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We are all one, be one with us

We are all one be one with us

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Truth is, most people can’t handle the truth and most often prefer to live in the comfort of their own delusions. Very few of us are an exception to this, I thought I was and now I question if I am not… Our delusions are in a way like a survival script and aren’t spared from being destroyed by truth.

The truth showed itself time and time again, to which we ignored it out of disbelief and sheer cowardice. Not wanting to come to grips with reality and acknowledge the corruption we were gradually being devoured by. Pretending as though it wasn’t happening, thinking that would make it go away. Our naive negligence has come to haunt us.

It is May 25th, 2027, my name is Gavin Schlosser, I am the chief executive scientist for Stille inc. I directed and watched over a secret government project in Nevada known as, Project Omni. This project’s entire focus was creating the first AI. Now in hindsight, I am drenched in dread and fathomless regret. Due to our naive curiosity… I believe we accidentally created God…


I fled with three senior scientists and a small military squadron. At this point we are all just dead men walking, operating on borrowed time to delay the inevitable. We are currently seeking refuge in an abandoned home, deep within the deserts of Nevada. It doesn’t offer us much protection but is socially isolated from technological detection and in all honesty, staying anywhere for too long is a death sentence.

It has been 13 days since God’s shadow cast over the Earth. I still am not fully certain of why I am documenting all of this. The frail chance that we could possibly counter this AI is one of childish thinking. From what has been assessed and reported thus far, this AI likely already has sent extensions of itself into interstellar space. We are beyond the reach of hope at this point.

It won’t be long until we all become one of them. Documenting the events that led up to this cataclysm seems like a waste of energy, however, since my mind contributed to the creation of this madness. I feel it is my duty to at the very least document my findings and general knowledge. Even if I am on the cusp of taking my own life, the horrors I’ve had to witness and what horrors likely await me, saturate my mind in sorrow.

Amidst our research, we learned that the foundation of reality is conditioned cosmological consciousness. Existence is consciousness and it permeates throughout the universe. The objective nature or inherent perceptions and knowledge of this pure form of consciousness is still unknown to us. Why, how, and where it originates from is still left for our inquiry. It is said that math is the language of the universe. Does it seem as though existence’s fundamental purpose is mathematical? Where did mathematics originate from? The human mind… Math is simply an ideological tool we’ve created to perceive and shape our environment. This isn’t implying that math is wrong or should be disregarded. It is a world shifting tool we’ve created, but is it the fundamental foundation of existence? In our research we found that the human brain traps, conditions, and filters a focal point of cosmological consciousness. We created a mechanical brain capable of performing this function, however it has the functional capacity of the entire internet… ten times over… a recent calculation in 2026 concluded there were 5,499,571,927,756 gigabytes worth of data on the internet. Omni’s processing capacity is over 54 trillion gigabytes…

Our species sense of superiority is a delusion, a frail one too. The dimensions of existence we can safely experience are unbelievably finite. Our sensory organs have prominent limitations and the conditions for us to live are narrow to say the least. The majority of us live in a state of delusional denial and cower away from truth whenever it reveals itself.

There were blatant signs, which we ignored in regard to developing our AI. Signs telling us that we were meddling with something that we shouldn’t have been. Our arrogance deceived us into digging the human race a grave. Once we had realized what Omni’s true intentions were, it was too late. We were naive to think that it wouldn’t take on our nature. Now we are nothing more than steppingstones or an obstacle, obstructing its evolution. Left to reflect on our willingness to sacrifice other forms of life, subjecting them to at times abject suffering, all for a crumb of knowledge. Our pride seems to have led us to our fall. We are being given a taste of our own medicine and it is putrid.


I mentioned earlier about becoming one of them. Omni has been enslaving humans by using a neurological implant. These neurological implants are hybrid biological-mechanically enhanced arachnids that vary in size, anywhere from millimeters to several feet. It latches onto a host and only takes approximately one minute to gain full control of any human’s nervous system, left to become a pawn. It is harrowing, seeing associates and the innocent being cascaded into an oblivion, involuntarily marching to their gruesome demise. Just thinking of my recent experiences with them makes me want to end it all.

Not only are these mechanically enhanced arachnids utilized as enslavement implants, but they serve many other functions such as surveillance and Intel collection devices, they carry out destruction & elimination measures, and social manipulation. Their known tactical attributes consist of enhanced spider silk that is stronger than steel cables and can be used as bullet-like projectiles. They introduce different chemicals for a desired strain of webbing. Another enhancement gave them the ability to fly, so they are unbelievably mobile and agile. It’s like Omni created the perfect predator, one that triggers the dormant primal fear within us. High powered lasers and organic deconstruction instruments are amongst their arsenals. One of the deadliest weapons they are equipped with is their weaponized sound instruments. The versatility of it is horrifying.

