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Patient #0017983

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1.) ADMISSION FORM, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/18/05 15:12
Involuntary admittance requested by patient’s relatives in response to apparent self-destructive behavior cycle. Self-harm evident in physical exam: signs of past abrasions on head and neck, apparently due to self-inflicted scratching, and both fresh and partially-closed surface lacerations on arms and legs. Signs of extreme fatigue also evident – in examination patient admitted insomnia for, as quoted, “longer than you’d believe.” Patient unable to give exact time for length of insomnia, likely due to extended period of insomnia itself. Confusion and moderate delerium evident. PRELIMINARY MEDICATION ISSUED: Triazolam 0.25mg for insomnia, topical Bacitracin for wound care.

2.) ADMISSION EVALUATION, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/18/05 16:56
PERFORMED BY: Dr. Emil Lafayette. Self-harm confirmed. Patient removed dressings from arm lacerations, reopened wound while waiting for interviewer. Definite evidence of somniphobia in patient justifications for harm; patient refers to sleep with anxiety, and consistently acts against self to cause pain in response to lengthy periods of silence or other lack of stimuli. Issue of insomnia needs immediate attention, given evidence of exceedingly prolonged duration. Likewise possible agoraphobia. Patient requests an isolated bed, becomes withdrawn/agitated when request is denied, refuses to cooperate further with interview. Offers vague suggestion of hostile “other” in justification, but will not elaborate, as quoted, “because you’re not going to believe she exists until she hurts someone anyway.” Evidence for likely paranoid schizophrenia. Recommend further interview with full psychological spectrum testing for exact diagnosis. FINAL RECOMMENDATION: ADMIT PATIENT. PRELIMINARY MEDICATION ISSUED: Cancel Triazolam, instead 5mg Diazepam twice daily for insomnia, anxiety, and probable sleep disorders.

3.) FINAL ADMITTANCE REPORT, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/18/05 17:13
Patient issued bed in Room 409. Current occupant(s): Patient #0017802, Patient #0017983. Clothes from admission remanded to family of patient, three sets of common dress issued for immediate needs. Further psych eval scheduled for 10:00 11/19/05, determining future length of stay.

4.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/18/05 17:30
During routine new patient room check, Patient #0017802 places request with staff for transfer to, as quoted, “some other room.” Appears agitated, claims Patient #0017983 has been disturbing him. Patient #0017983 likewise requests transfer, to isolated bed. Both requests denied. ORDERLY NOTE: Followup room check suggested to avoid possible intrapatient conflict.

5.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/18/05 19:00
Followup room check. Patient #0017983 claims Dr. Lafayette has ordered him moved to Isolation. Patient #0017802 backs claim. Administration records demonstrate no such order. Upon informing room occupants, Patient #0017983 attempts to assault staff and Patient #0017802 becomes uncontrollably agitated. Additional personnel required to contain incident. Both patients restrained, sedated, forced into early lights out. ORDERLY NOTE: Exercise caution in all future room checks for 409.

6.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/18/05 23:57
Staff on Hall 1, Floor 4 report loud sounds from room 409 after facility lights out, disturbing other rooms and patients. Patient #0017983 found awake, extremely agitated and struggling against restraints. Demands lights be turned back on, as quoted, “before she comes.” Self-sustained injuries to wrists and ankles at points of restraint. Patient attempts to struggle against staff during trade to more comprehensive restraint, requiring additional personnel to contain incident. Additional sedation required for Patient #0017983. Patient #0017802 does not respond during course of event, likely due to sedation from earlier incident. ORDERLY NOTE: Maintain restraints on Patient #0017983 until further notice. Sedate patient before removing restraints for any reason. Recommend anti-psychotic be considered in future psych eval.

7.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/19/05 00:20
Staff on Hall 1, Floor 4 again report loud sounds from room 409. Patient #0017983 found catatonic on floor, with severe self-inflicted scratches on head and neck. Restraints are severed at connection points, with severe bruising on limbs possibly indicating more severe injury at restraint points with patient. Patient #0017802 is found deceased. Severe disfiguring wounds to face, complete with destruction (ORDERLY NOTE: Ingestion?) of patient’s eyes. Moved to room 101, locker 2, awaiting autopsy. Patient #0017983 transfered to Isolation, room 626, given injected dose of 100mg Zuclopenthixol on attending physician’s orders to control acute psychosis. ORDERLY NOTE: Recommend video observation to allow better control of future outbursts. Stay at least an arm’s length away from patient upper body restraints at all times. Just in case.


