Star Kindler


They had found the Voyager probes and decoded the messages inside. Their great silver ships filled the sky, scudding through the atmosphere like shiny storm clouds. All planes that approached them, no matter from what nation, were shot down. They called themselves the Arbiters. Their demands were simple. One person

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“What’s this?” Pamela asked, running her hands over the verdant green cloth.  Whatever it covered stood a nearly a foot taller than her.  It was roughly rectangular shaped and she could feel what felt like molded metal underneath her fingers. “An old family heirloom,” Shauna answered.  Her skin glowed milky

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Full Circle

This is the sixth and final part of the By the Fire’s Light series. Names we give have power As we discovered too late For we have named the nameless one And thus have sealed our fate. Our time has come full circle, And now we have the end Of

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Fighting Fate

This is part five in the By the Fire’s Light series. Mira Grolinsky sat at her desk in the hotel room sorting through stacks of paper. A biographer by trade, she was used to gathering large amounts of information and then synthesizing it into one coherent package. What she was

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