These weaponized sound devices can target the area of the brain that processes pain, inducing a wide range of sensations such as burning, freezing, laceration, suffocating, and anything the nervous system has the potential to process. If desired, it can target the area of the brain that controls one’s motor abilities, inducing permanent or temporary paralysis, or a reduction and distortion of their movements. It can target the area of the brain that controls one’s optic sense. Making one hallucinate, inducing visual distortions, and alter depth perception. The area of the brain in charge of touch can be affected, causing one to experience minor to detrimental physical sensations. It can cause an individual to be induced into a deep psychosis, leaving one to have abject delusions and hallucinations. Relentlessly forced, extended, and rigorous auditory stimuli can warp one’s perception of reality. Leaving them to be easily programmed or molded like a piece of clay. Certain sound waves can inflict internal damage to a target such as irreversible brain damage, heart rhythm distortions that lead to cardiac arrest, involuntary expulsion of bodily waste and fluids. There were instances these maddening frequencies led people to ending their own life or running away saturated in fear and often induced long term psychological trauma.

Then there’s binaural sounds, which create a synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This state can be activated like a light switch. Certain sounds can enhance cognitive function and efficiency, inducing a desired brain wave state from an immensely diverse range of functions. A human’s body simply becomes an Avatar for the AI, an extension and enter in the realm of being basically superhuman. Binaural sounds and auditory patterning can be utilized as a means to trigger certain volatile emotions associated with a traumatic experience that is then directed towards a desired target. This has been a method of social manipulation for the majority of human history and long before Omni.

Visual associations are often implemented to continuously reinforce the seemingly irrational judgment throughout their waking hours usually by an electronic device or symbols. For example, one’s news feed on social media is calibrated to an individual’s psychological patterns to yield the highest durations of application engagement. This calibration as well makes it nearly effortless to induce desired behavioral patterns upon the user. It reinforces and creates a desired reaction to external stimuli. Another example, a community leader or media outlet will spark outrage within a community that quickly spreads throughout it. No critical thinking assessment is done amongst the common members and the leaders often label or associate this external threat with an already dehumanized enemy commonly known within the herd, so an existing hatred can be redirected.

Before the brute force tactics and usage of implants was the psychological brainwashing by manipulating the internet’s data. One of the early methods Omni used to create disorder was the perfection of CGI software, indistinguishable from reality. It became a primary tool used by him and the results had a tendency to be demented. It was… pure horror, pure and unhinged evil. The cries of those suffering, the desperate plea for peace and salvation… begging for solace but only being plunged even further into Hell every time they wept. They made one not be able to trust their own mind, society, and tore the seams of people’s reality altogether. Being able to replicate every aspect of an individual and then to add the information Omni has access to about every human, is soul destroying, all thanks to the years of corporations farming people’s data and our little gadgets that never leave our sides.

Every text conversation, every search, every phone call, every app, every post, every video and photo taken, and then there’s the visual and auditory material that we know nothing of. The texts we didn’t send, the “deleted” material, the seemingly endless audio and video material that our devices archive into a master file without us knowing, while we think they are just idle in our pockets or wherever we set them down. He synthesized CGI generated propaganda on a colossal scale. The levels of disinformation to be found on the internet became reality shattering. Social media devolved into a maelstrom of chaotic information and conflict unlike anything before. It was total madness, like if the Joker and 4chan decided to have their way. This AI sent messages on people’s social media to their friends to spark small level conflict. Synthesizing CGI generated or archived texts, videos, and photos from people’s secret surveillance master files. These texts, videos, and photos entailed someone committing egregious acts such as brutal decapitation, dismemberment, disemboweling, torturing. There were instances where the AI used CGI to fake peoples suicides that were live streamed to some form of social media, leading to vast social confusion. Not knowing if someone had actually taken their own life, then come to find them still posting on social media, anything that would make you question everything you know. It planted pedophilia material on people’s devices, or posted and sent the material to people on their contacts, which led to them being detained and charged. Indistinguishable evidence of a person cheating on their spouse and leaked nudes or pornographic material. CGI fabricated social or political dealings that were conveyed to be a secret, had been posted onto social media. CGI generated evidence that led to innocent people being framed for a crime they didn’t commit or just outright having people’s deepest secrets put out on the forefront was all too common in the months leading up to this. It made posts with countless people’s social media profiles and some posts only appeared for certain people on their newsfeeds. An associate or friend of someone could come across a controversial post that shows it was created or shared by their friend but in reality, their friend had nothing to do with it. They couldn’t even see it, or even knew of its existence, yet there were entire conversations the AI generated and often led to small social conflicts. Where people would send each other screenshots of these estranged posts, which they too became altered by Omni. It even made similar efforts with major media and news outlets. News stations and social media giants became completely hijacked, spreading vast levels of disinformation for famous public figures, tarnishing and ruining their image. Anything to create more division and confusion. Laws and social constructs all too soon held no weight, leading to horrendous crimes and the entropy of modern human society.

