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The Demon Within

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It was past midnight now, and I still had a while until I met my destination.  The girl I picked up an hour ago was asleep in the seat beside me.  She was a hitchhiker.  I couldn’t leave a teenager alone at night in the pouring rain, I had to pick her up.  She seemed pretty happy that someone was finally giving her a ride.

I didn’t know her real name, only that her friends call her “Jo.”  She looked so calm, so peaceful.  Her brown hair obscured half her gorgeous face, her lips flexed in a barely noticeable smile.  She must be having a nice dream.

I tried to remember the last dream I had, but had no luck.  Then, I felt it; a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time.  A terrible, ugly feeling.  I looked down at the girl as I drove, hoping her smiling face might help me overcome and not give in to the demon within… but I could feel it clawing to get out.

I didn’t want to.  I couldn’t.  I needed to get the girl out of the car, but that would take too long.  It would happen before then.

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I continued to struggle, fighting an inner battle.  Then… No.  I couldn’t contain it.  It happened: I let out the most monstrous fart I’d ever released.   It was legendary.  It was the kind of thing kids would tell stories about to scare younger kids.

I reluctantly looked to see if the beast that escaped my body had woken the girl.  It hadn’t, but the smile had faded and she looked to be having a nightmare now.


Credit: Jordan D.

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109 thoughts on “The Demon Within”

  1. After reading so many of these faux pastas, it gets a little disappointing figuring out that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. This kind of thing has been done many, many times, so it’s definitely starting to lose its effect. This wouldn’t bother me, except they are always rated so well that they are practically unavoidable. All I’m saying is that this kind of unoriginal pasta just doesn’t deserve the “9” rating to match that of Michael Whitehouse or Vincent Venecava.

  2. Omg I was in English class and someone let one rip. Let’s just say they were surrounded by girls and half of the room moved over just to get away. This story was amazing. I may or may not have cried a little. 10/10.

  3. I was right in the middle of claas when i read this!!I started laughing so hard my teach sent me out to calm down!! xD thanks for making this! :D

  4. You forgot the tag “Based on a True Story”. The fact that she didn’t wake up, though, must not have been that terrible. I’ve heard of farts that can wake the dead

    1. It could possibly have been so bad that it forced her deeper into unconsciousness. Like a bad case of knockout gas. The question to ponder on though would be on how long it lingered in the air.

  5. At first I was kinda upset cause this wasn’t exactly horror but now that I think about it I loved this story and the setup was great!

  6. lol. plz write more! if my mom weren’t doing phone calls, id be laughing the office apart. I truthfully thought he was going to turn into a werewolf or something. the ending was awesome. lol. XD

  7. write MORE. lolz, that was hilarious! I totally thought he was going to turn into a werewolf. I would have had a nightmare too. Both my dad and my step-dad have monstrous farts. I feel sorry for the hitchhiker. wonder if that’s actually happened before? -.+

  8. She Came From the Stars

    I was freaking out SO BAD I thought he was going to like brutally rape her or something!! OMFG XD 10/10

  9. At first, I was intrigued by this story… and I was expecting there to be a lot of gore and so on.

    But then I read “I let out the most monsterous fart” and I was just like “you. have. got. to. be. kidding. me!” And for the next 10 minutes I was laughing hard enough that I had to cry.

    -10/10 voted

  10. Lmao! Was not expecting that. I thought something demonic/pedo-like was gonna come out of him and towards the girl. That ending was so much better though. Just priceless. XD

  11. LMFAO

  12. Don't worry bout it

    Probably the greatest story I have read in a long time. I want to read more!!!!!
    *dies of laughter*

    1. Ded Skull + Jeff th potatto

      He should’ve done it out the window.

      And it would be funnier in all caps and like *over 9000* grammar mistakes

    1. While i was reading the last few sentences, my little brother who i share a room with ripped one in his sleep. let me just say: 4 year old children, should not wake up a baby and evacuate a room with one single fart.

  13. I started reading it expecting him to turn into something like a werewolf (since it was night time). The twist was original (to my knowledge) and humorous. Lol!

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