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They Who Have Gone

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I try to not think of it. But it haunts me. We’ve all heard stories about this place, about all those who go are never the same. There a few words in school about it, mainly of how much of a terrible place it is. I’ve heard of one story where a girl went in there for only 5 minutes and saw all sorts of abysmal things. Of Men who linger there, still, for hours, sitting patiently and looking for easy prey and of images that are so nerve-wracking, so perverse and so grotesque that all who see them cannot forget them. And even stories of people who go there and instantly become addicted.

They say it’s the “Prison in the Sea of Knowledge”.

I have only been there once. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was only 15 and at that age the stories I heard from that place were so macabre that my curiosity was just too great. I needed to know where this place was and how I could get there. After all, I had never heard of anything physically harmful there (other than the addiction).

I was so young and naïve then. I went seeking for those that have gone.

I heard online that there is three sure ways of finding someone that has been there: One: They must have a wicked sense of humor; Two: they must never be serious and Three: they must always seem unscathed from the place.

That’s when I met John.

John had always laughed at someone getting hurt or somebody throwing up; he practically lived off of the pain of others. He also seemed a bit jubilant; he must have been on “there” for hours. But he seemed strangely “normal” in a way.

I soon found that to be false. In fact, He was far from normal.


John told me stories of this place.


Some of the god-awful images and a number of stories pertaining to what he called “Creeps”.

He told me of the men just like the girl had seen; he told me he knew those men.


“John where is this place?” I questioned.


Credit To – Chris Locke

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13 thoughts on “They Who Have Gone”

    1. 4chan has several different boards and is composed of many different people with differing viewpoints. It is a place where you can discuss many different things with all types of people, some malicious and some innocent. The people on the boards for camping and cooking, for example, are not going to be posting gore and racism, unless people from other areas of the site are there to mess everything up.

  1. If you don’t understand the pasta, here’s a screenshot of the first few “Rules” from the website 4Chan. Please especially take note of Rule #2 .. basically stating that ALL replies must be racist, trolls, off topic, rude, etc.
    Thats all.

    1. The rules state that racism, trolling, and other idiocy are not allowed anywhere other than the “random” board… not that you HAVE to post racism.

  2. ThisIsANameForAComment

    I’ve made it a point to never go there, because others have made it a point to tell me to stay away from there. This sounds like the kind of things I’ve heard about the place, only not as obvious at first.

    1. What is it? I looked it up and got a chat website. Sorry if I sound stupid im just kind of confused and curious.

      1. ThisIsANameForAComment

        Late reply and all, but i suppose if you haven’t already gone there, I would just tell you that the place has quite a reputation for trolls and such. Like, from what I’ve heard, it can be considered a training ground for trolls. This s probably bad advice, but if you still need clarity, go hang out there for some time. You’ll probably regret it though.

  3. i dont really understand the ending of your story. the story was going all good until the end. could you explain it please?

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