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The Med Student

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An unpopular young med student had been particularly annoying one day and some of her classmates decided to play a trick on her. They snuck into her room after she’d gone to bed and placed an amputated arm into bed with her. The next morning they anxiously awaited her reaction but got none. Eventually they went up to check on her and found her sitting on the bed, moaning and gurgling as she gnawed on the arm.

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113 thoughts on “The Med Student”

  1. was it finals week at that med school or something because it’s sort of hard to judge a poor, confused, soon to be doctor for eating a fake arm in her dorm room.

  2. ThisIsANameForAComment

    Ugh. Thank you, random pasta button. Every time I read this one I get grossed out. Good times.

  3. This is a new version for the Arm Trick. Usually, the arm ends up hauntingly chocking the vicctim. But in this one, the med student was a cannibal. Wow, good job.

  4. The Itchy Chicken

    Aw, come on. Lying down for several uninterrupted hours can make a person really hungry. Why do you think they invented midnight snacks?

  5. Congratulations to the author on being so lazy that he just submits a one paragraph urban legend!
    I wouldn’t be surprised to find this verbatim in a book.

  6. Eat your amputated arm! Why? cause you turn into a right diva when you’re hungry. Better? Better!

  7. This has the potential to be longer… And less random. Maybe have the arm strangle her in her sleep and the girls are cursed? Just sayin

  8. Umm, that’s a true story that happened in a college in Gujarat, India. :|

    She wasn’t unpopular, she was a really pretty junior. Smart too.
    This kind of pissed off some of the senior girls, and they decided to play a prank on her in her hostel.
    Chick goes into her room, gets locked in, finds a cadaver’s arm under her pillow. She screams, cries, pleads for the door to be opened. When they finally do open it, 4 hours later, there she was, on top of her cupboard, totally nuts, hair and bits of scalp torn off, and chewing on the hand. :|

  9. lol, for some reason i thought that was funny, just thinking of the other students reaction, hahahaha they would have shat themselves XD

  10. Maybe the cadaver was a zombie but the pranksters didn’t know it, and with the arm in bed with her she caught the virus and became a zombie. Then ate the pranksters and helped usher in the zombie apocalypse.

  11. yound mediacl student

    Seriously anyone? I’m willing to let you have a bite!

    okay you’re leaving…can you grab me a leg while you’re out? or even the other arm?


  12. I’m in medical school. Nothing surprises or disgusts you after what you see during your training here. Especially after working a month of trauma surgery.

    As for where she got the arm, the author probably meant that it came from a cadaver. Every medical school program in the USA begins with gross anatomy (gross as in large structures, opposite of microscopic) where you learn by dissecting a human corpse.

  13. I think I’ve read a version like this in “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark”, except it was a hand, and they tied it to the cord that turned the closet lights on.

  14. seriously, she was a med school student. And if your a med student you wont have a mental breakdown from a fucking amputated arm..

  15. I’m sorry, I really couldn’t control myself. The severed arm was next to me, and it just looked so yummy…

  16. It would only be really scary if it happened in real life.

    Otherwise… sounds like something from Goosebumps.

  17. Omnomnom indeed.

    This pasta is rather juvenile, but I suppose some might find it frightening. Especially if you have friends in the medical field.

  18. i think shes dreaming about eating a big-ass wonkabar so she sleep-ate the arm

    makes sense…no? alright.

  19. Hmm, in the version I know, they were all jealous because she was “miss perfect”. So, they tied a dismembered hand to the light in her closet. She didn’t show up in class the next day, so they searched for her. That night, they found her in the corner of her closet, in the dark, rocking back and forth, mumbling. This one is a bit more gorey.

    1. Yeah, I read it in this kid’s book, “Scary Stories to tell in the Dark.” They called it, Dead Man’s Hand, and I guess at the end they just found her huddled in a corner mumbling to herself.

  20. Comment Leaver

    I’ve heard this story before, but with a better ending. She has a heart attack or something like that. I don’t know about this ending, it’s a bit bizzare.

  21. i think that she thinks that she murdered someone and that the person she thought she murdered found her and now she went insane because she thought she got away with it but the ghost came back to find her. And all the thinking she thought made her hungry.

    1. Red Blood Red Neck

      This theory is very “I Know What You Did Last Summer” … also this pasta made me lol

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