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Slenderman Doesn’t Exist

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“Slenderman isn’t real.”

That’s how this story starts. That’s how this story will most likely end. I don’t lie. My name is Raksha, and this is my story.

Slenderman isn’t real.”

Helen has said this a variety of times to me. I nod vaguely and she cries out in frustration. I silently watch her fume, her round, pudgy pig face red all the way to the roots of her bleached hair. She looks me in the eyes and I return her stare. She’s pleading with me, but I don’t care. She wants me to say a lie; but I won’t do that. Obviously seeing my resolution, she stands up, and storms out of the room. I hear her screaming at my fiancée that she couldn’t help me, that I was a lost cause that should be abandoned. Reaching for my untouched coffee that lay on the side table aside the couch I lounged on, I stir in some of the provided sugar and wait for Jer to come and get me. When he does, his eyes show exhaustion. A stab of sympathy hits me. That’s all from my yelling at night. Hardening up quickly, I give him one of my legendary cold shoulders. I told him he could leave me; he refused, therefore his well being was no concern of mine. He seated himself beside me on the psychiatrist’s couch.

“Why? Why won’t you admit Slenderman isn’t real? What could you possibly gain by keeping up this charade?”

I scoffed at him and his weakness. Was he really expecting me to soften up, lie, and tell him I would stop playing a game that doesn’t exist? As if I would play such a useless game. He knows I don’t play in something that doesn’t benefit me in return. He didn’t say a word as he got up from the couch, but just as he was about to walk out the door, he said it.

“I’m calling it off. Our engagement, our relationship. Everything. I’ll file all the paperwork, and send it for you to sign. I’ll tell your just keep obsessing over things that aren’t there.”


And with that, I lost Jer forever. I didn’t care. He didn’t believe me, no he didn’t want to believe me. All because of his fear. I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with someone that weak anyhow. I rose from the couch, dusted off my jeans, and sauntered to the dreary day in Seattle. Rain clouds were forming in the sky, ready to pour at given moment. I fingered the large kitchen knife, the lone item I kept in my handbag. A drizzle began to rain over the town, but I continued to walk east. Towards the woods.

He was already there when I arrived. His suit was extraordinarily dry, as if the rain found him as revolting as I did. His snake like arms dangled , barely scraping the forest floor. He accessed me in silence- I didn’t think he was blind, but I always had to remind myself that he could see me better than I could see him. I guess I would never get over the feeling that he was wearing some morbid Halloween costume. His long tentacles were absent, for the time being, and one of his long arms stretched towards my face. His spindly finger explored my face and my ody, without ever touching it. I didn’t hide the repulsive shivers it caused. Finally, it seemed as though he was deep into the trance, or enchantment, or whatever this monster could feel. I dug deep into my bag to unsheathed the knife, and I plunged it into his chest. He didn’t look as if he were pain, then again, he didn’t look like anything. His face was still glued to my body as I screamed. My legs couldn’t support me anymore, but I stood. His gaze literally wouldn’t let me go. I felt blood seeping through my clothes, slithering down my torso.


My knife was plunged into his chest, yet it wasn’t him I had pierced. The forest began to black out. I realized that I wasn’t fainting; it was Slenderman. His tentacles weren’t absent, but were winding through the trees, dodging my vision. A slimy cloak enfolded me, and Slenderman’s face became a smile, full of razor incisors faced me. I understand why people like Helen don’t search for monsters, or deny their existence. People like her realize it before people like me. She understood me, or better yet, the monster inside of me.

Slenderman doesn’t exist. Sure. But you do. As do the monsters inside….

Credit To: Raksha Keller

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159 thoughts on “Slenderman Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Paranoid Sugars

    Slenderman… Yeah, he doesn’t exist. I have seen him for years, but I refuse to believe he is real. It definitely drives me insane…

    Does this make me more sane than someone who believes in him but never sees him? I do not know! Man, those kids on quotev sure are missing out!

  2. Amanda Covarrubias

    I came here and typed ‘Slenderman’ because my friend told me a story about it that was on here.
    There was a REAL person who did take children back in the days. The cops never found him and by now he’s dead, but he looked NOTHING like slenderman.
    He was a kidnapper and when it was first happening, children’s parents would say bullshit things to scare their kids like (Example) “Stay inside because the tall man will get you at night) Like the boogeyman.
    Over the years it got exaggerated and people slowly added to it to scare others.
    That’s the point of scary tales/stories/legends/etc… You add and add to make the story seem juicy.

