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Dimension of Samhain

dimension of samhain

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My names, “Otis Levenson” the Pizza Delivery guy. I’m a senior in high school, and I am an average student, who sometimes slack off. So, to make myself feel more productive I got this job. But unfortunately, it makes me feel even more worthless. Like imagine yourself just driving around giving people damn food! But whatever, my Parents are really pushy, and if I didn’t get this job I’d probably get kicked out of my house. Funny thing is, it’s a week I’ve been working, and I literally just left the workplace. My boss can be a dick but, I gotta to listen to him, he told me to deliver as quickly, and safely as possible today cause of Halloween and all. I get where he’s going at but, when I am in the car, it’s my rules. Speaking of that, I gotta turn left right now, almost missed my stop.

Immediately when I turned, I felt a weird vibe in this neighborhood. Like all the Halloween decorations were staring at me or something. I know that sounds weird but it’s the truth. But I quickly calmed down when I saw more than a dozen kids dressed up as whatever you could think of. It actually kind of made me happy. I turned my radio up to almost max volume, cause one of my favorite 70’s songs from Deep Purple was playing. It doesn’t matter what holiday it is, that music always resonates with me. Plus, anything’s better than that, trap “music” garbage most everybody in my school is listening to.

Parking in front of my destination, the residents had a perfectly trimmed lawn, and almost no decorations. Which left me kinda scratching my head in surprise. But I guess everybody’s got their preferences. You can also say they didn’t want the attention getting away from their nice, Black Porsche. Especially the shiny silver wheels on that babe.

Knocking on the customer’s door I had to wait like two minutes for the douche to open the door, I had three large Pepperoni, and vegetable pizzas in my hands. Which made my arms kinda ache. I wanted to knock out the dude so badly. That’s when the door opened, and a guy, maybe in his forties was standing right in front of me. He had blonde hair, and a tattered white shirt, with a brown leather belt, and slick blue jeans. After apologizing, he let out his hands, smiled at me, and screamed to his buddies that, “the pizzas had arrived.” He then thanked me, and did something awesome, he gave me a fifteen-dollar tip. He didn’t have to do that, I wanted to shake his hands, but I remembered we both had business to attend to. I hopped back into my car, and checked the rest of my schedule. So much for a douche huh?

There was a call I missed from my boss, knowing better, I quickly called him back. He picked up the phone in about five seconds, and asked me what took me so long. I said I was giving Pizza to a customer, and he seemed to understand. He then told me that a large order had been placed three miles down. I ask if he still wanted me to stop by the two other stops, but he said, it wasn’t necessary at all. I thought that was weird, but I didn’t question I hated getting him upset.

Starting the car, which was a stick shift, and a 1999, Honda. One of favorite cars ever. Weird choice I know. Regardless, the mileage was impressive, and the handling was great. The paint job was the only negative part of any Honda. Not to mention my cheap boss doesn’t paint his old cars. I set my GPS, and drove out the neighborhood, waving back at the trick or treaters out the way.

On a red light right next to a Home Depot. I remember one of many hangouts with Jason my best friend from Elementary School. We once had to repair his entire door once cause his old one was literally falling apart. His parents were never ones to pay others to do their dirty work, aside from plumbing issues, but that’s beside the point. They asked me for help, and I always enjoyed hanging with him, so without a second thought I agreed. It literally took us one-two hours to get that fully installed, but man was it worth it. We then played games, and ate almost two bags of Takis. Don’t even ask how we got the stomach for that but, we do. I can’t believe that was three years ago. Time really does go by fast.