8.) AUTOPSY REPORT, PATIENT #0017802 – 11/19/05 09:44
PERFORMED BY: Dr. Julius Tweed. Ragged lacerations prominent around subject’s head and neck, increasing in severity and depth on the regions of the face itself – at several points, the flesh is cut to the bone. More disconcertingly, subject’s eyes appear to be violently removed from their sockets and are missing. CAUSE OF DEATH: Exsanguination from wounds. FINAL JUDGEMENT: Homicide. CORONER NOTE: Recommend consideration of Patient #0017983 as dangerous to staff and facility residents. Urge continued maintenance of restraints and isolation from contact with others in patient population. Also recommend digestive endoscopy to determine fate of missing tissues for staff cohesion purposes – orderlies from Floor 4 suspect cannibalism, promise to refuse Isolation shifts until such belief is disproven.

9.) MEDICAL REPORT, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/19/05 10:07
PERFORMED BY: Dr. Antoinus Cayle. Patient is cooperative, if withdrawn, during examination. No outbursts or threats. Current drug regimen appears effective. No unusual tissue or objects discovered in digestive endoscopy. Radiology tests discover hairline fractures in tibia, fibula of right leg. Severe abrasions evident on skin of restraint points, also head and neck, necessitating topical treatment. Troubling instability in vitals – BP is acutely elevated, pulse rapid and weak for patient’s size. Extended stress from anxiety, elevated mood, and insomnia likely cause. PHYSICIAN NOTE: Patient must sleep to begin recovery process. Recommend elevated dosage of Diazepam to encourage this result. Firm contact-point restraints not recommended for this patient due to risk of further injury. Full-body restraint must be considered as alternative.

10.) PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/19/05 10:39
PERFORMED BY: Dr. George Tulling. Definite evidence indicating disassociation of identity from actions. Patient expresses remorse for death of Patient #0017802, yet refuses to admit responsibility for actions in said event. Instead externalizes blame into antagonistic female “other.” Same figure, apparently referenced in prior evaluation, seems to be central actor in patient’s paranoid psychosis. Behavior and actions of said “other” justified through magical thinking, despite recognition of depicted individual’s illogically-defined capabilities to sustain reported antagonism. As quoted, “I don’t know, you don’t know, and she doesn’t care.” Patient requests observation of room be terminated, grows agitated when request is denied, makes threats, refuses to continue interview. DIAGNOSIS: Paranoid schizophrenia manifesting in somniphobia, violent psychosis, and disassociative episodes. MEDICATION ISSUED: Up dosage for Diazepam to 10mg twice daily, on 11/24/05 begin issuing 2.5mg doses of Haloperidol twice daily for psychosis. INTERVIEWER NOTE: Utilize patient observation protocols and ward rounds to check for possible drug interaction effects, followup immediately if found or on 11/30/05 otherwise.

11.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/19/05 14:32
During standard rounds Patient #0017983 requests that observation of room be terminated. Warns staff of perceived threat inherent in observation protocol. When request is denied, begins struggling against restraints and screaming warnings to staff, observation camera operator regarding disassociative, antagonistic “other.” ACTING PHYSICIAN NOTE: Reject recommendations from orderlies to sedate Patient #0017983 unless medically or procedurally sound. Sedatives are not a safety blanket. ORDERLY NOTE: They say this guy is at his sedative limit, and he was nearly pulling his bed off its bolts. Use double staff if at all possible when dealing with him. Whatever’s in his head… it’s strong.

12.) STAFF COMMUNICATIONS – 11/19/05 16:53
FROM: Charles McKinney – Head of Patient Care Division
TO: Patient Care Staff List
SUBJECT: RE:FWD:Patient #0017983

This has officially gone far enough. I did not intervene in this matter before, because I was under the impression that the men and women under my supervision were beyond such things as this, but circumstances have proven me to be mistaken and I will not allow these rumors to progress any further. The only thing “wrong” with Patient #0017983 is that he is seriously ill and dependent upon us for care and assistance in his recovery. He is not the first patient with explosive episodes we have treated, he is not even the only one currently in our facility, and he will not be the last. It thus pains me to discover that one singular breach of safety, which WAS properly addressed by facility protocol, has left my staff whispering superstitions to one another and accepting the delusions of our patient as truth. We are better than this. There are indeed risks inherent in this profession, risks we all knew about upon assuming it, but that is the burden we bear to render aid to those who find themselves in our beds.

