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The Lilies Are Bleeding

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My lilies are my most prized possession. Hand picked. I will only take the most supremely beautiful specimens. They must be white as an angel’s wings, and so soft and delicate to the touch that you must be careful of the harm you bring to them. Perhaps it is selfish of me to hoard them as I do. But as it is I who takes them first, it is I who shall enjoy them, their sweet, intoxicating scent and their soothing elegance.

To listen to the lily’s voice is to hear the sound of unrestrained magnificence, fine tuned to stir the soul into a passionate uproar. It is for this reason that I keep my lilies, one dozen at a time, at all times. I must hear the cry of my recherché beauties, bear witness to their bleeding, revel in the need they have for me. At first, even I, pious as I am, questioned this desire, but finding the answer proved such a splendor in its own rite. It is seeing my lilies weakened into such a state that I am all they have left, as they are all I have left, that I derive a satisfaction indescribable to one who has not experienced it themselves. But nothing is perfect forever. One of my lilies has wilted. I must be off immediately to replace her.


Credited to Poizn.

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108 thoughts on “The Lilies Are Bleeding”

  1. I am a youtube narrator and I was wondering if I could have your permission to narrate your story? I will properly site you are the author and link to this website!

  2. Nice. I love the ambiguity. Is he truly insane where he’s that obsessed with his flowers and personifies them or is he just a psycho killer/rapist with a fetish for young, pretty, white girls?

  3. I really like how you don’t include a lot of evidence they are human it makes it seem like the main character is more insane

  4. I liked this one. it wasn’t very creepy but it puts new perspective on the definition of madness. very clever using the lily metaphor. love it.

  5. Omg I just got it. It gets worse now that I noticed the word her! He rapes people. And when they die or kill themselves, (wilt) he goes to replace them . And only picks the ones who are ” white as an angels wings.”

  6. Definitely needs to be read twice to be enjoyed properly. I totally didn’t get the second (or probably primary, really) meaning until the second time around.

  7. (Please tell me so if I was NOT the only one, as I was too lazy to read all the comments)

    But did any body else get the feeling he was talking about sexual abuse, perhaps with the lilies being virgins?

    “as it is I who takes them first, it is I who shall enjoy them”
    The talk of blood and deriving “satisfaction indescribable to one who has not experienced it themselves” ?

    Maybe it was just me or maybe I’m stating the obvious, but I got a distinct sexual violence feel from it.

    Either way, it was most deffenitly BEAUTIFULLY written. Absolutely eloquent. The kind of story where I don’t shiver and cringe, but have an aching pang of guilt in my stomach that makes me sick with myself when I find that I am smiling.

  8. Reading it, i was thinking it could also be about women that he dates.
    It could be seen as not creepy, just pessimistic romanticism

  9. Ehh.

    I liked it better when the crazy people talked in a more insane way. Like the Mother guy from Oblivion, his diary was fun to read.

  10. Am I the only one who didn’t think this was creepy in the slightest?

    I thought it was a good story of a madman, who maybe killed his wife or something because he had a strange obsession for lilies.\\

    Decent pasta is decent.

  11. “Gee, I wonder if he’s talking about whole people or just individual body parts?” was my question right from the very first sentence. The whole “OMG ITS ABOUT PEOPLE” “twist” is officially exhausted.

  12. i like the insane amount of detail to how insane you actually are. holding the women hostage. and watching them bleed. hearing their screams. they need you to stay alive. i like. i like it a lot. (: doubt i’ma have nightmares about it though. thanks anyway. one of the best pastas yet.

  13. This was very well done. Didn’t give me shivers, but perhaps that’s because this is so beautiful I couldn’t be terrified. “What? Oh, you want to kill womin and collect them, you sick misogynistic fuck? Yeah, sure, whatever. You write pretty.”

    The first half was so finely tuned, I actually smelled lillies (the flower, not the…. dead people).

  14. This was okay, but I felt it was lacking that one hook that really draws you in and creeps you out. It seems to me like there are two ways to do this; putting the reader directly into the story somehow, or seriously fleshing out the details of what’s going on, putting the reader there through vivid description. What I’m trying to say is describe the person’s madness a bit more, to give the setting some time to sink into the reader’s mind.

  15. Referring to the “racism” in this ‘pasta, serial killers are usually pretty specific about their victims, often choosing people based on things like hair color or build. Really pale people could just be his…thing :P

    Good pasta, I like.

  16. i really like this allot i got i right away it kinda like how some talk about God’s children how he makes them
    but i see how some o you got lost but mistakes will be made keep up the good work

  17. My diagnosis is that Poizn is clinically insane. She obviously needs to spend a while in a psychiatric unit, receiving extensive electro-shock therapy after writing something like this.

    :D Haha, no, I really thought that this was a neat idea for a story. I could see the ending coming from a mile away, but that didn’t make it any less creepy. Well done.

