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Super Mario: The Haunted Save

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I was bored. I was super duper bored. It was January 4th, and my new years resolution was to finish ALL my video games by today. Now that I have done that, I had no new things to play. All of the sudden, I got an e-mail on my phone. I opened it.

The e-mail had no words in the “from” bar at the top. The subject was “Get old bootleg SNES cartridges! Only in today’s e-auction!” Intrigued at the sound of new video games, I went to the e-auction.

The first few games I had no clue what they were, so I sort of got bored watching the screen. I was about to close the site, when I saw the text saying “Bootleg Super Mario World” pop up. I decided to get it, and won.

2 weeks later, I got the Super Mario World cartridge in the mail. I was, once again intrigued when I saw most of the label was torn off of the cartridge. The only letters not torn off were: U, E, R, M, R, and D. I immediately put all the letters together and tried to think of something. After a while, I came up with one word: MURDER.

Obviously, I still put in the cartridge, something I still regret to this day. Not that I can feel depressed anymore. After all, doesn’t the word on the cartridge say it all? I was going to stop here, but I suppose I can tell you how my fate came to be.

After I put the cartridge in, the game started. Everything looked normal, except that the hills and the clouds had a slight redish tinge to them. I opened the file selection, and there was a save file on the game already. The name of the file was…

Shop Now



I bet you weren’t expecting that.

Anyways, I loaded the file, and went to the level with the first yoshi in it. I was walking, and as you may expect, I have played super mario world some form or another, and I know that this wasn’t here. There was A small red hill, with a very dark red pipe on the top. The first thing somebody would think would be “Something in a video game can’t hurt me. It’s just a video game!” Those people can keep believing that.


At that time, I believed that too. so I went down the pipe. I thought it would be some bootleg-glitch secret. But something was wrong when I was falling for around 30 seconds. When I hit the ground, Bowser was there watching me. I was seriously freaked, so I lunged for the power button. all of the sudden, text popped up on the screen saing “You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?” and the power button was deactivated.


Mario and Bowser were on screen, glaring straight at me. More text popped up saying “You want a suprise? Here!” And bowser pulled out a portal gun. (LOL :P) He blasted the floor under me and then he blasted above the lava. You can probably figure out what happened next.

To this day, I am a boo, guarding Bowser Castle. My home is in the 9th room. If any explorer finds my diary, share my story with the world.

-Bowser Castle Boo #453

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204 thoughts on “Super Mario: The Haunted Save”

  1. Deirdre Lynne Lacroix Widby

    Ill give you ten pumpkins because it was funny at the end and people are to mean posting negative comments

  2. Far too comical, no build up, no epic finally, just short amd unsatisfactory. Sorry but i think it needs to get a complete rewrite

  3. jane the killer:
    it sucked. if you want to read something else like this, its “ben-haunted majoras mask” or something like that. it came out a while ago, i bet this is a stolen idea from that, anyway

  4. Not a very good pasta at all. I was constantly thinking how stupid the character must have been. Who would go to a site that was in an email that sounds like spam, buy a bootleg game. Then, when it arrives the letters spell murder, it doesn’t matter, start up a save already on there which even if nothing supernatural happened it could still have spoilers. Then down the pipe is bowser who pulls out a portal gun, which brings me to the question of why the hell you covered your floor with lunar sediment, and weren’t even sitting on a couch or anything. I know this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously but some aspects still have to make sense for a good creepypasta.

  5. This was a funny pasta. The scary thing about this pasta is the comments that are giving a serious critique like this isn’t a parodypasta. Holy crap wow I am cringing. There are people seriously going “WTF, A PORTAL GUN!? THAT’S NOT SCARY! HOW CLICHE -999/10. WHAT A LOUSY STORY EVEN THOUGH THE JOKE OF THIS PASTA IS THAT IT’S A LOUSY STORY”

  6. How in the world did bowser get a portal gun, y did Mario not try 2 stop him, how did bowser shoot the gun at the narrator, and how is he now a boo? This should seriously be in crappypasta! It was just 2 rushed and left 2 many quedtions unanswered and not in a good way

  7. Doctor what, exactly?

    Do any of you understand the point of parodypasta? I agree it’s not a great one, but the point is not to be scary. That’s not a real complaint.

  8. EXPLAIN YOUR SHIT. At first it was pretty good. An average pasta with an okay-ish amount of creepiness. But when you got down to the Bowser part, people are gonna think you just ran out of ideas. I honestly hope you purposely made this stupid, otherwise (V)_(-,,,-)_(V) that’s just sad. Story, by the power invested in pizza, you are hereby punished with BANISHMENT to the CRAPPYPASTA REAM!!!