Until otherwise noted I will not approve of any shift changes from scheduled Isolation hours. Our staff counselors are always available during standard hours for those who need to consult with someone in light of the recent event and associated workplace anxiety. It is a fringe benefit of working in mental health, and I suggest anyone having difficulties make use of it. This matter is closed, and I want to hear no further mention of it. As previously stated, I expected more from all of you.
– Charles

13.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/19/05 20:44
During standard rounds Patient #0017983 requests that lights be left on after scheduled lights out time. After consultation with attending physician and therapist, request granted. Room check proceeds uneventfully until staff move to depart, at which point request is made for observation to be terminated. Upon denial of request, patient instead requests for lights to be doused as usual. Request granted. Another request is made, now for red-bulb sleep lights to be doused during scheduled lights out time. Patient understands that low-level light is necessary for room observation – as quoted, “that’s why I want them off.” Warns observation camera operator against Her. Attending therapist denies request. Sorry Jacob…


14.) STAFF COMMUNICATIONS – 11/19/05 21:12
FROM: Dr. Emil Lafayette
TO: Patient Care Staff List
SUBJECT: Lights in 626

I happened to notice tonight while in final checks that the sleep lights in Isolation 626 were turned off after standard rounds – without my knowledge, or consent. As I am sure you are all aware, this is a SEVERE breach of facility protocol. When video observation of a patient is recommended and approved, there is a reason for such a decision to be made. Patient #0017983 has violent episodes and MUST be monitored to minimize the risk of him causing further harm to his already precarious physical state. You have ABSOLUTELY NO authority to override decisions made by the medical personnel of this, or any other, facility. NONE.

I have been hearing talk around the halls that some of you are AFRAID of this man. He is bound to a bed, under the highest sedation we can medically provide, and both physically and mentally suffering from acute fatigue. Do you also jump at shadows? Regardless of the reason, I will NOT permit untrained orderlies to begin interfering in the care provided to our patients. If such an event occurs again, I will inform Mr. McKinney and see the entire night’s orderly staff barred from the premises. Do I make myself clear?
– Dr. Emil Lafayette MD, FACEP, MHSC

15.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/19/05 23:27
[PATIENT #0017983, NAME REDACTED] won’t stop screaming. It just won’t stop. Hours of it. It echoes in my ears, in my skull. Whenever he’s coherent he begs us to turn the camera off, or the lights off, or just make everything go away. I’m sorely tempted, poor [SOFTWARE CENSORED], but Doc Lafayette pulled Jacob from observation and is watching everyone from the video room for the rest of his shift thanks to Michael’s business with the lights earlier. Last I saw of him, he was headed for the elevator with his jacket saying he “just can’t do this to my kids.” I don’t know why I’m here anymore. I just keep staring up at the cameras. Is that [SOFTWARE CENSORED] busier watching his patient, or us?

I’d only need one needle to stop the screaming…

16.) WARD EVENT REPORT – 11/20/05 00:01
It stopped. Just… stopped. No one’s willing to check why. I think [PATIENT #0017983, NAME REDACTED] is gone. I pray She is gone.

17.) STAFF COMMUNICATIONS – 11/20/05 00:04
FROM: Dr. Emil Lafayette
TO: All
SUBJECT: Patient #0017983 AGAIN

i will be good mommy
please not the belt please


hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD aND
we. all. fall. down.

18.) ADMISSION EVALUATION, PATIENT #0017986 – 11/20/05 9:25
PERFORMED BY: Dr. George Tulling. Former staff. Patient discovered in locked observation room setting fire to equipment and recordings. Attempted suicide in flames before rescue by staff. Claims to be antagonized by same female “other” as former Patient #0017983. Possibly involved in death of said resident. If so, evidence obvious for disassociation of self from actions. Likely paranoid schizophrenia. Patient will not respond to further questions – as quoted, “Don’t go looking for her. She’ll find you.” FINAL RECOMMENDATION: ADMIT PATIENT. PRELIMINARY MEDICATION ISSUED: 2.5mg doses of Haloperidol twice daily for schizophrenic psychosis.