  3. Its just an imagination, we all know that our brain is stronger than anything right? And there are no proofs that slender man is real.

  4. hi i love!! slenderman since i was a kid..
    what i mean is i have this strange feeling
    inside me,, i read horror since i was in third grade
    i have lot of experience …. and i love creepypasta
    wish you still believe in faith .. horror only comes to you when you have no faith in GoD

  5. ThisIsANameForAComment

    I’m not sure whether to be pleasantly surprised or disappointed that there’s so much fighting over this character and his supposed (non-?)existence. 10/10 for generating this much discussion.

  6. Why are people saying he’s real if they listen its a meme think this is for entertainment purposes only if you cared to do some research it says it was nade for a photo shop contest GOSH PEOPLE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS

  7. Slender man doesn’t exist as anything other than what mothers told their children to get them to behave. He doesn’t exist nor will he ever exist. There is no possibility what so fucking ever that some alien creepy boogy man called slender man exists because first of all, he doesn’t have a face. Therefore he couldn’t eat. It’s as simple as that. But there’s more. With humans and all their technological advances, we would have found him by now! And I’m sorry but if you or anyone else truly believes in this, you’re fucking retarded and should get this checked out with your doctor. Now that being said, there is no reason to hate on the stories themselves. All they do is provide a source of entertainment for someone who is bored.

  8. Slender man doesn’t exist as anything other than what mothers told their children to get them to behave. He doesn’t exist nor will he ever exist. There is no possibility what so fucking ever that some alien creepy boogy man called slender man exists because first of all, he doesn’t have a face. Therefore he couldn’t eat. It’s as simple as that. But there’s more. With humans and all their technological advances, we would have found him by now! And I’m sorry but if you or anyone else truly believes in this, you’re fucking retarded and should get this checked out with your doctor. Now that being said, there is no reason to hate on the stories themselves. All they do is provide a source of entertainment for someone who is bored.

  9. Straight jacket 14

    All you people saying he’s not real, why are you on this website, why and how have you heard of him. This goes for all of them to, if you don’t think any of them are real why are you on this website. Why not reading about the war of 1812, or do you not think that’s real, cause come on people, if you don’t think is real don’t read about it, or at least don’t put hate comments for the people who believe. And thus concludes my message to all of you JERKS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Slender man isn’t real but the fact that his actually similar to some spirits from different folklores I research sooo what people claim to see so called Slender might as well be spirits from those folklores

  11. Anna Nymous (Inside joke)

    How cute to see people making jokes about Slendy…. It never works out for them in the end…. So cute, so funny, so pitiful. These people just have to joke, don’t they…. And the ones that don’t joke and do believe…. Well most call him evil, terrible, a monster. Quite the opposite. He’s not evil. Protective, actually.

  12. I saw the operator symbol from the slenderman in mah games and in real life near my house B.T.W the operator is a circle with an X inside it. And when I looked through the windows last night I saw him standing right in my garden and I swear I saw lots of tenticals waving about. One day I was playing doctor the adventure games the gunpowder plot. I got lost in the sewers and I saw him so I quit the game and it came up with a warning!

  13. Well there are ancient legends from Germany about a tall faceless man, but it’s more likely that they were fables to encourage children not to enter unsafe areas without guardians. The Slenderman that you are all talking about is a Creepypasta STORY!

  14. I love this story, manly the ending. If you look into the so called “Slender Man” The real myth is much more entertaining. His real name is Dir Ritter

  15. Eating Cheese Like A Kangaroo

    The question isn’t “Is Slenderman real?”. If he is, then cool, we’ve got one more supernatural serial killer dude. If he isn’t, then cool, go ahead and walk around in dark and foreboding forests if you feel like it.

    The real question is “If he is real, where does he live?”. If there is even the slightest chance of him being real, you should always know where he supposedly lives, because then you can avoid the area like the plague.

