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The Red Eyed Intruder

the red eyed intruder

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My family and I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. When I say “middle of nowhere” I mean it literally. There are no signs of civilization for miles around. Me, and my wife, Kathrine, wanted a safe place to raise our son. We had previously lived in a major city where crime was extremely prominent. Hell, we’d hear gunshots at least once or twice a week, though this was nothing new to us. We had lived there our entire lives. Needless to say, we knew we couldn’t raise our child in this environment. My wife wanted our child to have a real childhood, and I couldn’t have agreed more. Three months before our son, John, was born we started looking for somewhere new to call home. Somewhere quiet and far away from people. It’s not that we were introverts or anything like that. We simply didn’t trust people enough after living in that city for so long. What we needed was a fresh start. One night my wife had called me into the kitchen, she explained how she had found the perfect place. It was a beautiful, 200 acre farm with a large patch of woods surrounding the property line. The pictures showed an old, two story house with paint chipping off the sides. The barn was adjacent from the house, it had a silo connected to the side with vines growing up it. The shingles on the roof were extremely worn and had moss growing under them.“It’s gorgeous.” I said, glancing at the price. “But that price is a bit sketchy, don’t you think? Almost seems too good to be true.” My wife looked up at me, her smile fading ever so slightly. “I mean yeah.. But we have to at least check it out. If this is legit, it would be perfect!” She exclaimed, eagerly. After pondering for a moment, I figured it couldn’t hurt to go check it out. If not just to make Kathrine happy.

The next day we made the two hour trip out to the property. Glancing at my wife, I could tell she was very eager to see the place. I’ll admit, her excitement rubbed off on me a bit as I found myself driving faster. We pulled into the long dirt driveway and parked next to the barn. “Hi there! You must be Joseph!” the real estate lady said enthusiastically. “Yeah, nice to meet you.” I stated, shaking her hand. I looked over to my wife who was already at the door of the house. “That’s my wife, Kathrine. She’s very excited to see the place.” We made our way over to Kathrine and walked in. Right off the bat I felt something unexplainable. If I could explain this feeling I would, but I simply cannot. My wife and the real estate lady seemed to be unaffected by it. The front door opens into the dining room area. Which also happens to be connected to the tiny, stain covered kitchen. The countertops had a yellow tint to them, as if they were extremely old. The floor had loose floor boards that creaked with each step. We made our way to the bathroom on the main floor. Just like the kitchen, the bathroom was incredibly small, and had signs of wear and tear. There was a horrible stench in the air but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Kathrine had her nose scrunched up, indicating she could smell it too. “I’m still not sure where the smell is coming from. But if you buy the place I could recommend you a good plumber!” The lady said, pinching her nose and motioning for us to follow her. She showed us the living room as well as the upstairs bedrooms. Despite the mess in the kitchen and bathroom, the rest of the house seemed to be in decent condition. The four bedrooms were a big plus, as I needed a room to work in. I work in data entry and usually work from home. Having a quiet room to myself would be perfect for getting work done. There was just one spot she hadn’t shown us yet. The basement. “This place has a basement, right?” I said curiously. She gripped her clipboard harder and frowned a bit, as if startled by the question. “Uh yeah, sure does. It’s through that door there.” She pointed at the door right next to the bathroom. I waited a few seconds for her to lead us down there. Eventually I realized she clearly didn’t want to go down first. Stupidly, I blew it off and made my way to the door. The hinges creaked and the black abyss was revealed. I pulled the cord dangling in front of us, turning on the lights. The stairs were too steep for my wife to go down, given she was 6 months pregnant. Against my better judgement I made my way down the steps. That feeling I mentioned earlier, it was so much worse down here. This time however, I felt absolute terror in the pit of my stomach. The basement had concrete flooring and walls. Pipes covered the ceiling along with cobwebs. It had that typical basement smell of mildew and old water. The air felt heavy, making it almost hard to breathe.