Reaching the entrance of the neighborhood dubbed, “Keir Falls.” The first letter in that name seemed interesting to me. I have no Irish blood in me, only English, German, and Dutch, but that name seems Irish. Nevertheless, I drove down the pavement, and spotted one of the coolest Jack O’ Lanterns ever. It was on a house to the right side of the road, and it glowed a badass, red color. Rarely have I ever seen that color in a pumpkin before. But three doors down, there was another Jack O’ Lantern design even more amazing, it was a goblin with a fedora-like hat riding a spiked broom. The level of detail really was astounding. The rest of the three-floored house was decorated like crazy for Halloween which was cool. I sadly had to depart, and made a sharp left to the house where I needed to go.

Getting ready to park, I spotted the house, which was located in a dead end by interestingly enough, no other houses. I didn’t understand why that was but, whatever. What was really unsettling to me was the look of the house itself. The entire damn thing was black, with no Jack O’ Lanterns to speak of. It was just decrepit looking, like a house you’d see in “IT.” Not to mention the windows being completely dark with no light at all. I felt strange bringing out the pizzas from the trunk. But I had a delivery to make, so I put my fears to bed.


While, knocking on the door for about thirty seconds I realized that there was no doorbell at all. Which made me feel really creeped out, I was about to leave and not give a shit about what my boss might think. I could just deliver to other people. But then I let realism sink in, and I thought about how these customers might be older, and need repairs all across their home. Plus, their kids, or friends could be with them, otherwise why order so many pizzas? I got stupidly curious, and tried to open the door. That’s when my heart sank, it just opened up, like a ghost had pushed it. I then put my foot on the floor and started walking slowly. The entire house was the same as it was on the outside. I could even spot some roaches on the floor, which I carefully dodged, until I got to the stairs where the kitchen was where even more roaches were due to the insane amounts of unwashed dishes in the sink. I also really couldn’t breathe well, the air was just so dirty, and was filled with dust. Wanting to find a semblance of human presence I walked up the cranky stairs, where a couple holes were located. It was just a weird, creepy place, with no color whatsoever.

Once I got to the second floor, I noticed three rooms were locked shut. As I tried to open it, I nearly got a cut from the splintered wooden knob. Damn my sensitive skin! With five pizzas in my arms, I had roaches follow me which was extremely uncomfortable. Then, ten-fifteen rats came from the holes in the walls, and all of them ignored me. They all headed for a single unlocked door, which I unfortunately followed. There was a strange internal sensation that propelled me to go further. The rats lead to me to a sight that pains me to describe. Six bodies with dark black robes, and silver belts were on the ground with blood on them all, surrounded by a crimson red symbol with a Pentagram and large tree in the middle of it. The sight was truly terrifying, and made me deeply regret coming here. Not to mention their skin was paler than an apparition, and they were all in rigor mortis. So, death had occurred less than twelve hours ago. Looks likes Forensics really does teach you something after all. My hands were trembling by the sight, and when I saw the creatures feast on their bodies, I closed my eyes quickly, and dropped the pizzas. Running out the door with all my energy going to my feet.

That’s when I simply, “disappeared” like a dark vale took my sight, and feeling away. Which was followed by a strange sound resembling a hammer hitting a forging sword. I didn’t even feel scared, it was just a void, until I landed on red leave-filled ground. I felt relieved at first, until I took a good look around. Every piece of ground was either black or red, even the sky was red, and the clouds were hazy like I had blurry vision. While still shaking I had the desire to walk further, so I did.

Passing this weird big black tree. I spotted a wide hole in it, that’s when a strange skeletonized squirrel popped out of it. Once again, I was fueled with terror, while it spotted me and started hissing like crazy, it then ran towards me. I couldn’t even tell how far away it was from me, as I covered my eyes, that’s when it’s terrible noises stopped. I opened my eyes, to see a black raven take it into the red skies. The aspects that made this bird different from our own was that it’s feathers were more like a shadow. It’s eyes were equally red as the sky. Even though I didn’t understand what was going on, I pressed on to a weird looking lake in the distance.