  16. Slender is real all people whosay he isnt believe he haunts me stalks me haunts me ive seen him even before ive herd bout him

  17. my theory is that slender man did exist,but as a human bieng. he could have been a really tall man who freaked people out in the 1900s. In my village people claim to have met this man and say he was just….a man. my house in the village is near a graveyard and my father told me that slender man is burried there. i went there to check out the grave which was kinda creepy cuz i was alone(dont know if the grave was real). my dad told me that slender mans tale was passed down for generations and he doesnt really know about him much. (our name for slender man is nau gazza;translation: nine yards).
    ( if u would like to know more about slender man you can e- mail me at [email protected])

  18. he is real, I saw him the other day standing in the woods, watching me. he is after me. ive have had dreams about him coming and taking me someplace dark. be careful my friends. you have been warned…

  19. Right lots of people say Slender man isn’t real but I’ve seen him in my dreams and in real life… If he’s not after you he wants to scare you… Just like he wants to do… I got really mad at my family and just wanted to Die sooo (My garden is very woody…) i locked myself out in my back garden… tooo frustrated the only thing that calms me down is drawing… soo I started drawing… It was the only thing that was in my mind at that time… soo i nearly finished my drawing when I saw him… standing about 7 metres away from me i literally ignored him… until i saw him agian… It was in a park that i know very well… the park or should I say wood looks similar to the game… I was walking with my friend trying to calm her down when I looked at one of the trees… it was a very Fat tree just like in the game… And standing to the right of it i saw him again… i completely froze. I couldn’t move all I could do was stare at his face… I wasn’t scared… after what felt like ages i looked away… and then I carried on seeing himbut ignored him everytime… now he seems to appear outside my house and inside my house… no one wants to believe me soo they keep making fun of me… they say that the more you believe in him the more he wants to get you…

  20. I have been seeing…things. Every night at a scheduled time the radio goes static. I also have left my door closed every night and one night found it open. We also have left our office door where we keep the cat locked each night and found it open when I woke up at 12, I didn’t even open it. The next morning it was closed. Finally today, I was at my grandparents and saw my grandfather’s tool was briefly illuminated by a shock. I also haven’t been sleeping well despite going to bed like I usually do. I have this feeling I’m being stalked by someone or something. Finally, a few days ago I took a prank ghost photo on my iPod and found something else that looked like a white bag was in the photo. I looked there after have spotted it only to find it wasn’t there. Keep in mind I was in the spot where I took it the whole time. Anyone know what’s going on?

    1. Update: I forgot to mention previously that about 1-2 months ago nature has been hitting us like a freaking missile. We had a bear attack our bird feeder, chipmunks poop on our steps and a huge branch tear down right to the middle all within the same range off weeks that followed the ongoing static and other events. They think it’s just nature I suspect it’s more than that. Finally ever since we owned the house we own, I have heard solid tapping against the wood of the staircase. I’m trying to be calm, but there’s seeping paranoia in my mind. I have been sleeping well yet not well. I am falling apart slow, I need help, please…

      1. just chill out. if you believe in him then well he’s trying to scare you… by that i mean that he’s trying to make you freak out. if you see him, IGNORE him… if you start having nightmares about slendy forget everything you’ve ever ,learned about him and don’t play the games…

  21. Anonymous:
    Look Slender the game came out and they needed a story behind it. A one where the players would believe it. They didn’t start in the 90′s that’s just part of the scam. Slender documentaries are just a story to get people to play the game. Just slender stories grew and became popular. Slender sightings and publicity sights too.

    Are you retarded? Slenderman was around before the Slender game came out. Learn your crap you moron. Slender came out in 2012, Slenderman was created by Victor Surge in 2009. Research before you open your mouth.

  22. Stop stop stooopppppp! im not funny at all just stop trying i mean it ill never rest till your dead if you dont im not real im not real im not real.

  23. slender s real I saw him 2 years ago when I was playing with my brothers in the woods at my house my littlest brother asked me who the man in the suit was. i told him it was the neighbor but when I turned to see who it was 8 tentacle like arms hot out of is back and me and my brothers made it back in the house andit scared the living shit out of me. since then I have seen only one time and that was it

  24. ive been in a forest and gues what nothing no sign even going through places seeing idiots carving his symbol

  25. hi there.
    i am really scared, i can’t sleep and i can’t look out the window at night.
    i tried not to think of him but when i look at trees i directly imagine him.
    every thing i heard outside of my room and house i directly think of him. ( this happened before and everything was fine but, i just got curious so i went back and get more information about slenderman, so yeah it like happened again, so im scared.

    sometimes, i think, all of this is fake because it’s the internet, you can do whatever you want to do.
    i heard of the marble hornets, i thought it was fake but in my imagination, it tells me that it’s real, it’s a documentary, what could i ever imagine?

    is the story that i just read in this website true?
    or is it just a scary story to frighten people?

    i need an answer right now.

