Friday, April 19, 2019

The Convention

We got to the hotel late The kiddo was a mess, and so was I I’d let Sally sleep through the flight while I tried to keep our two-year-old girl from having a total meltdown As the plane started its final descent, my relief was punctured by an absolute nightmare of a stabbing sinus headache… something to do with the change in pressure, I guess… and that’s when Amy started screaming So by the time we got to the hotel,...[Read More]

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April 19, 2019 Abductions and Kidnappings, Investigations and Crimes, Locations and Sites, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Strange and Unexplained


The two men stood in the crisp, evening mountain air The woodland that surrounded them on all sides was dense and deep “So…” the first man turned to the other, straightening up his stab-proof vest “Where do we go from here” The other police officer clicked his radio off, and turned to his counterpart “I think it’s a good idea to turn off our radios, this guy is probably a little skittish after all he’s been through” The Colorado mountains stood...[Read More]

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April 18, 2019 Conspiracies and Government, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Investigations and Crimes, Jobs and Occupations

I Kill One Person Per Year, It’s My Job

“So, you think your husband is trying to kill you” “Yes! He is, I know it I know he took life insurance policies out of me Well, we did it together, actually…” “But how does that prove that he’s trying to kill you” “He is, just trust me You’ll be paid really well! “Listen, I don’t trust people who are trying to kill someone else You have to prove to me that one, you have proof that he’s trying to kill you, and two,...[Read More]

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April 17, 2019 Strange and Unexplained

The Signal-Man

“Halloa! Below there!” When he heard a voice thus calling to him, he was standing at the door of his box, with a flag in his hand, furled round its short pole One would have thought, considering the nature of the ground, that he could not have doubted from what quarter the voice came; but instead of looking up to where I stood on the top of the steep cutting nearly over his head, he turned himself about, and looked down...[Read More]

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April 16, 2019 Beings and Entities, Classic Horror, Ghosts and Spirits, Locations and Sites, Strange and Unexplained


I just killed myself for breakfast I sat in my 100+ degree car, reeking of maple syrup and incapable of many coherent thoughts save for that one It swayed through my mind like a dead leaf, falling into my consciousness by random assignment I had been up since 4:30 in the morning after a fitful night of intermittent sleep, slogged out of bed and into my uniform just in time to make it for opening the restaurant I remember smoothing my...[Read More]

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April 16, 2019 Strange and Unexplained

The Machine

Part 1 Griffin and I were both 25 We hadn’t seen each other since college but kept in close contact I was working at a cybersecurity firm, and I really wasn’t sure what he had been doing He always told me he was “just working on something” I took a few vacation days from work to go and see him We went camping for a night When we woke up the following morning, he told me about The Machine “Wow-wee, sure is beautiful,”...[Read More]

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April 15, 2019 Demons and Possession, Religion and Spirituality, Science and Experimentation, Science Fiction and Aliens

I Raised the Devil’s Daughter

You know those stories where a woman walks into the bar, meets a stunning man and gets pregnant, then finds out she’s bearing the offspring of Lucifer Well, this is not one of those My mother had me at a young age so, by the time I was 16, she was 38 and recently married I never met my good-for-nothing father and her husband was totally okay I mean, he was a savorless person, but mom loved him dearly and he never...[Read More]

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April 14, 2019 Children and Childhood, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Demons and Possession, Religion and Spirituality


I like to go urban spelunking, "ruin diving" my friends call it We find a place out in the middle of the nowhere that people have forgotten and we break in to see what treasures they might have left behind On one of our trips we decided to check out some places in upstate New York This was my friend Paul's idea and while I was sure he had only mentioned it because he was sweet on a girl who...[Read More]

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April 13, 2019 Science and Experimentation, Science Fiction and Aliens

A Very Lonely Road

The sound of the car engine coughing and sputtering made my heart sink and my stomach knot I always had a bad feeling about driving something that was twenty-three years of age Even though it only had a hundred-thousand miles on it and had gotten me many places, I always had an uneasy feeling about it And now, as I gazed past the steering wheel at the pitch dark and empty countryside, I knew my gut had been telling me...[Read More]

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April 12, 2019 Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Slashers and Gore, Survival Horror

Why Do People Keep Staring at My Face?

"What the hell is her problem" I thought to myself as I sat in my cubicle Angela, one of my co-workers, was staring at me More accurately, she was gawping at me At my face I wanted to scream at her, flip my desk over and demand what the fuck her problem was, but I just kept my head down You see, this had been happening ever since I got a job here In fact, anytime I got a new...[Read More]

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April 11, 2019 Body Horror, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Technology, the Internet, and the Deep Web