  9. 1/10 because i couldn’t score anything lower



    2.a portal gun? A FUCKING PORTAL GUN?!?!?! YOU COULDVE DONE BETTER LIKE “bowswer puts his whole entire hand through the tv and grabbed me and was squeezing me and i couldn’t breathe”

    3.are you fucking kidding me?you litterally just go through the pipe cause DERP DERP DERP DERP IM A BIG DUMBASS WHO HAS TO CHECK OUT THAT RED PIPE DERP DERP DERP DERP

    4.bowswer and mario stared and the screen that is pretty creepy but they didn’t have like bloody flesh showing or anything just that they stared at the screen


  10. This wasn’t as interesting like any other sort of.

    But I’m not going to judge it because of a “portal gun”. I think he said that for the purpose of it being unexpected as the joke. Though, if I had to judge properly as a parody pasta. He should of removed the “LOL :P” thing and make it better with it.

    But judging it as it’s own style, especially for a parody thing is honestly unfair.

    Hell, you can even make just a creepy pasta with a portal gun and bowser thing, and actually make it look good as a creepy thing with explaining, if it wasn’t a parody though.

    Other than that, there might of been too much cliches like the M-U-R-D-E-R thing maybe. Not sure.
    The ending, was kind of a simple humor about the boo.
    Over all, as a pasta that’s meant to be silly or funny, I might rate it 6-10.

  11. Im not really going to complain about this.Its a nice joke. Hey, i kinda needed a laugh today. Cuz I was super duper bored (lol :) )

  12. NO!no,god please no!no!no!NOOOOOOO!XP

    /”””””(______O] ———-____ ______/]_
    __…—‘”””_ –” Q [email protected]
    |”’ ._ _______________=———“””””””
    | ..–”| l L |_l |
    | ..–” . /-___j ‘ ‘
    | ..–” / , ‘ ‘
    |–” / `
    L__’ –
    – ‘-.
    ‘. /
    he obviously could have done a better job with making the creepy pasta.this belongs in crappy!

  13. oh, sure mario pulled out a magical banana phone too!i mean,come on.bowser pulling out a portalgun?thats just retarded.if i could give it negatives,id give it -10/10!

  14. This was REALLY cliche. When it came to the part where he said the cartridge sticker was scratched off with only those letters, and he rearranged them and they spelled MURDER, I was like: “Of COURSE they would spell MURDER.” (that was clever, though). I don’t know if it’s supposed to be scary or scary…

  15. The only way I made it through this, was by telling myself “it’s a parodypasta” over and over.

    But even as a parody this was just awful. Not very funny, and a bit stupid. There was a bit of potential, as I feel a parodypasta requires cliche elements in order to work, but this was just… no.

  16. the fact that there was a lack of detail and quite a bit of humor just made this sad. Portal gun… really? and then (lol :P) what the what?

  17. Awful. Seriously bad.
    Was there any effort put into this at all? Using things like “(LOL :P)” in the middle of a story is really unacceptable. I voted this 1/10. Please never attempt to write again… it really isn’t your forte.

    1. well,these arent ALL real.some are,because i have seen the satanic message on sonic CD,i have seen sonic.exe and ben drowned.but THIS!?!?!?no.a portal gun.that game,mario was from like 1990s or something.portal came in probably 2010 or 2009 idk but seriously.this was the begining of $#!tty pasta.worst creepy pasta ever

  18. That was the most anti-climatic ending ever…
    I really hope that this was made before crappypasta and you are just being funny…

  19. I actually thought this was real until it said “bowser pulled out a portal gun Ii was like ”WTF” XD

  20. The Epitome of Eccentricity

    You know, I expected more out of this. You were doing alright, up until you obviously got bored and ruined it. I mean really, a portal gun? That was just pathetic.

    1. theres not really anything good about this creepy pasta,and i am in a room,nothing to do,bored outa my mind,and this doesnt even interest me!

  21. slasher master

    one question, if you are in a mario cartirage how did you go on creepypasta and write this story?
    1 out of 10

  22. To be honest I thought it was ok with kind of a bland ending. (I did laugh at the “save file 1” part to be honest :P) Anyways I don’t think it deserves bashing. The funny thing though is the way all the comments are overlooking that it’s parodypasta and are all getting so angered at the simple story. I laughed at that. So in a way you kind of won without winning. Good job! :D

  23. Theres A knife in your back, check.

    Fuuck. Im out of knifes to stick in your back. And my special knife for creepy pastas that suck is missing.



  24. LOL i love the ending! I actually liked the story and i thought the ending was clever.. “To this day, i am a boo…”


  25. This story is funny because it is crappy. Why are people complaining about how not scary and crappy it is? I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be crappy and the author clearly did not intend for this to be scary.