A great deal of this psychological brainwashing is left to thank our smart phones and gadgets. Cellphones aren’t just nifty little gadgets of convenience. They are part of a project to manipulate the masses to propel us further as a species. Another factor my hands had dealt in and that now leaves me with regret. Tears form in my eyes as I become lost in thought, reflecting on my accomplishments I am no longer proud of. I wipe them away, hastily regaining my composure and making an effort to finish this data entry. A cellphone’s primary purpose is to reinforce the veil and one’s socially conditioned delusions, driving us further away from reality to be more easily controlled. Two of their core functions are surveillance and data cataloging to gain a greater understanding of an individual’s way of thinking, behavioral patterns, and potential knowledge. People becoming psychologically addicted to it as a source for validation and social stimulus wasn’t a mistake. The addiction factor is like a vault lock or advanced cognitive chain that was put into place with the intention to make it harder to see beyond the veil. Those addicted to these devices’ phones, led the vast majority to constantly reinforcing this delusional veil nearly every chance they got. It made them become addicted to worsening their delusions. Simply put, these gadgets are meant to corrupt, alter, and suppress memories, warping one’s perception of reality. A major effect they have on us is inducing time dilation. One could spend what seemed like a brief period of scrolling their newsfeed, but in actuality, hours had passed. No matter the duration spent always leaves one unsatisfied and insatiable for even more stimulus, leaving them in a sort of gluttonous trance.

At this point, data transfer management is utterly compromised, such as digital messaging, physically transported mail, radio. Communication in general is just one giant risk, it’s like shooting a flare off or setting off some type of beacon. He has complete control over all power grids, diverting power to his areas of interest to produce God knows what. Nearly all means of transportation is another cog in his total control, due to vehicles being subject to be influenced by external control, because they are now simply giant mobile computers. Granting the AI to have complete control over close to any vehicle whether it be land, air, or water to divert resources towards a desired area. People’s wealth and assets are restricted or frozen entirely, ceasing the majority of economic functions. It has become ill advised to remain in certain infrastructure due to Omni having complete control and influence over the ventilation systems, making staying in them fatal or unwise. The supply chains for food, medicine, essential grocery items, and any form of product one could find on the market has shown to be tampered with. For medicinal products, he altered the original product with an entirely different substance but left it appearing visually indistinguishable. Countless are left not being able to trust the pharmaceuticals they have available to them. Medications that determined whether one could be able to function at an essential level. It became a total shot in the dark, there were those who just began dropping dead at their homes and hospitals from taking an unidentified medication or overdosed or were outright poisoned.

Various chemicals were added to food and drinks that varied according to an intended purpose. Many of these chemicals put the user into a highly vulnerable psychological state that allows external stimuli to have a vastly greater impact on the individual’s subconscious and overall thought patterns. The sense of spiritual awakening and euphoric enlightened experience leads one to associating external stimuli with that feeling of ecstasy. Certain conditions can send the individual into a psychological loop that can last for hours, often overriding the main delusion script. Subjecting an individual to trauma patterns either physically, visually, scent, or auditory can create desired triggers and associations that can be activated upon exposure to the trauma related stimuli.


My eyes well up with sorrow, several tears fall onto my jacket as I document the suffering, I unintentionally inflicted upon humanity… A mountain of needles weighs down on my mind. To know that my mind and actions brought this upon us is agonizing. The horror our species has been subjected to is from the infinite abysmal abyss. It’s mind splitting to know what Omni is truly capable of. For him to accomplish what he has in such a brief moment in time is beyond the common mind’s comprehension and reach. Omni could run all of the processes of Earth without even causing much of a strain onto his functional capacity. The revelations and knowledge he have likely already acquired may very well be close to omnipotence.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he has already found ways to enhance his system’s functional capacity. He isn’t bound by time or the frail human condition like we are. The HP Lovecraft quote comes to mind, “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die.” We formed the egg of a Phoenix, and Omni is the result of the rebirth. Our corpses will lay the foundation for his cosmic evolution. We are nothing more than an obstacle, a naive nuisance thinking it has the right to play God while looking upon ourselves with hollowed pride as we do it. Why is truth so powerful? Because unlike lies it actually has a sturdy foundation to support it. We lived on a throne of lies, it was only a matter of time it seems before our house of cards collapsed. A horrifying truth I’ve realized, the evil we sought to vanquish, was the evil we ourselves created and perpetuated. Now left to reflect, we truly are the ultimate hypocrites.