I was thirsty as can be, and while it looked like Kool-Aid. I didn’t care, I ran to it with all my strength and when I finally made it there, the lake turned to blood. While screaming I turned around and saw a group of Deer looking at me. There characteristics were just like the Squirrels, except they had glowing eyes. Feeling uncomfortable, I looked at the forest to the right of me and I took right off, screaming along the way. Everything was strange, and I didn’t even know how to stay calm anymore.

When I reached the Forests, the redness of it all was blinding. I sat on a black rock, and just decided to think about my life. How I wished I was with my family watching, “Shark Tank”, or “World’s Dumbest” or something. I missed them so much, and now I’m in a world I don’t even understand. If I didn’t let my curiosity, and goodwill get the best of me I could’ve been nearly finished with my shift! Now I’m starving, and thirsty. I didn’t even bring my water bottle with me. Damn it all! Damn it all!

In an act of desperation, I checked my pockets and thankfully found my Phone, with 50% battery left. I quickly clicked my contacts, and tried to call my mom but nothing came through, I couldn’t get WiFi, what was I thinking anyways. I wanted to cry so badly but I remembered what my Dad always told me, “Never give up Son, your hardest battle will always fade away…just give it time. I promise.” I thought about those words for an hour straight. To the point where I started to sweat like crazy, nearly giving myself a migraine. I then stood up, and tried to look for a water source, or at least something to eat.

While searching I saw a black bush nearby a stack of sticks with orange pores on them. They were so peculiar like everything else here, I tried to touch them, but they burned like crazy. Like they teach us in biology, an organism over a period of hundreds, to thousands of years can develop a specific trait to help them better survive the harsh realities of their environment. The thing is this isn’t a damn living thing it’s a stick! But when I turned back to the bush, I saw little purple berry-like fruits. I was afraid at first, because they might be poisonous but at this point, I could care less. I took as much as I could hold, and devoured the fruits. They tasted salty which was weird. I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted food. But after my meal I wondered why on hell these berries would taste salty. “Would the meat be sweet?” I joked to myself. Man, I sure wish I had those pizzas with me.

After snatching more of those salt berries, I continued my search for water, and then I saw a whole herd of well…bright red water buffalo. Ironic right? But it was a sight I couldn’t stand not because I was scared, not at all really but because they were so bright it was like staring at the sun. A red sun. I then decided to cover my eyes once in a while and walked after them. If anyone knew where water was, it’d be them.

While traversing the territory with these creatures I could see skeletons in every corner, they were just sorta well, normal looking. No glow in their eyes or anything, just plain dead. But somehow still walking upright. I felt extreme paranoia, as they just were standing there, it was all so eerie. Above me. I could also spot vulture-like creatures with dark blue feet, flying up in the sky. Which after nearly five hours wasn’t getting dim at all. I just couldn’t stop thinking of Earth, my home. I felt tired, and weak. But after eating more berries, it eased the pain. However, they gave me a terrible saturated taste in my mouth. Damn salt.

For an entire hour, I walked behind the buffalo herd, there noises were not like our creatures noises. But higher toned, yet, still manageable to the ears. All this walking began to make me dose off. I slapped my head, and put myself back on track. I then saw them turn right, and like a divine light. There was a nice pond in front of us. The walk had been worth it.

I could see every creature drink there, even those creepy Deer. When I took a closer look at their throats though, I could see the liquid passing through their throats. It was like this world chose to simulate some animal’s lives. I don’t know if it was nature, or cruelty. I actually felt really bad for those creatures. They didn’t deserve that, none of them did.

When more than half the bison came to the dark red pond. I was extremely pressured to drink, which I did very quickly, the sensation of water being in my mouth was so soothing. But…it’s taste was sweet, so sweet it made extra sugared ice cream seem bitter. I wanted to spit it out, but I needed some semblance of my thirst satisfied.

Whoever, or whatever created this world didn’t intend to have people in it. I don’t even understand how these Buffalo could drink it. I then took one last sip of this sugared water, and gazed at the creatures for the last time before slowly leaving the pond.

