear muffs, listening to music and even things like meditation. None of it worked. In fact it seemed to make it worse. It made her more desperate.

I hear her most nights. No one else can. Why does she only come to me? There’s always the dread of lying there each night in the dark silence, anticipating when she will come, and when I will hear her again.… Read the rest

Janie awoke with a start, jerking out of her nightmare back into reality. She looked about her room reassuring herself with its familiarity. The feel of the cotton sheets that she had washed till they were as soft as silk, the scratchy blanket her grandmother had given her for her eighth birthday, and the scent of smoke and lumber rising up from the basement. But as she settled back into her senses things began to seem a little off. Her sheets seemed a touch too rough, the blanket felt like a slightly different material, and the smell of the room was a little too sharp, almost mechanical.… Read the rest

The next time you go to the library, be sure to keep an eye out for a certain book. There is no other book like it, and no copies. It can turn up anywhere in the library. It can be on any shelf, any table, in the hands of any person. The cover is made of leather, and the book is titled “YOU”.

Once you find the book, don’t open it. Go to the librarian to check the book out. The librarian should give you a strange look and utter “Oh… that one…”.

Bring the book home. You may be tempted to open the book, but make sure you don’t.… Read the rest


I have just escaped death, and from what I can tell I am one of three to do so at this point in time. I have had to re-live one year of my life in order to do so, thanks to The Teacher. You see, I was dying. I had a tumour in my brain, and had been living in a hospital for the last three weeks. Doctors had discovered that it had gotten too large to surgically remove without killing me or having severe brain damage, so I accepted dying without operation.

As I was lying there, I thought about how I was going to die, so I tried to make the best of the situation.… Read the rest

Poem of fractured mind
Doctors and nurses digging through my head
Stitching through psyche like needle through thread
Picking through all of the places in mind
Searching for something that they’ll never find
Looking for feelings and workings and cures
They think they can help me…
But they can’t, I am sure.

They think ink blots and head shocks will break down my chains
But these only bring physical, additional pain
I can’t understand what they hope to achieve
My confessions and stories that they won’t believe
And if they won’t listen then what shall I do?
The voices in my head provide no help to.… Read the rest

The first thing Jenny noticed about the new house wasn’t the Jacuzzi, or the wrap around porch, or even her new room. It was the moths. The first one flew out the door when they unlocked the house for the first time. It wasn’t a big deal, and the family had even had a good laugh about it. But then she started seeing more of them. Nestled in the corners, in drawers, even in the old pots and pans left by the previous owner. She hated moths. To her, they were just ugly, dusty butterflies. But nobody else seemed to mind.… Read the rest

I love you so dearly, so warming and bright,
you give such joy that lasts me through the night.
Your smiling face always so true,
Don’t you see? I love you.

Of all the girls I’ve come to love,
you beyond them, soar infinitely above.
Your eyes do so shimmer,
to lighten up my life,
I’ll love you so dearly throughout any strife.

Although you no longer see me,
I’m sure you feel me around.
Even though for awhile…
I’ve been deep in the ground…

That one bad night…
when we were cold and lost,
I held you so tightly to ward off the frost…

I can’t believe you did this,
Not in my wildest nightmare, never.… Read the rest

It was the 2nd of January, 2:04 AM. I woke up to a knocking on the door. One knock every 3 seconds. I slipped on my slippers and walked down the stairs. As I walked down, the knocking on the door got faster, almost like a heartbeat. When I got to the door, the knocking stopped, I looked outside and nobody was there.

I went back up to my room and went back to bed, thinking it was just some kids playing a prank. At 4:21 AM I woke up to the front door slamming shut. I jumped, terrified. I looked over at my frosted window to find “smile” written all over it in the frost.… Read the rest

It took me a lot longer than I expected, but I’ve finally found a submission form that actually works for our intended purposes without having any fatal flaws like not working with my spam protection service or not allowing custom fields or simply not working at all when tested (I truly did not expect this to be such a challenge, and I’m glad that the search is over).

Barring any catastrophe, I will be re-opening submissions on December 15th – yup, just in time for winter break. I am letting you guys know in advance in hopes that you will all take the time to proofread and edit your submissions before sending them my way!… Read the rest

“Take a seat John. Why don’t you tell us what happened from the beginning?” The detective motioned you towards the chair with a hand gesture accompanied by his harrowing eyes.

“I-I-I I don’t remember…”

“Well how about you have a sip of water, take a deep breath and make yourself remember.” The detective stated. He definitely wasn’t a nice cop.

It started coming back…

It took you no time to fall in love with her. From day one you knew she was the girl of your dreams. The first person you felt you could truly connect with, soul to soul. She was a great listener and didn’t judge you on any of your imperfections, she actually liked them, and you believed her.… Read the rest

Ever since I was tiny, I have had an overactive imagination. My mum always told me this was a gift, although I have found it an utter nuisance… What came with this (which has proved to be the most inconvenient of all) is my tendency to get scared often and also to seek out the things that made me most frightened. My most prominent memory of this in my childhood was a character who (and I honestly can’t remember exactly) I think I called the Shadow Man.

It all started when I was about 7 or 8, and I happened to be in another classroom at school.… Read the rest

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