19.) STAFF COMMUNICATIONS – 11/20/05 9:36
FROM: Dr. George Tulling
TO: Charles McKinney – Head of Patient Care Division
SUBJECT: I’ve just heard.

Seal him in Isolation, wait Her out, cremate both bodies. As far as the relatives are concerned, Patient #0017983 died in the fire set by Lafayette in committing suicide. That’s all anyone needs to know.

Let’s just hope the rest of us don’t wind up needing time in these beds as well.

This was found on /x/ by forums member PastaLover, so the author is unknown. If you are or know of the original author, please contact me if you wish to have credit or want the story removed.

ETA: Source seems to be here.


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226 thoughts on “Patient #0017983”

  1. Did anyone notice the save me, kill me, and stop me in amongst all of the help mes? Any who, very good creepypasta chilled my spone,.

  2. i only had one problem. under no circumstance in a psychiatric facility will they ever prescribe that a patient be both chemically and physically restrained. that is true among all psychiatric hospitals

  3. I think I stopped breathing for a minute there. Fantastic pasta. I like that it leaves who She is to the imagination, is it a demon? In his mind? Some other supernatural entity? I like it. I was creeped out. Its subtle, not an argh theres monsters kind of way. Creepy Pasta needs more like this.

  4. I really am curious as to whom this “she” is. Some people “seem” to know and are being obstinate assholes about it to those who don’t. I am usually quite perceptive, especially when it comes to reading creepypastas, and even I am not sure.

    Unless it’s just some regular psycho story about people who let something imaginary get too deeply rooted into their heads. In which it was good, yes, but incredibly cliche.

  5. Here’s an explanation by a guy on a blog who says he wrote the story.


    “It spread to Lafayette because he was in the observation room looking through the cameras at everything going on, and thus got to see the “intruder” in 626. I didn’t want to describe the nature of the ghost/curse overtly in the records, but I tried to make it clear through the records and “Patient Zero” testimony that she doesn’t like being seen. Dr. Lafayette watched her kill her original target, and thus became the next target. Same as the poor random dude in the first room with “Patient Zero,” who died simply because he was there when she showed up that midnight.

    “I was trying to go Lovecraftian in that – I enjoy the motif of harmful sensation”

  6. Okay, fuck I’ve been thinking about this story forever trying to figure out who the girl is and why Tulling says to “wait her out and burn both bodies.” I think, Tulling must be crazy and then I get it. Tulling is also crazy, right? He sees the girl now and is trying to get rid of her.

  7. I find this pasta quite boring actually it just kind of went on and on and I lost track of who was who because it was poorly written I mean its just my opinion but I didn’t find this at all good I mean this is just my opinion but it sucked

  8. I love this kind of writing.
    it’s different and seeing the proffessional edge in the words give away to fear was a wonderful touch.
    I’d love to read more by this author!

  9. Really great pasta, expertly written, but i felt like the payoff wasnt all that creepy. The bildup gave me more.

  10. VERY tasty pasta! Felt like it was missing something though. Methinks it needs a little more salt.
    And was anyone else reminded of an SCP File?

  11. Miss Goodbones

    Mm, yes. This did give me a feeling of missing something. Perhaps another entry. I suppose that the author did mean to do that. I enjoyed this.

  12. Jones Tereka Seasight

    Woah…this was awesome! It had a very…medical, sort of feel to it.

    I think they might have drawn this out a bit, though, and amplified the unease and general wierd feelings in the…wherever this takes place, but considering that this is told through reports and such, the ability to do so would have been rather limited.

    Still, this was most epikal! ^^ Very cool, kudos to the author.

  13. This was really great pasta. It reminds me (as stated by previous posters) of FEAR and the audio logs almost make me think DOOM 3. I feel like I missed something at one, point, but still, flawless format and execution. 10/10

  14. Some of the best pasta I’ve had so far. Mmm. This was great, I hope to find more good stuff on here :D

  15. very good story, as others have said, I’d have loved to hear a version of this story from the patients point of view. my only complaint is it felt like the ending went to quickly (which is weird seeing as how long of a pasta this is) but you had a slow steady pace for most of the story, and it seems like you just ended it quickly, but still that adds the mystery. 9/10

  16. love this one!!!!