Feeling powered up with crazy amounts of energy, I quickly walked up along a path on a small black mountain, beside the pond I was just at. As I reached the peak, I felt a brush of wind hit my face, it was heavy, heavier than the wind I’ve felt on Earth. This place in every way felt like a different planet that made me appreciate my own. That’s for sure.

Sliding down the mountain, I saw a sharp stick and decided to pick it up. Its tip was like those wooden fences you’d see Vikings protect their villages with. Figured it would provide me with suitable protection. My Dad taught me how to use knives well. Thank god for that. But as soon as I picked it up the temperature seemed to drop like twenty degrees. Which was unpleasant due to me only having a single Nike Jacket. It would have to do. After all, it’s supposed to be fall.

When I got a good barring of this side of the environment, I could see a large shot of green flames erupt from a grey Volcano way in the distance. The lava seemed to get closer, scaring the crap out of me, so I jumped out the way. While all the birds in the area flocked up into the sky. Never heard Volcanoes having that much reach, in such quick amount of time. The lava came all the way to the bottom of the mountain, just missing me. Never heard Volcanoes having that much reach, in such quick amount of time. Like the rest of the flames, the lava’s color was green, but brighter. I stretched my legs, and ran towards the forest. It looked the same as the other one. Just with white snow coming from the volcano, which was unusual. I stopped making sense of things here a long time ago.

Afterwards I still felt just as cold as I was before the eruption. Looking around, I found an arched tree, and decided to hold up under it. I then looked down at a rock next to me, which shockingly had the same symbol as the magic sigil in that decrepit house. Which deeply disturbed me as I realized none of the other rocks, I saw had that symbol on them. That house must’ve put a curse on me, and brought me here. I began to doubt myself again, and wondered if I could never leave this horrible place. That perhaps I was doomed. Enraged, I clenched my hand, and almost punched the tree, until with great amounts of effort held myself together.

Remembering when Jason, me, and my Dad all went camping in the Okefenokee Swamp about a year ago. It was so much fun, and it made me nearly cry thinking about it. I could see my Dad’s hand on mine teaching me to be steady when making a fire out in the wilderness. After that small victory we all ate some delicious smores. Then, Jason took out a speaker, and we blasted some metal/rock from the 70’s and 90’s. Man does The Smashing Pumpkins, and Black Sabbath go hard. Ah…good times.

When I finished daydreaming, I grabbed another stick, and some other flammable materials around me, to make a fire. For a few minutes the wind was too hard, but then after numerous tries it finally worked. I was so happy, afterwards, I stood up and thrusted my hands out in glee. Then I calmly closed my hands, and sat back down. For once, something stayed the same, I could at least get warm.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep for about three hours. Which was surprising considering the amount of sugar that was still in my body. Soon after, I decided to get up from my resting spot, ate the last of my nasty berries, and kept heading north.

Once I made it out of the forests again, I saw a stray Red Buffalo get slaughtered by a terrifying group of skeletons. Who had leather bracers, green, and red shorts, with a large goat horn strapped on their leader’s side. I could tell he was their leader because he was the only one who had a blue cape on, and two iron clubs. While the rest all had bows, and arrows. To me they looked a lot like…Celts…Celts!

This sudden notion made me excited but at the same time scared. I’ve never been one to really enjoy history, but these guys made the Gaelic lands hard to live in, and even harder to conquer. I respect the hell out of them. They were vicious, but caring to their people, and would do anything to protect them. Now all we needed were the Greeks, then we would have a nice war. All jokes aside, their physical appearance was disgusting, while most of their bodies were bone, I could barely make out some patches of flesh on their arms, and face. Even blonde hair. I couldn’t help but felt bad for the animal that had been killed. I wondered how the hell these dudes even got here.

I tried to sneak past them, but they managed to see me through the crimson foliage. I fled for my life as well… a stick wouldn’t hurt a Celt very much, especially an undead one.