  18. Also, I’m pretty sure the whole “white” thing means they have to be innocent or virginal. Serial killers tend to be into that.

  19. “It’s “Your choice” By the way.”

    Anon, babe, if you’re going to grudge wank all over grammar, use a lowercase “b” in “by,” please.

    I actually really like this one, otherwise I wouldn’t be bitching at the wanker. I like how you were more subtle than usual and I’m shocked that so few people went ‘hurf durf’ when you didn’t apply the point with a sledgehammer.

  20. I didn’t get it at first but it’s starting to sink in, and the more it sinks in the creepier it gets. Well done!

  21. @Mreee: Yeah, I know, I just noticed it and wondered if it was on purpose. But you’re right; most lilies are white and there’s probably no racism here.

  22. Glad I made your day =] Also, I didn’t even write the story that you commented on.

    It’s “Your choice” By the way. If you’re going to be a writer (And I use that term loosely) you might want to learn at least some basic grammar skills.


  23. @Someone: Racism? Really? That doesn’t even make sense. Lilies are white. I mean sure there are other colors (stargazer lily, etc.) but the only color of people you could apply to a lily is pale white. The story would make no sense otherwise.

  24. This was super good, I love the way it was written and the feel it has to it. I wonder though, as someone else said:
    wilted = decomposed?
    or wilted = dead?
    I mean, you could look at it like he keeps them alive and kind of tortures them (makes them bleed), their voices being days of begging for him to stop and let them go, and then ‘wilted’ would mean one of them finally died, or you could look at it as he kills them right away (makes them bleed), their voices being their cries of pain, and then ‘wilted’ would mean decomposed.
    I like to think of it as the first option, but I could be wrong.

  25. Ooh, very good. I don’t think the whole white part is racist, because the guy IS a madman, so I mean, it kinda adds to the affect. Does that make sense?

  26. @Anon: Thanks for making my day. Seriously. I love it when people can’t handle criticism. If you’re going to be a writer (And I use that term loosely) either grow some thicker skin or an herocide. You’re choice. :3

    No, srsly, I can not fully express how happy your post made me. I just can’t.

  27. Well, I’ll leave the same kind of comment the author comments on other pastas.

    “Shitty pasta is seriously shitty. Poorly written, bad ending, and an all around bad idea. I want my time back. Now.”

    Your detail is good, but everything else is just pretty shitty.

  28. Oh, I just noticed this:
    “I will only take the most supremely beautiful specimens. They must be white as an angel’s wings,”
    Am I the only one who’s thinking ‘racism’?

  29. I got it, it wasn’t that bad, the concept was nice, but it could have been executed a bit better. There wasn’t a real sense of danger or a real disturbing kicker that really sets off a good creepypasta.
    Ok, I am done playing the critic.

  30. I like it a lot, but a lot of people probably won’t get it. If there were a few more hints the the lilies were humans, it would be easier to understand.

  31. I reckon that was great, ignore those who say its too vague, i reckon that worked perfectly.
    Although its not too creepy, its got the”oh shit” factor, and unlike many of the recent pastas, not too long…Loved it

  32. @Maran Doll-Dead, I think, not decomposed.

    Bah, reminds me of the song “Fear Garden.” You know, that creepy, high pitched Japanese song were the singer is some psychotic little kid who kills people, cuts off their hands and treats the hands as if the were a garden of flowers? *shudder*
    Anyway, there should have been just a pinch more of information leading to think that the ‘lilies’ were humans, but I really liked this~

  33. Y’all are stupid… lol of course its about people… its prisoners, that the narrerator keeps confined in 12’s to hear them scream, and bleed. Wilted=Died… Now to replace it :D

  34. This is probably the best story ever because it uses something of delicacy, something of small size to symbolize a larger, more morbid thing.

  35. Ending was obvious, but it’s still a good piece. Kept lol’ing at only picking the white ones though, clearly we have an Aryan madman!

  36. Interesting idea, flowers… It was easy to get, but I guess you could still say it was a little vague, if you want. I would say I could see the ending, except that by the time I read the beginning it was already just about over. The short pastas are great, though usually I’m one for the longer stories.

    Personally, I prefer stories that put me in danger, or at least make it seem like something much worse than simple murder is happening.

  37. Poizn, as I told you in the forums, I love this.

    For Caedus, are you stupid?

    The whole POINT was to make it seem like he was talking about a flower.

  38. I was guessing where this was going. I think many pastas on the “Madness” category fall onto this delusions…

    But what really touched was the last word. It was when I said “Yep, that’s it. Creepy all right.”

  39. Hmm, This would have been creepy if you had put more evidence out that what you were talking about was a human. I mean, it was written really well. But at the end it seemed like you were actually talking about another rose. Not a woman.

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