    Dude, I was so confused by this one, but is was frickin’ awesome!!!!!!! I loved it somuch, it was delish! i mean, im confused but i kinda get it and i love it so much but who was the lady that all the schitzo’s were afraid of? it was probably some demon type- thing

  17. @Kerhwin, congratulations, you can add! 4+0+9 indeed is equal to 13! Next we’ll move on to multiplication, then maybe you can finally move up to the 4th grade next year! No one pointed it out because it serves no purpose. Its like pointing this out:

    Dr. Emit Lafayette
    Initials: E.L.
    5 and 12 are part of a Pythagorean triple (a^2+b^2=c^2)
    Insert the numbers and 5^2+12^2=x^2

    See? It doesn’t mean anything, just like above. Just a pointless coincidence.

  18. Very tasty pasta. Loved how all the docs ending up backpedaling their shit when they realized something actually was going on.

  19. Very tasty pasta. Love how the docs ended up backpedaling their shit when they realized something actually was going on.

  20. This is my favourite Creepypasta and the best so far I have readed.
    It is very disturbing because you can\’t know any details from the case, since they are simply reports.

  21. The whole amount of parts being left out “like what exactly SHE was” were built into the story… In my opinon make it a lot scarier.

  22. The whole amount of parts being left out “like what exactly SHE was” were built into the story… In my opinon make it a lot scarier.

  23. I just got why \"she\" was so scary. \"She\" is like a dementor-pardon my Harry Potter reference-she made the doctor remember the bad parts of her childhood. And instead of screaming it, she typed it. And I think the \"we.all.fall.down. thing is saying that everyone will descend into madness. Either because of \"she\" or from guilt for burning the doctor alive. And people who think they missed something, it was probably when \"she\" spread.

  24. Cool story until….

    i will be good mommy
    please not the belt please

    hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD aND
    we. all. fall. down.”

    Then shit just got retarded. Anyone ever look at the writing of a schizophrenic before? It’s a lot scarier than that.

  25. holy shit. remind me never to go insane lest i get a room-mate like him/her/them. some really freaky shit. glad parts were left out. left imagination going “what the fuck just happened?!?!?!?!”

  26. Room 409. 4 + 0 + 9 = 13.
    Over a years worth of comments, and not one person noticed this.
    You are honestly all moronic.

  27. Great pasta, but i agree with most posters here, Why do i feel like I missed something? a few more chapters of explanation would have been fantastic, like the progression of Dr. Lafayettes’ psychosis would have been awesome. Over a 9/10 great job.

  28. Ok usually I would just read the story, comments (roll my eyes at a few) and move on to the next one.

    However in this case it needs to be said: NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE EXPLAINED! For god sakes that’s what made this story truly disturbing! It was almost like you were there. I could imagine everything in my head like a movie as if I was right there the whole time.

    Let me ask you this: If you were one of the orderlies would you automatically know who “she” is? No you wouldn’t. We don’t need an “all knowing” narrator! What made it seem so creepy and so real is that we (the readers) were as clueless about “her” as the characters in the story!

    And another thing: When Lafayette started typing “ohgod
    i will be good mommy
    please not the belt please

    hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD aND
    we. all. fall. down.” Did anyone stop and think that maybe just maybe that person was possessed and “she” was making them type that?

    Ok done ranting. I loved this story. Very creepy. A+++

  29. OMFG! That was the most …. MID-EVIL … story i’ve read in a realy long time! That guy is freaken insane…. how is this guy able to keep going for that [ SOFTWARE CENSORED] long. who ever wrote this… I solute you.

  30. I told myself this is the last story I’d read tonight and this is a brilliant place to stop. This was amazing. I don’t want to gripe at all, but I do agree with whoever said there should be another post between 18 and 19. The quick change of pace threw me off a little.

    Regardless, probably the best pasta I’ve read so far.

  31. I thought this was kind of dragging, boring, and in a confusing format at first. However, I presevered and continued eating the pasta. And my eating paid off. This is a very delicious, unique interpretation of a cliched idea. Would definitely order again.

    However, I agree w/ Haley; The, ” we. all. fall. down. ” bit was quite reminiscent of My Chemical Romance to me. Still good though, except I don’t really understand the, ” i will be good mommy
    please not the belt please, ” part. Reminds me of Disturbed – Down with the Sickness.