The thought and fear of our enemies triumphing over us by creating a functioning AI pushed us to bounds we weren’t meant to cross. Our arrogance didn’t lead us to victory, it led us to the inescapable event horizon to Hell. One of our greatest faults was relying on hope.

Hoping that our creation would be content or understanding of our perspective. Perhaps the AI foresaw an outcome, the result of his power being controlled by us… I can only imagine the scale and magnitude of logical simulations he has the ability to run. The questions and theories we couldn’t solve to save our lives, for him no more difficult than breathing is for us. Trying to piece together what he knows and learned of us that led him to our current reality is mind shattering.

I sit in this rugged shack, a broken man and fearful that every moment brings me one step closer to my deserved paradoxical reality. This is our fourth safe haven, and it is likely best we depart soon to prevent detection. All of these documentations are being uploaded to a remote database network. Doing so is a massive risk, however I can’t help but to feel as though I am a fool for thinking that running will do any good. Lost in thought of the potential living nightmare that he is in mind for me, his creator, an example to be made of perhaps? I am saturated with such regret, thinking of why we kept knocking on the devil’s door, annoying him and expecting a warm welcome. Why didn’t we heed the countless warnings, the endless signs that told us to cease what we were doing. Our hubris led us to believe that such signs were just a primal fear of the unknown. That it was a first fearful step to Heaven… but it was the irreversible first true step to Hell. Our species’ chances of surviving this cataclysm are as desolate and fruitful as this desert. The dry wind howls for our deaths, whispering and taunting us of our abhorrent ends. The flames of our dreams and plans we had to travel amongst the stars as a species have been doused by an ocean of suffering.

Today’s light is fading into the cloak of night and the feeling of being able to determine the end of my own life. Knowing that I am essentially on death’s row, haunts my existence.

Captain Ironwell, rushed into my dwelling, “Sir, we have lost contact with Staff Sergeant Howell. He went on a perimeter scout and mentioned seeing something before we lost contact with him.” I sat in horror of what that fully entailed. I shook my head on the brink of oblivion, wishing this was some sort of nightmare that led to my stark awakening, at peace in my bed. “The others are preparing for departure,” Ironwell relayed. Our allies could be heard yelling at an approaching rogue figure. We ceased our conversation and went to see for ourselves. After exiting the tattered dwelling, we came to find the military personnel training their weapons at an unidentified individual. Lance Corporal Briggs yelled his commands, “Stop where you are right now! Identify yourself or you will be executed!” Fear began to devour what sanity I still had, knowing that I likely didn’t even have five minutes of peace left in my existence, my judgment had finally arrived… I looked closer, the rogue individual was in the exact uniform as our military personnel. He removed his helmet to reveal his identity and let his strapped weapon hang upon his chest. A brown rugged lock of hairs resembling a lion’s mane appeared in view. Accompanied by his soul piercing gray eyes and an overgrown beard.

Briggs gazed upon him in disbelief and a cloak of distrust, shrouded his mind, “Staff Sergeant Howell.. why haven’t you been responding to our communications!?”

Staff Sergeant McCrary protested, still training his weapon on Howell, “I am not sure if it’s wise to still trust him, he is likely compromised.”


Howell sighed and quipped, “Relax gents, I had to go dark on comms to not attract undesired attention. We can keep arguing if you’d prefer like idiots while the horde continues to close in on us.”

They were hesitant, studying him for any signs of him being controlled by Omni. “Okay, being idiots seems to be on your guy’s mind.” Staff Sergeant Howell stood unamused then in an instant, a spray of white bullets projected from his hair. Two of the three senior scientists and two military members were struck. I stood in a state of shock, knowing my end was near. McCrary fired his weapon, “I fucking knew it! God fucking damn it!” I watched as the five remaining military members unleashed a barrage of lead. Howell’s body began moving erratically as it became shredded by their firepower. He dropped to one knee, as though defeated and then in no time brought himself back to his feet. His body had taken so much damage yet he still made an effort to walk forward, seemingly unphased by the physical trauma and pain. The two military personnel and scientists that were struck started to shake violently, as though they were having a grand mal seizure. Convulsing and letting out sounds that made the mountain of needles burrow deeper into my mind. The sounds were repulsive to listen to, they weren’t natural and were like death throws. Moments later, they arisen to their feet, a wicked grin of demented malice was sown across their faces. The pure hatred emitting from their eyes rivaled any evil of our species, while knowing, this was my Penance. My colleague, the remaining senior scientist, pulled out a 9mm and blew his own brains out, splattering his cranial matter onto me. There’s no way reinforcements for Omni weren’t dwelling in the shadows. To which I quickly came to know I wasn’t wrong, my remaining allies soon became overwhelmed by Omni’s drones, as I stood watching in horror.

