Don’t Look Away

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πŸ“… Published on April 25, 2017

"Don't Look Away"

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When a teenage girl tells her dad about a mysterious figure staring at her, all her father can say is: “DON’T LOOK AWAY.”

-Finalist in Annual Cinema Los Angeles Film Festival 2018!
-Preselected for Washington Film Festival 2018!
-Official Selection in DAMN! Film Series Festival 2017!

Produced by CACox97.


Venna good do your makeup and do what
that told you to do
I’m not mowing the lawn gin but mom’s
visiting and dad wants the house spic
and span yeah well I already vacuumed
both our rooms so how about you get some
shit done okay hey here bitch you know
you’re becoming a lot like mom I always
slamming doors in men’s faces go away
all right well whatever dad’s gonna be
home soon it’s gonna rain in a few
minutes oh yeah too late anyway
hello hey Savannah hey I won’t be home
for another hour so just tell your
brother to mow the lawn tomorrow your
mom will probably be there soon anyways
yeah dad when is mom supposed to get
here again 4:30 her she’ll probably be
early okay cuz there’s a weird man
standing outside our window staring at
man um he’s like wearing a dirty suit
with like a black tie and he has like a
bag over his head with chains
he looks really creepy don’t just listen
to me and do not look away from and tell
your brother to lock the doors I’ll be
there soon Jim listen to me very
carefully yo Jim lock all the doors in
the house now wow you really don’t want
to mouth Jimmy just shut up and lock all
the doors in the house why what are you
no no you idiot Oh what the hell is that
you can see it too
yeah it could be soot guy is staring at
okay whatever you do don’t look away
why because dad called and I told him
about it and that’s what he said don’t
look away he didn’t explain why okay
wait oh so what’s going on I don’t know
okay just stay here I’m gonna go lock
all the doors wait aren’t you supposed
to stay here and look at it I think if
one of us is looking at it it’s fine
just stay here is it still there yep and
nothing’s changed your stupid asshole I
told you not to look away I didn’t look
away yes you did otherwise that would
still be there it is still there you
have to lie to me all the time span I’m
not lying to you it is still there for
well why do you see it but I don’t I
don’t know me because you’ve looked away
where did it go okay what is that gonna
get here Savannah Savannah talk to me
it sees us we can’t move what if it
isn’t able to see us at all
what do you mean like shut its eyes
well did it work I don’t know is it
still out there for you yes okay don’t
look away from yours I’m calling dad
dad what the hell was that what’s going
on I’m sorry sweetie I’ll tell you all
about it tomorrow no you’re telling me
right now I don’t even know how to
explain it it all started when I first
met your mother it followed us even
after you two were born I tried to
ignore it but now it’s going after you
shit shit shit
what what it’s not there what’s not
there no that the one that I was looking
at I had to look away when it attacked
I had to you told me there was only one
yes when Jim went to go look at it – I
told him not to look away while I went
to go lock all the doors and he never
looked away and then it showed up in
here yes when you look away it gets
closer because Jim was watching him when
you left it made another so there’s
another one where your mother’s here

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