When I got back upstairs I overheard Kathrine asking when we could move in. “Kathrine, we need to talk about this before we make any decisions.” I said quickly. “What is there to talk about? It’s absolutely perfect! Not to mention in our price range.” I could tell she had already made up her mind. But I wasn’t having it. Something was extremely wrong with the place, and I’m not just talking about the lack of structural integrity. But nonetheless, I knew she was dead set on this. “Joseph, we need to find a home before John comes into the world. This is the perfect place. He’ll have plenty of room to grow. Just trust me please.” She said with pleading eyes.” It was difficult to argue with her. “We’ll take it.” I said reluctantly. We filled out the proper paperwork and got things in order. “I think you two will love this place! It has a lot of character.” The real estate agent said. I almost laughed, but didn’t want to come off as rude. We went home and talked with our bank, as well as our landlord at the time, in order to make arrangements for the move. We officially moved in about a week later, although there wasn’t much to actually move. Mostly furniture, and personal belongings. The first day was spent cleaning and arranging the furniture around. The place was a mess when we got there. But after a lot of hard work we got it looking halfway decent. Fast forward to later that night. We both had just settled into bed. My wife went through her nightly routine of putting lotion on her stomach while humming to our unborn child. This eased my mind about the decision to move here. Seeing my wife happy made it all worth it. However, this didn’t last long.

We had finally fallen asleep. Getting used to sleeping in a new house was difficult. The house would constantly creak, and groan. Mind you it had to be well over 80 years old. The noises kept me up for most of the night. My wife on the other hand seemed to have no problem settling into our new home. Around a week in we started noticing strange noises around the house, primarily at night. Now this alone wouldn’t normally freak me out. As I said before the house was constantly settling, in turn, making various noises. But these new noises we were hearing couldn’t possibly be made by the house. Footsteps, whispers, doors slamming, to list a few. Each time these noises occurred, I’d be the one to go investigate. However, my efforts were fruitless. There would never be any sign of anyone, or anything in the house. My wife never seemed worried in the slightest. I had always admired how brave and independent she was. On July 5th our beautiful baby boy was born. We had been waiting in anticipation to meet our child for months. I’ll never forget the overwhelming joy I had holding him in my arms for the first time. We checked out of the hospital and brought him home at around 11pm. My wife settled in, holding our bundle of joy in her arms. As tired as we both were, we just couldn’t seem to sleep out of peer excitement. I layed down by Kathrine and John, wrapping my arm around them. We both must have fallen asleep at some point, because we both woke up to a blood curdling scream. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it came from, but it sounded muffled, leading me to believe it came from downstairs. “What the hell is that?” Kathrine said, her face pale with fear. I slowly got up and reached for the pistol in my drawer. I’ve never been a big fan of guns, however I always kept one just in case of an intruder. “I’ll be right back, stay here with John.” I made my way to the hallway, being extra quiet so as to not alert a possible intruder. Whatever the noise was had now stopped. I checked all the rooms upstairs, finding nothing whatsoever. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom were empty as well. Not a person in sight. I was about to make my way back upstairs when I walked past the basement door. Chills ran down my spine as I realized I’d have to check down there too.


Hesitating to open the door, I stopped myself. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just a basement, I can do this” My thoughts went silent when I noticed the door knob slowly turning. I completely froze, now absolutely terrified. The door creaked open, revealing the dark, cold, basement. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get myself to move. Gazing into the black abyss, I noticed something. Two glowing red dots levitating about seven feet in the air. My heart dropped even further into my chest, terrified of what was before me. I stood there watching, when out of nowhere, the dots blinked. Suddenly I gained all of my motor functions once again and slammed the door, bolting upstairs to the bedroom. Kathrine was startled by me running into the bedroom and slamming the door. “What’s wrong? Is someone in the house?” She said, fear in her tone. “I’m not sure, but we have to leave, now!” My mind continued racing as I started packing my things. Kathrine interjected, “You aren’t making any sense Joseph. What did you see?” The fact she was questioning me made me upset. But that anger was quickly diminished by the gut wrenching fear coursing through me. I was about to speak up when the light on our night stand turned off. We were in complete and utter darkness. I froze just like I had in the basement doorway. “Joseph.. what’s going on?” Kathrine asked, holding tight onto John. I was about to say something when I noticed it. Those glowing red eyes, looking right back at me from where my wife was sitting. “Kathrine..?” I whimpered out. “Kathrine is gone Joseph. Would you like to join her?”

Credit: DankSlurp



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