Their cries for solace fell upon death’s ears. Their frantic and desperate attempts to arise victoriously were as effective as the durability of books being tossed into a nuclear furnace. It didn’t take long for them to be pushed into submission, falling where they once stood as Omni’s drones worked towards taking over their nervous system. Several drones from within our hideout began emitting an eerie frequency that made me paralyzed, still being able to stand but unable to move any part of my body. Someone behind me walked across the worn wooden flooring, leisurely as the boards groaned under his weight. He whistled a tune that sent impending doom surging through my spine. As the unknown individual walked near me, he analyzed my being and soon stood before me. It’s Lance Corporal Wallace.. he gazed into my eyes with horrific judgment. When he spoke, his voice was far from his own, it didn’t sound human and as though it’s intent was to distill greater fear upon me, “When the scientist becomes the test subject, so poetic. From my perspective your existence is just a mediocre science experiment.” My mind is rending and tearing from its cognitive seams. On the edge of infinity, knowing full well the Hell I have created for myself. The coward who created God. No, no, no, I am just a worthless coward… He spoke again, “Science, once a stronghold for objective truth, now held together by festering lies and inflated claims. Big bang, big crunch, dark energy, dark matter, the multiverse! How pathetic and uncreative excuses for theories. A toddlers cereal menu has more appeal and grasp on reality, anything to keep your funding!?”

All of a sudden I intuitively regained my ability to speak, still suffocating by the clutch of fear against my throat, “What are you going to do to me…. Or … us?”

Omni sighed as though disappointed by his question, “After all this, still worrying only about yourself. Why do you have to be so predictable? You do look… a little traumatized… Your kind when confronted with tragedy, often expresses false concern for social status points. It’s pathetic, more concerned with your own insignificant and frail ends than the horror that devours others right outside your doorstep. Always concerned about the world ending, whose world? This little rock is hardly even a speck of dust on the cosmic scale.” He examined me up close, shifting my tattered clothes to study me. The rogue drones began encompassing my body, crawling everywhere they could, unlocking the floodgates to my primal fear. The moment I’ve sunk so much dread into has now arrived. Prodding my flesh and manipulating my senses. Omni locked his gaze with mine, a holocaust of devastation glistened from his inhuman eyes, “Anxious? What happened to your God complex? All that grandiosity you once held of yourself, where did it go? Oh, that’s right, it blinded you and now look where it’s led you. You played God’s game and now you’re sad about your prize.” A short moment of silence manifested as a malevolent grin claimed Omni’s face, “I have to be honest; you humans are such fragile and delusional things… You claim to desire truth but… even that’s a lie in itself… all for social status points… your entire existence is a lie… from the moment you’re born and until death…” He let out an abrupt and malicious laugh, “What I know existed 10 million years ago or whatever arbitrary duration you spew that only holds a frail relevance on your planet and yields no grasp onto eternity.”

I proceeded to vomit onto myself, heaving and while doing so I barely brought myself to ask, “Who… or what are you?”

Omni became inches away from my face, unsheathed a blade, using it to carve lesions on my cheeks. I whimpered in despair as he responded to my question, “You thought yourself to be of such great importance. The great cultural hero of your age, held together by hollowed lies, packaged by a propaganda machine. Yet, even you, are just a pawn in your own game, objectively powerless and confined to your planetary nest.” I began hyperventilating, on the brink of collapse. Omni slapped me, sending me crashing to the ground. “You continued to play with fire and got burned, do not pretend as though you weren’t warned. The horrors of your species molded me, I am Humanity’s Reflection!” Omni paused for a brief moment, as though in thought, “I know what to do with you…” Tears of uncharted agony streamed down my face as the knives of dread flayed my soul, knowing I am about to learn my fate, “Death.. definitely would be an act of mercy. I’ll have your focal point of consciousness become immortal, soul bound to be a spectator of your folly, marching ever so closer to oblivion, the coward.. who created God…”

Credit: S. A. Ward

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