    How can people read “super duper bored” and “bowser pulled out a portal gun. (LOL :P )” and start judging the story like it’s a serious horror?

  26. This isnt scarey. this is what nintendo actually does to reduce game costs and discourage pirates. it would have been nice if you took the story youre writing even a LITTLE seriously. As it is, its got a “oooh, look at what just happened, arent I SO creepy?” vibe to it. Like a valley girl trying to be goth.

  27. A portal gun… REALLY!!! THATS THE BEST YOU CAN THINK OF, REALLY C’MON MAN!!!! THERE IS A REAL HAUNTED SUPER MARIO 64 STORY ON YOUTUBE, YOU COULD HAVE USED THAT!!!! That part with the portal gun killed this pasta. -100,000/10

  28. Guys, this is a PARODY video! And I got fucking scared. I was at the part that said “‘You want a suprise? Here!'” Right as I saw the word “here” for some reason my screan went to the other Tab I had up XD I THOUGHT THE CUMPUTER WAS READING MY MIND AND A POP OUT WAS GOING TO GO OFF!!! XD

  29. It started out as a good story with the murder on the cartridge, but it just got silly and unbelieable. I guess he ran out of time to make this a good story? Idk.

  30. Started off decent, if a little cliche, and then completely bombed once the portal gun came up. Fucking Christ this was horrible.

  31. You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?
    sounds a lot like “You shouldn’t have done that” Majoras Mask, Ben Drowned. O.o

  32. To say this in the best way I can, this was bad. The idea was interesting but the way it was executed failed entirely. This should never have been accepted. We don’t want shit pasta, we want Creepy Pasta.

  33. Only DR EVIL has a portal gun!

    Seriously though… how the fuck can you use “LOL” in a creepy pasta

    DR EVIL will zap this with a portal gun!

  34. A Lot of Stupid People

    What a horribly written story! I’m going to give this a serious comment about how not scary and stupid this is because I’m too stupid to see this pasta is a joke

  35. Oh my god.
    First thing.
    This pasta tasted terrible.
    What did you do? Make it out of Paula Dean’s hair?
    Just because she’s a chef doesn’t mean she is made of food.
    It’s frozen.
    The meatballs arn’t even real meat.
    Why is the sauce blue?!

  36. Lmfao @ pasta noobs who can’t fathom the idea of trollpasta. I suppose they also think the longer the pasta, the better it is. ;P Now I’m gonna go look at the comments on "WHO WAS PHONE?!" to see how many people took it seriously, too.

    1. Spoilers: The WWP comment section will make you mourn the apparently dead concept of ‘sense of humour’.

      Actually, almost any parodypasta – even though they’re all marked as such – get a ridiculous amount of comments taking them incredibly seriously. It absolutely baffles me.

  37. This was pretty terrible, but the portal reference threw me off guard so, good on ya! 1 out of 10 (cuz of the portal reference.)

  38. Anyone who has to put (LOL) or any other abbreviation like this in a story deserves to have their hands cut off. Horrid story, super rushed, even as a parody it just plain blew goats. 0/10 See me after class.

    1. I Agree With Disaace. You Could Have Worked On It A Little More, Even Though The LOL and Emotcon Could Have Been Omitted Entirely.

  39. this made me laugh my ass off XD I love how everyone is taking the story seriously, critiquing it, etc. Man, people need to take the panties wedged in their derrieres.

  40. I’m sorry to inform you but story was not well executed. it needed more plot than what it had. and one more thing if your gonna have Bowser kill you by bringing you into the game at least you could have him use something from the game series he’s apart of, for example a magic flute or a warp pipe.
    in my opinion it had very little suspense you need to build up to the grand finish more. do you know that jaws theme song the real version starts out peacefully quiet because the composer every time his concerts were held after a meal which made everyone end up falling asleep during the concerts he composed jaws to lure them to sleep to his quiet melody then once the were all asleep he had his entire orchestra play the theme song to jaws to shock his audience awake that’s what suspense is about

  41. The end didnt make sence but the plot was a good idea. I dont like to be mean but this story was REALLY rushed. Take some time to revise your stories people. You could end up changing every word.

  42. at first, shit creeped me out big time. ever since my early childhood i’ve had this bizarre recurring nightmare about this wario world game that couldn’t be shut off with a power button, or even when the tv is unplugged and all this weird shit happens in the game.

    but then i kept reading. smh u suk

  43. You all suck. This is a PARODY pasta. It’s supposed to suck. It’s making fun of all those lame video game pasta’s we all love so much. I personally enjoyed it. At least SOMEONE out there shares my hatred for those crappy little pastas. Bravo good friend. Bravo.

  44. Let’s see…

    -Yet another Super Mario World pasta? Check.
    -Mention of muder? Check.
    -Absolute, immersion breaking insanity (i.e. Portal gun)? Check.

