Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Poem for Your Heart

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I love you so dearly, so warming and bright,
you give such joy that lasts me through the night.
Your smiling face always so true,
Don’t you see? I love you.

Of all the girls I’ve come to love,
you beyond them, soar infinitely above.
Your eyes do so shimmer,
to lighten up my life,
I’ll love you so dearly throughout any strife.

Although you no longer see me,
I’m sure you feel me around.
Even though for awhile…
I’ve been deep in the ground…

That one bad night…
when we were cold and lost,
I held you so tightly to ward off the frost…

I can’t believe you did this,
Not in my wildest nightmare, never.
Because you had said you’d love me forever.

You lied to me my dear,
and that is a true pain.
Now pay attention
to that sound of the rain.
But don’t let it get to you,
just rest now- fall asleep.
For in the morning your lover shall weep.

I’d say I love you,
but with your blood there will be art…
Time to be afraid…
I’m coming…for your heart…

Credit To: Kingwerewolf13

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