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The Eisenhower Interstate Phenomena

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Little known fact, is that the Eisenhower Interstate system is built over major leylines. Rumor has it, that if specific conditions are met, weird phenomena will occur.

Phenomena of the First

The first sign of this phenomenon is that you will lose ALL radio reception, and devices such as MP3 players, Discmen, tape decks and other music players will cease functioning. Your heater will begin to only dispense cold air, regardless of setting. after the first mile of this, you will notice a fog growing at the edges of the road, and you will see no exits, regardless of whether they were supposed to be there.

If you continue on, you will begin to see the occasional pedestrian. Some of them will gesture that they would like to hitch a ride. Under no circumstances should you stop for them, no one has ever stopped and survived. If you see lights approaching from behind, and it is a hearse, do NOT let it pass you. No matter what. After 13 miles, the phenomenon will end, and you will be safe.

Phenomena of the Second

Investigated by the witnesses after they read instructions they found in a book, left behind in a rest stop bathroom. Participants must mix a shot of whiskey, a drop of their own blood (One drop for each participant), a pinch of salt, and a small amount of used engine oil. Mix with water from a rest stop fountain in a glass bottle, and smash it on the interstate in the evening or morning. If the instructions were followed correctly, the way will become densely foggy. An unmarked exit will appear, and if you pass it by, it will be closed to you for six years. If you take the exit, go left and under the interstate.

Half a mile down the road, is an old gas station. Inside, it is said that a full glass the coffee sold there, will keep you awake all night, and the other food and beverages are purported to have various properties themselves.

Pay the proprietor only in metal coinage, no bills, no checks, no cards. There are also some arcade machines near the back of the store, as well as an old fortune telling wizard in a glass case. He knows how you will die. Accept no sexual favors that are offered to you while there, and do not anger anyone. Your life depends upon it.

Something really weird happened with this post. Originally, it had the entire thing AND comments (I remember approving like three comments on this entry when it was first posted), but apparently at some point that changed and half the post went missing and the comments got closed. It also lost its category, making it the only thing in the “uncategorized” section that previously didn’t exist. I have no idea when or how, and didn’t even notice until someone in the Pawn Shop Puzzle comment section pointed it out. is HAUNTED.

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