Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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The Lost Transmissions of Captain William Brinkman


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    Hello, is this damn thing on, how in the hell…


    This is Captain William Brink….


    Ok, got it. This is Captain William Brinkman of Boson Fleet Nova transmitting. We’re on an exploration and retrieval mission for Tula 13. We’re scheduled to arrive on the planet in thirty days, but in the last fifteen hours we’ve encountered major problems. We’ve lost twenty percent of our fuel, and there’s only enough food for fourteen more days. Even if we stretch it, it won’t be enough. Someone will starve to death. And…


    End Boson Fleet Nova transmission 30.


    This is Captain William Brinkman transmitting for record. Sometime during our sleep zone, pilot Randall Cummings suffered an abnormally heightened case of space psychosis. Essentially, Mr. Cummings went crazy. He disabled seventy percent of the ships functioning capabilities before killing Dr. Ivan Scolar and the ships co-pilot, Debra Yin. Debbie’s screams are what woke us out of our sleep. We found Mr. Cummings stabbing her in her bed. Me, Major Cole and our ecologist, Juna Sax, restrained him, but it was too late for Debbie; we couldn’t stop the bleeding. She died in my arms minutes later. During our restraint of Mr. Cummings, he hit his head on the corner of the bed rail causing a deep gash. We tried to treat it, but…


    The ship is forty percent operational right now but the MES operational machine is still out. It would have been able to perform the surgery needed to save Mr. Cummings. We decided, as a crew, that one of us needed to put him out of his misery. After some uncomfortable bickering, I volunteered. I tried to make it as quick and painless as possible, holding a pillow down over his face until he was no longer…


    End Boson Fleet Nova transmission 31

    Captain William Brinkman transmitting for record. In twenty minutes we’ll be in the middle of an asteroid storm the size of two football fields. We don’t have any pilots, so me and Major Cole will have to try and steer our way through the asteroids. I have to be realistic; I don’t believe we will come out of this minefield alive. When you get this transmission, please tell my wife and daughter I love…

    Static…error error…

    Ending Boson Fleet Nova transmission 32.


    (a cranking, sputtering noise is heard in the background, followed by heavy breathing)
    It’s Captain Brinkman. We’ve made it through the asteroids, but the ship is badly damaged. (he takes a deep breath) Some… thing, some type of god awful thing came through the top haul of the ship. It came from one of the aster…


    End Boson Fleet Nova transmission 33


    This is Captain William Brinkman of Boson Fleet Nova transmitting for record. I’ve locked myself in the transmission locker. (Captain Brinkman starts crying) It devoured Cole and Sax. It ripped them open and ate them like they were nothing. It came out of nowhere and chewed Juna’s head like a dog eating a bone – a fucking bone! (he starts gagging, gulping for air, followed by puking) I wanted to help, but it was too fast… and I was too scared. It’s eyes…


    It used Debbie and Randall’s remains as some kind of fertilization pod. They’ve got these huge spores all over their bodies. I watched as some began to hatch. (there’s a loud bang at door, then a heart wrenching scratching sound. You can hear the fear in the Captain’s voice) Shit, it’s at the door. I set explosives throughout the ship. I’m not dying alone. I’m taking these fucking things with me. When you get this transmission, every crew member aboard Boson Fleet Nova will be dead. Do not send a rescue team. (bang)


    I repeat do not send…(another bang, then the sound of the door being broken open makes a loud screech, like metal scratching on metal) It’s here, tell my wife and daughter I love them. (heavy growling fills the air until its broken up by a loud shriek) Fuck you, you ugly son-of-a-bitch. (there’s a menacing thud, then the horrifying scream of Captain Brinkman)…


    End Boson Fleet Nova transmission 34.

    Ending transmissions for Boson Fleet Nova.


    CREDIT: Maurice Blocker

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