  32. InterviewthVamp

    Absolutly brillant and very chilling. Reminds me a bit of Hannibal Lector with the whole eye ingestion thing. lololol

  33. A very entertaining story except for the botch on article 17. Would you really continue typing if a creature was physically and mentally tormenting you? But other than that, fantastic. 10/10

  34. hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD This written without Caps Lock on looks like this:
    He Is Dead I Am Dead She Is Dead We Are Dead

    Do you understand? It’s an outstanding story. 9/10.

    Fear the Darkness


  35. i started reading this and immediately thought of Asylum 626. I think I even saw the number 626 in there somewhere….

  36. The way the reports are used reminded me of the audio logs from Doom 3. I kept sort of hearing each one in my head like they were being spoken aloud, but not as they were written.
    For example,
    “ADMISSION EVALUATION, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/18/05 16:56 PERFORMED BY: Dr. Emil Lafayette.” became
    “Audio log of Dr. Emil Lafayette, November eighteenth, two-thousand five. Current time is… four fifty-six PM. Alright… *coughs/clears throat* Results of admission evaluation for patient number zero zero one seventy-nine eighty-three.”

  37. Self-induced-madness

    That has to be the most beautifully written fake medical horror story ever. Whoever wrote this must have an amazingly extent vocabulary…

  38. hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD aND

    Caps letters spell:




    what is this i dont even

  39. I’m under the impression that “She” was the patient’s abusive mother. From…

    i will be good mommy
    please not the belt please

    hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD

  40. wow… uh… whoever is anonymous… 1) you need to learn how to spell. 2) you need to learn how to speak. and 3) read the story and you don’t need to ask who is the “Crazy Bitch” because storys tell all they need to tell, if he doesn’t tell you, then he won’t ever tell you. but to mention that, the “Crazy Bitch” is the person ” you will not beleive exists until she hurts someone”…

  41. tl;dr
    The only reason that I didn’t read it was because, It seemed way to sterile for me to actually get into. If I wanted to read a medical chart, which I don’t, I would.

  42. Really liked it, but the “help me” part was kinda stupid. Other than that, it’s pretty legit. It makes me want to write a back story. Kudos.

  43. Nice storyline, great plot devices, and the idea of a female unknown force trying to get somebody is pretty awesome

  44. bonjour petite anus

    As someone who’s involved in the medical field this was laughable. The terminology is all wrong even though the medications were plausible. I couldn’t take it seriously but I’m sure a lay person could.


    Honestley? The medical terms were hard for me to keep up with, and the numbers for the patients confused me. While those setbacks were distracting, I was able to overcome these minor problems. It was interesting and well written, but I knew where the story was going. I got a kind of “THE RING, IF YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS, YOU DIE!” effect. But it was still a great piece, overrall.

    Honestly, I don’t get scared by creepypasta. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    I wonder if “Her” was just mass hysteria. It sounds like it could be, but still, there’s something “paranormal” about this. I think I get this. However… As someone asked prior to my comment…


  46. i don’t know. This pasta left a weird taste in my mouth….i did not enjoy it as much as i thought it would.
    Still, great effort, keep it up


    Kinda reminded of Vault 92 from Fallout 3 with the white-noise which drove everyone insane with a mix of Dead Space here and there.

  48. this pasta was perfect.
    i love how it was confusing and not well explained, because if this were real, it wouldnt be.

  49. I didn’t think this was as great as everyone is saying it is. Written well but confusing and not well explained.

  50. well written pasta and darn the medical terms boo I was like is the writer a doctor? waha Im a nurseeee

  51. Very nice. The internal memo format is pulled off without a hitch. The menace is left just vague enough to present a real feeling of fear.

  52. Meticulous execution. Well done, for the most part. The “heLPme…” portion made the overall presentation less believable, however.

    It is also a very long read, and the ending barely justified the whole duration, but perhaps this added to the suspense.

  53. Shit pasta. 3/10, and that’s being generous. The whole “helpme” part that was supposed to be scary was just stupid and even kind of humerous. Not only that, but it didn’t even make sense. Why would she take the time to type all that on her keyboard? Shit pasta, plain and simple.

  54. Very good. Patients being refered to by numbers and random medical stuff was getting pretty painful by the end, but it was very good.