  26. Food for Thought

    The concept which Slenderman is based off of spans multiple continents and cultures and time. However, not all of these myths or origins were malignant in nature, that was sensationalized by the Marble Hornets to create what everyone now perceives him to be. I’ve seen several accounts where he, it, whichever you prefer, was a benign presence, that targeted those who were going to suffer a gruesome, painful death, and took them early to spare them that. Just something to think about, amid all the hype of the stories and games now.

  27. Jaden sprague is BEAST

    I agree, the SM is fake like everything else but the dreams are something their imagination ” seeing a very skinny guy with a tux” is a close enough way to say he was in your dreams. If he was real Area 51 and that stuff would have already delt with them

  28. Slender is NOT real. He is awesome but so freakin fake. Remember these type of horror stories” the rake, Freddy, my mom and just the plain paranormal are all entertainment stories, that’s why big people on youtube play these type of games.

  29. I don’t know if he is real or fake wait who is that over there in a tie and shirt he’s turning around now and… Where’s his face, oh no it’s Spenser. (That’s how bad my spell check is)

  30. Guys, just think about it. This might be breaking your religion, but don’t you think The Bible or God would’ve told us about this stuff. He didn’t so I don’t believe in him.

  31. fro what ive heard, slender man was a game that won a game contest. how can slenderman be created and formed from a game.NOT POSSIBLE!!!! its all fake!!

    1. And now for an actual Slenderfan who once thought the same thing to step in…

      The Slenderman/Slender Man was created in 2009 in a Paranomal images contest on SomethingAwful. Almost everything from the “Der Ritter” woodcuts to the images of Slendy standing with children were created wholecloth by those users, specifically by Victor Surge. These images spread to 4chan and became popular on /x/. Eventually two SA goons approached Surge and asked to make a series. He said yes. They called the series Marble Hornets and it’s still going to this day (although it apparently is going to end soon).

      The video game you are referring to, “Slender: The Eight Pages”, did not come about until 2012. The Slenderman has literally existed as a concept since 2009, that’s three or four years prior to the game. The game did not “create” the Slenderman, that’s a very common misconception. All it did was bring him into the mainstream so whiny hipsters can bitch about how he’s “burned out” and “too mainstream”.

      Fuck those guys. There’s plenty of people who haven’t been introduced yet, and just because it’s overdone for you assholes doesn’t mean it’s overdone entirely. Both hipster Slenderfans and idiot S:TEP fans make me want to set things on fire. Like seriously, grow the fuck up, what are you guys, four? [/rant]

  32. Hello Kitty Time Capsule



  33. Wow. Really well written. I loved it! Oh, and slendy isn’t real. If he was though…… I would probably brofist him.

  34. i dont belive any of this slenders not real you can search on the internet and find where it his rumor started, but this is exellently well written and fucked my brain and shit i odnt know i like this

  35. I’m less scared of Slenderman than I am of the mostly incomprehensible pasta written about him.
    First of all, what kind of crap psychiatrist would behave at all like that? Not that the narrator wasn’t frustrating – no wonder the fiancée left, she’s so in contempt of him. Her obsession with Slender seems nearly romantic, which would have been a much creepier angle than “Screw y’all’ I know there’s a monster cuz I’m so smart.”
    Now, to give credit, I did think it was novel to show someone going *after* Slenderman, and to have him make her stab herself (which is what I think happened?) was a nice touch. But what was up with the ending? How does this have anything to do with “the monsters inside us”?
    Either I’m completely missing something and there’s way more subtlety in the end than is shown in the rest of the story, or this was just really unsatisfying.

  36. hes fake you moron :P
    he was a fictional character for a paramount pictures photoshop edit :P
    i do my research :P
    most people who claim to see him are suffering from halusinations :P

  37. I’m scrolling through the comments, wondering why the hell are people waisting time ranting about Slenderman? He is both real & not real. Your imagination makes him a reality, if you believe it & your scientific half makes your ‘irrational’ fear of the monster in the dark go away. Just get over the fact some people believe & others don’t.

    Now, I like how the Pasta started out, but seriously? The ending was weak. I was hoping for the fiancee & the other lady to see the Slenderman & scream their damn lungs out. After Raksha went completely insane with the fact two sides of the same chord were being pulled: Reality & Rationality.

