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The Omnipotent

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It is said that there are parts of this world that no human man, woman, or child can ever see or enter into. These places exist at the bottoms of oceans, in the centers of mountains, or just above storm clouds. Every once in a great while, there is a glitch in these places’ matrix – a flaw in what we might call the security system – and somebody stumbles through. Those unlucky individuals are never seen nor heard from again, for the odds of the same person accidentally entering and exiting one of the hidden gaps in space and time are so astronomical as to be impossible.

It is said that in these places, there live creatures so strange and complex that no one of this dimension could possibly understand them, unless the creatures chose to lower themselves to being understood. These creatures appear to be, physically, very much like humans, but their minds are infinitely more advanced. From a superficial glance, their society would seem to be almost primitive in nature, but it is in fact more properly functioning, peaceful, and progressive than any we could ever hope to achieve.

It is said that among the beings of this society, there is one whom they all hold esteemed and honored. His knowledge is infinite, for he is the seer and diviner of all things.

It is said that he takes visitors, to hear requests and, occasionally, grant them, for he can alter the fabric of reality and influence the decisions of the Fates. It is said that if a woman brings him three drops of a man’s blood, drawn by the thorn of a Molineux rose, he can make the man fall in love with her with a wave of his hands, and it is said that he can resurrect the dead with nothing but a snap of his fingers and the name written in India ink. He also has the ability to answer all questions, and many go to him seeking the truth about things past, present, future, and otherwise. There is one question, however, that this man will not answer. He knows, but will refuse to tell if you ask him, for the answer is unsafe in any hands but his own.

About now, I’m sure you’re wondering what that question is. But you already know it, really. If you think about it.


Would you like to take a guess?

Yes, that’s right:


“Who was phone?”

Credit To – Mycrella

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8 thoughts on “The Omnipotent”

  1. You know, sometimes I think how irrelevant and obsolete the ‘who was phone?’ meme is in the modern world. When it was invented, it would perhaps have been something of a great shock to learn that the person who you supposedly telephonically conversed with only a moment ago is really dead. However, in the modern world, with the easy and widespread availability of voice-changing software, anyone, even the most untalented of novices, can successfully play this prank on the most cunning of targets. It now has no real significance; even its literal meaning makes absolutely no sense to seasoned veterans of the websites. Perhaps it really is time to bury this obsolete relic of an inferior past and let it remain with some charm, the last of it, before it is disgraced infinitely due to excessive overuse.

      1. Username I guess?

        Ben drowned? Lavender town? The endless amounts of meme’s scattered across the site? The world may never know.

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