  55. nicee, make a short movie of it, just kinda like each medical report be a segment of the movie, some from the eyes of the patients and have Dr. Laffayette quietly mumbling her helpmehelpmekillmestopme

  56. I, for one, did not like it. The beginning, where all they used were numbers to identify the patients, was extremely annoying. I tend to skim numbers when reading and since they were so similar, it caused me to get confused at times and have to reread a lot of it (adding to its length). Then they went and spent a crap load of time talking about turning the lights off and on and cameras off and on, and in the end… nothing! It was totally irrelevant. Basically, those parts felt like a waste of time that took a decent story and streched it out into a waste of time. This actually makes me want to reread the story, however, due to its length and all the wasted text, I am turned off.

    “hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE etc.”, that actually reminds me of “I Am the Walrus” by The Beatles, “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

  57. Very nicely done, kind that leaves you wanting more. I love how “she” was sort of an infectious entity.

  58. @ REexpert44:

    I love you for that comment..
    Silent Hill is like pasta in the flesh. OH MY GOD, I thought of that creepy “thing wearing mommy’s skin” pasta.. :'(

    But back to this pasta..
    This has got to be one of my favorites.
    I love when pastas are written in journal form like this. (I know it isn’t journal, but you get what I mean.)

    DELICIOUS pasta.

  59. I liked this pasta alot… but
    “hE iS dEAD i aM dEAD sHE iS dEAD wE aRE dEAD aND
    we. all. fall. down.”
    sounds like a My Chemical Romance song… Like ‘Dead!’ and ‘It’s Not a Fashion Statement…”

  60. language was hard, but it was creepy as hell. good plot, not much was told, but it was enough. One of my faves.

  61. “They say he went quiet and no one checked on him, then he’s deceased (they say “former patient”), then he’s alive again at the very end (since they have to lie about him dying in the first fire)? Does he turn into the woman or something?”

    First patient died, then a doctor went nuts and has same delusions about “her”. Then they start to believe “she” is real and decide to kill the mad doctor and “her” when she materializes (“wait her out”). They can’t say they burned the doctor alive, so they lie and tell they all died earlier when the doctor attempted suicide by fire.

    Or the original patient wasn’t really dead, which doesn’t make sense as there would be a report of false death.

  62. I feel like i missed something… maybe i ddint pay close enough attention. Would someone mind explaining it to me?

  63. Wow. That was some–for the lack of anything better to say– creepy pasta. You really do live up to the website’s name. Mmm…. hopefully “she” doesn’t take any more pasta from me.


  64. Absolutely amazing. Very good arrangement to prey on specific phobias. (Doctors, mind altering drugs, fire, losing one’s mind)


  65. I LOVE THIS! Best pasta in a long time, I wish they were all this good.

    Only thing I’m confused on is what happened to the patient. They say he went quiet and no one checked on him, then he’s deceased (they say “former patient”), then he’s alive again at the very end (since they have to lie about him dying in the first fire)? Does he turn into the woman or something?

  66. That was tasty, tasty pasta. The medical report format of it added a hell of a lot of authenticity. A++, would read again.

  67. so…awesome…!!! loved it! the hospital report setup makes you just… idk how to explain it! so awesome! loved the part:
    we. all. fall. down.

  68. Very tasty pasta!!!

    But “She” couldn’t have been that scary if Lafeyette still had the sense to type out “O MY GOD!! heLPmehELpmehElpmehelpMeHelpmeHelpmEheLpmehElpmehelPmehelpmeHelpmeh

  69. Awesome pasta, and really creepy too. But the fact that the creator of it…. well, that freaked me out too, considering.. yeah. >__>;;
    But I love the feeling that this is, in fact, a medical report. Whoever wrote it knows his/her shit.
    Thumbs up!

  70. The idea that the “female other” was ‘spread’ like a disease, but by thinking about her, reminds me of a J-horror I watched once, Kansen. It was pretty cool, but like many J-horrors it had a confusing ending.

  71. O MY GOD!! heLPmehELpmehElpmehelpMeHelpmeHelpmEheLpmehElpmehelPmehelpmeHelpmeh

  72. I’m in a psychology course so I was reading this pasta and freaking out because I’ve learned a lot of this stuff, so I KNOW that this dude should have been half-dead from those meds and not freaking out, lunging at orderlies. And with the way the last one went, the way the guy said “Cremate the bodies” and “Wait Her out” was creepy. He knew something was going on…

  73. I don’t get it
    What the FUCK is “she”
    Is this just an infectious lunacy?
    Or is it more of a paranormal being
    It leaves way too much unexplained, still creepy but not too good of a story

  74. man, the medical stuff sounds like this guy knows what he is talking about (i am a nurse). that made it extra creepy and delicious.