    1. i agree with your first statement. but thanks to our minds he is easy to believe in him, as i USED to fear him. however lets not rule out s slender like being because different cultures have spoken of cheaters that where tall and stole their kids. however these may of been created to scare kids from going out at night which parents have done for years, such as the buggy-man and so forth. so take it as you will!

  38. It’s kinda crazy.sticking a knife into him,doesn’t,i don’t believe slendy in the "Henderson farm"disc…except for his goddamn grab of Ted Henderson……anyway,if slenderman WAS real,we would be mooncake instead of pasta.Boiler Burst.

  39. First the Slender Man is fake. How could, scientifically, a creature or form be so tall, change shape and teleport? This is physically impossible. Also, scientifically he would be dead because no mouth, no eat. Life needs energy. Lastly, he would have no way to find you. He is blind, deaf, tasteless and no sense of smell. He could not find you. He would just be some tall, randomly shape changing blunderer in the woods that soon died of dehydration and starvation. Also, he was made up in 2007 or so in something called the "Something Awful" forums. He was created there in a photoshop contest and his story spread fast. He fake. The facts don’t lie. Just look for yourself. Now go to bed.

    1. Someone You Don't Need To Know

      Ok, not saying I believe but just pointing out some things: Slenderman has been sighted around since ancient times. Do your research before you say something

      1. Do NOT research him. If you do, you are a fool, as I have been. I am not myself, and I am extremely paranoid, as well as having experienced Slender Man’s other effects on humans. I wish it would stop, but it is too late for me now.

    2. The Fifth Alice

      You are using science. Science isn’t everything in the world. There IS magic. Besides, you really can’t prove he isn’t real. Ever heard of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!? Those things seem scientifically wrong, yet they are true. Ever heard of the 10 foot tall man? Slenderman is just one of those abnormally weird things, perhaps magic or something.

  40. stupid sorry i just hate the ending too sappy someone should actually die blood pooling and spreading like a crimson sea thats come to drown the souls of the sinners, the convicts, the murderers, and the guilty. and after the murderer should be wrecked with guilt having night terrors even the devil himself could not endure being haunted by images of a night he convinced himself never happend the bloody knife the only reminder of the crime hes commited to the point where he decideds he must ditch the knife in a river before carefully wiping away any prints that could tie him to the murder and fleeing the country with cops following the trail of falsified papers and forged passports he has created for himself who else would read soemthing like that.

  41. After reading comments on nearly every post on this site, I’ve came to the conclusion that most of the people commenting on these stories must make up the worlds population of literary geniuses… Right? No.

  42. If you understood Slender Man, then you would understand how and why he’s real. Search.

    Listen Closely.


    1. Do not encourage innocents to learn of the terror known as the Slender Man. It will put them in danger, as it did me. I did not believe in him, until recently. He haunts me, and will continue to do so until the day I die, which I am sure will be quite soon.

  43. Of course slendy aint real, i heard that peoples monds play with them so they see sightings of slendy but hes not really their, at first i thought i saw a face one time but it was fake, but slendy can be real, a person acting like him, a human being murderer using slendys looks

  44. This is stupid. . .
    There is no real fear, just a death battle that was written by an author that doesn’t know how to write.

  45. For those of u who don’t believe in slender man please look at the wood carvings dating bak hundreds of years. They depict a skelital figure having multiple long arms stabbing a man. Another was the same figure only this time he was grabbiing a child from his home. The myth is pulled out of someones ass. It started in germany about a fairy who lived in the black forest and he would take children who have done bad things.he was known as “der grobbman”. He would stalk them until they told there parents what they did wrong. Also adding on to the wood carvings they were done by a man whose carvings always depicted realism wheather it be in the human body or nature. Except for the ones depicting slenderman. Its up to u to believe

    1. there are alot of monsters in mythologies that steal children from their homes. its a statement showing how much children are cared for and how horrible it is for them.

      Stop trolling

      1. then show us proof he DOESN’T exist then you can do your part and disprove something non-existent or you fail and the believers are right just accept the possibility and then we can all be at peace

    2. Except that the person who posted those “wood carvings” on something awful admitted to photoshopping them and making it all up. Everything on that forum was made up. Which is amazing, and is the real reason that slender man is so scary. Because I know for a fact he is fake, but he still scares me. At least he did, until slender came out and a bunch of idiots decided to hijack the stories without even researching the origin. Now apparently he smiles.