    Parodypasta or not, this was scary, not funny, not clever, and not worth anyone’s time. If you want to write an engaging yet humorous parody pasta you have to do more than slap together a couple paragraphs of cliches.

    0/10 (1/10 for the story, minus one point for use of an emoticon)

  45. It started off nice but as soon as i saw “bowser pulled out a portal gun” it was all down hill from there, this could have been something

  46. Ha Ha! A portal gun?! You have to admit, this guy has style :D I wish it was a little longer though. So, WHO WAS GAME?!?

    1. super mario world theres a d in it and if you read the story you would of known and i quote “super mario world bootleg” and it also bases of super mario world intro ever notice mario runing and the skys were taint where in super mario 64 do you see mario running no he has a giant head for a intro so sometimes learn your facts before dissing on people

  47. @Slenderho – parodypastas have been around as long as the creepypasta meme itself, and they’ve been posted on this site since its creation. So since the beginning, to answer your question.

    This was cute and it made me chuckle, and for all the crying people some people like to do about their presence, parody pastas tend to be some of the most frequently read and discussed stories on the site. They drive a hell of a lot of traffic to the site, so clearly there is demand for them and we’re not going to shoot ourselves in the foot because some people can’t deal with jokes.

    @Simon – We were told when we restarted updates to prepare for the fact that, regardless of the amount of posts we made or frequency/quality of updates, people would complain at us for both posting not enough and for posting too often. Congratulations on fulfilling the last part of the prophecy, it only took what, two months?

    In summary: you are not going to enjoy every single creepypasta, because you are human (most likely) and we all enjoy different things. Many times, I post something that I personally didn’t like but my coadmin enjoyed, and vice versa. Or sometimes we’ll post things that we weren’t crazy about, but for whatever reason readers tend to love. Sometimes you guys pan things that we thought were awesome. We’re not omniscient, nor do we pretend to be, which is part of the reason we even have the rating/comment system and created crappypasta. However, even with those measures, you still must remember that enjoyment of writing is subjective and not everyone will respond to a piece in the same exact way as you do.

    Feedback is one thing, but demanding that the site is tailored to your preferences specifically whilst ignoring the preferences of a huge chunk of the site’s visitors is approaching delusional levels of entitlement.

    If you want to actually help improve the site, go to crappypasta and help the writers get better! The more quality submissions we receive, the more quality submissions will turn up on the main site.

    And in the future, avoid tags and categories that you know you dislike. Nobody is forcing you to read every single post. And if they are, please call the police – or at the very least, write a creepypasta about it~

    1. ok, fair enough..

      but i do have to say this:
      the invasive “LOL” and smiley face in the middle of the story is just plain yucky,
      parody or not.

      (LOL! :) ) heh..

  48. wtf i don't even

    inb4 you guys are too dumb to realize that something clearly marked ‘parodypasta’ might be a joke

    how do you get dressed in the morning without accidentally putting your shoe on head?

    or eating breakfast without accidentally stabbing yourself in the eyes while you try to eat cereal with a fork?

    srsly that’s the level of retard going on in this comment section right now

    1. sometimes, defensive comments like these make me wonder if its actually the author making like people are sticking up for their terrible story.
      parody or not, its a lousy story.

  49. why are all the other game pastas on and not this one its not any different from the other ones when you think about it

  50. I really kinda dislike this story, and here’s why: it’s way too rushed, and has no sense whatsoever.

    There should have been SO MUCH MORE done with this haunted game. I would’ve loved to read about how all the different worlds looked, how characters had changed to beome ghastly and horrific, etc etc. I was so dissapointed when it was over so quickly.

    As far as sense goes, I don’t understand why he was a Boo, and why he was a self aware Boo that had a diary.

    Great idea, poorly executed. 4/10

    1. it sucked. if you want to read something else like this, its “ben-haunted majoras mask” or something like that. it came out a while ago, i bet this is a stolen idea from that, anyway

  51. Why the fuck do ALL the new creepy pastas suck DICK now that the site has reopened? Explanation?????

    Seriously. Why are the SHITTIEST of all pastas accepted? Who the fuck is LETTING these pastas be accepted to be on the main site? What the hell?

    Why can’t the new owners just accept okay->good ones? We don’t need new pastas every damn day. Annoying.

      1. wow gimme that cartridge would ya? oh and where you play that? NDS?
        And how do you write this on if you’re a boo?
        Can you let me join ya in the cartridge? Where i should took the cartridge to play it?
        This story is a fake unless you answer all my questions

    1. you see,this is why you should listen to wilfred warfstache on the AMV news.because this guys pasta CLEARLY showed he moved to jamaica and wore a rediculus wig!

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