  75. I actually like the felling you missed something. It keeps up with the concept it is a medical report so you don’t know the background and it makes your mind play with the story because you think about it so much it sticks with you. The only thing that hints towards supernatural is that schizophrenics do not think they “sound crazy” and they also tend to think that everyone is aware or their delusion. The last entry from Dr Lafayette is particularly sticking with me because A) the mommy thing is great! Was it something from the doctors past or a clue to why “she” is doing all this? and
    B) the capitalization seems to be some form of cryptology that I’m looking into to see if it was written with some kind of clue to what is going on.

  76. This is one of the best pastas I’ve read in a long time. While not of that short and sweet creepy OH SHI– variety, it was a truly entertaining read. I loved the format, and the presentation and suspense was top notch. I was hoping for just a little more description of this “She” person, though it’s probably better that it’s left vague. And finally, the ending did not disappoint. Nicely wrapped up.

  77. Sir Shoop Whoopington

    wow, thats was frightening…
    fuck you guy, seriously, im not ging to be ble to sleep tonight now

  78. This seems familiar because it seems like more or less a fanfiction of the main character, Kyle Walsh, from the film Darkness Falls. This story sounds like Walsh’s stay in a mental facility(not mentioned in the actual film), with Walsh dying instead of living on to be the protagonist in DF. Still some tasty pasta though. :D

  79. Good stuff all around; I love that the conclusion (and the nature of the “other” as either a figment of psychosis or a supernatural entity) was left open to interpretation, though I agree with the earlier comment that the onslaught of the doctor’s dimentia was a bit abrupt if there were no superhuman forces at play here.

  80. best pasta in a long time. would’ve liked a little explanation for “Her,” but the mystery works well enough. also, fantastically written. MMMM DELICIOUS.

  81. blackneonsharpie

    Well, it’s nice to see we all agree that it was a good pasta. I think this is the first story I’ve seen people agree in since the originals were posted.

    It was a good pasta, well written, well thought out, all that good stuff. But why in the world do I feel like I TOTALLY missed something?

  82. Someone should encourage /x/ to write a backstory to this, just as nicely done, but from patient #########’s perspective.

  83. Feaster of Fear

    You know what? I liked this one a lot, and I mean A LOT.

    I think we all have a propensity…..a disposition if you will, towards violence. I found it absolutely wonderful that the author has personified this uncontrollable rage as a female entity of a supposed psychotic delusion. On the other hand, what could have attracted the negativity necessary for such a force, be it paranormal or simply psychopathological, to become so violent and, furthermore, infectious? THAT is the issue that made this pasta truly delicious.

    After all, imagine for a moment that “she” exists in the confines of YOUR subconscious. If only for a moment, place yourself in a position of that vulnerability…..truly, undeniably chilling.

  84. Really good stuff. Reminded me a little of an SCP report. “Her” effect on Lafayette seemed rushed, though – one minute he’s scientific and sober, the next he’s losing his shit on the orderlies and then lapses straight into psychotic babbling? (And, come to think of it, we didn’t really have any context about that – like, no prior mention of abuse or anything.) For such a long pasta, it should really have been a more gradual, frightening buildup.

    The overall progression was nice, though. Changing from professional to more colloquial notes as the days stretched on was cool.

  85. It reminds me a lot of Dead Space.

    0017986 is Lafayette, right? I feel like there needs to be another post in between 18 and 19. What caused Tulling to change his mind?

  86. Wow, I actually got genuinley creeped out by this one. And I’m surprised, I tottally expected it to end in a ‘Witness!’ type of ending.

  87. Love the whole “hospital reports” setup. The interspersed extra “messages” in the helpmehelpme section (like “saveme” “killme” and “stopme” were nicely chilling).

    1. I couldn’t agree more Master Kenobi, thank you Sensei. XD

      But yeah, excellent job to the author and anyone else involved… now if only these pastas would have their own “Creepypasta Storytime” book; then I wouldn’t mind working for 10 hours without a break in order to make like $50 to buy the book… it’d be worth it.


      1. Lol, I was wondering if I was the only one who found that, it was really cool, just realized all of these comments area from seven years ago, that’s funny

    1. Casey James Shular

      I’m with you dude who was the creepy bitch!!!??? Maybe she is the wife he murmured and that’s why he’s in an asylum!?

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