  46. Another moral pasta about how the readers are actually the monsters, honestly it’s cliche and redundant. And Slenderman doesn’t smile…at all, ever.

    1. He does not smile, you are correct. Yet… there is something about him that makes me think that he is enjoying my insanity, and smiling within that wicked soul it has.

    1. it was not good, many notions of slenderman have changed from its original form, it is no longer scary, or thrilling and this story doesnt help it rise as the true scary monster he once was. oh well, onto the next fictional terrorizing character, that will one day be burnt out as well.

      1. Slenderman is real, or something like him. I know this from first hand honest to god (if god even exists) experience, years ago when I was a kid, LONG before I knew what slenderman was, I saw him, in my dream, it was a life-like walking dream, as if I was there, I saw him, and so did one of my friends, who had the exact same dream, I had never told him of mine. years later I heard about slenderman for the first time, I looked it up, and that was what I had seen.

        1. THIS IS not religiouspasta.
          P.S. I am living proof of slender man I am a lab created slenderman with the DNA from
          Jeff so those who deny me, you better watch your back

        2. Slender-Man doesn’t exist, he was just something a guy named Eric Knudsen made on Something Awful. Also, Experiments and creations from labs, like you so claim yourself to be, wouldn’t brag about their birthing. it’s too dangerous if it were true, even VIA internet. CIA, would have found you by now and taken you away erasing this comment.

    1. There are plenty of explanations for supposed ‘sightings’. 1. You want him to be there. You want to see him, so your mind tries to turn every knarly tree in the dead of night or when it’s mixed in the other trees into what you desire. 2. Mental issue, and/or a figment of the imagination. 3. Photoshop/publicity stunt.

    2. You people seem to forget: The idea of Slenderman was a made up story pulled out of someone’s ass. If he existed, all of us who have heard his name and seen his figure in a photo would be dead. It says not to think of him and pay him no mind. But once we indulge our imagination, even just slightly, in his inhuman form, that is paying him mind. I’m not dead, am I?

      1. Slender Man was not made up by some guy on Something Awful like everyone thinks. Reported sightings of him go back to the early 1900’s, and there were even stories of him going around elementary schools in the 90’s. Honestly, the guy who "invented" Slender Man just took those stories and added to them by adding tentacles and what not.

        I’m not saying he IS real, but I’m just stating that his stories have been around for a long time. I guess if you believe in demons, though, then Slender Man isn’t too far fetched, huh?

        1. Someone You Don't Need To Know

          Actually, sightings go back to Ancient times. Like a philosopher wrote about a tall skinny man taking his child.

        2. Look Slender the game came out and they needed a story behind it. A one where the players would believe it. They didn’t start in the 90’s that’s just part of the scam. Slender documentaries are just a story to get people to play the game. Just slender stories grew and became popular. Slender sightings and publicity sights too.

      2. Actually slendy was a German myth. He was originally called der GrobBman and he killed people to save them from a painful death.

      1. littleboyJimmy Timmy

        Slenderman is the coolest monster ever! He was also the most brilliant IDEA ever. It would be cool if he was real but the truth is… there are just to many explanations for what he is. Photoshop, Costumes, Stories, but that’s all it is. He is really cool, most people know deep down that he isn’t real. He is a great idea though! So everyone should keep it going, keep being creative with Slenderman! (your imagination can make things seem real too)

    3. Our neighbor, (I am not going to mention any names), a couple years ago he told my grandpa about something he saw in his yard. It was really tall, maybe taller than his truck, and it had eyes as big as apples and was lanky. It’s knees were backwards, so it was walking funny. And it was just hopping and scittering around the yard and kicking his dog (he said it was kicked clear across the yard). Another time he was coming home from work and it leaped right over his car and about caused him to wreck. Everyone thought he was crazy but I believed it (of course). So, I was just outside getting some straw for my dog back at the barn, and in the snow I saw a print that was shaped like a really big foot, I ignored it. Until I saw the toe print. I won’t be going back there anymore. (I posted this on Facebook so if this looks familiar to you…)

    4. Slender mans nice friend

      he is real he was eating my CAT 0_0 weird he was in my room 2 and he gave me a flower I LOVE U SLENDY

    5. your an idiot if you think the Slender Man is real. Use your brain, all of these stories are written here just to get a rise out of you. If you dumb to believe in it then maybe your to stupid to be on this website.

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