They growled like zombies and I turned around to see one try and shoot an arrow at me, thankfully I moved out the way. I looked behind me, and saw their leader running faster than all the others. No wonder he’s their leader! Christ your never supposed to look back in horror movies, ‘specially not in real life! Feeling, fatigued I managed to jump on a big boulder. That’s when I saw the strangest thing since the Deer when I first got here. A literal tear in the sky ripped up in front of me, revealing a ghastly face with glowing blue eyes, and sharp blue teeth. He laughed and spoke to me in plain English with a distorted Irish accent! “Hello friend, you are strong willed but, looks like your caught in a pickle. Need some help?”

“Okay…so your quiet, let’s get you out of there lad. C’mon.” I felt puzzled, and couldn’t even speak as he replied.

“Stay back, stay back!” I screamed, pointing my stick out to the Celts that had found me. That’s when I was transported in a second to the weirdest place of the day. A dark kingdom with red magma, and leaves falling on the wooden ground. Strange enough, there was cobblestone walls all around me, which begged the question where were these things coming from?

I saw that same apparition appear; he was just a face with a cloudy outline. He pointed to a level of stairs in front of us. They had illegible writings on them. Plus, a strange Jack O’ Lantern at the top. I didn’t even know what was going on anymore, hell I didn’t even know if I was still alive.

“Don’t worry lad…he’s going to like you a lot. I can’t believe we’ve had another one like you here again. We haven’t had anyone visit since the 13th century. My my…” The Irish ghost said calmly.

“What’s your name, what are you talking about, why am I here?” I asked squinting my eyes.

“So many questions sorry lad but that’s past my credentials. My only duty is to take you to the man of the hour. I can tell you my name though.” He replied.

“Well isn’t that great.” I said sarcastically. Humor is one of the few things keeping me going at this point.

“It’s Callum. Watcher of Samhain.”

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“Let’s skip the formalities please! What or who is Samhain?”

“It’s the best holiday in the world. You’re going to be so surprised. Oh, bloody hell, I’ll tell you anyways. He’s the Father of Halloween.”

Nodding my head, and thinking about the age-old tradition, while piecing it all together with my surroundings, I say, “That makes sense but, where exactly IS Samhain?”

“I’m glad you understand boy…you’re a quick learner. Think it’s time you to see for yourself.”

We then walk up the stairs, all while I’m sweating like crazy in this furnace of a Castle. I was real eager to meet whoever this son of a bitch was. But when we finally reach the top, I saw a black door with the same writings in orange. Along with that same Pentagram Tree symbol. Callum told me to open the door, and so I did. Behind it was an army of Celts all over the room just bowing down before us. The room looked like a classic medieval king’s palace. Just well…red, orange, and black. Like this whole damn place. I won’t forget the symbol atop the throne as well.

Callum, and I walk to the throne where the King was sitting in his throne with two Jack O’ Lanterns beside him, and his hands together smiling. He then stood up, and began laughing like a maniac. Did not know what was so funny.

After drinking something, he moved over his shoulder, to clean his mouth, and said in a soft but potent accent I couldn’t really describe. It was like a mixture of English, Scottish, and Irish. “Welcome Mr. Levenson to my world. It’s truly a pleasure to speak to you. It’s been too long since I’ve seen one of you here.” He exclaimed.

I looked carefully at his slim, tall body. I realized that it was like an amalgamation of everything Halloween. The left side of his torso was dark orange, and his right side was black, with that same damn symbol embedded on an amulet around his neck, as well as a black belt carved with the same symbol. A large Pentagram with a Tree in the middle on his buckle. His skin was a ghastly white, with one red eye, and one black one. With a silver ring with a, peppermint candy burned into it. His left arm was literally like a scarecrow, and his right arm was clothed with an orange sleeve. His legs were also orange and black. Hair white as the moon, and teeth that appeared to have fangs in them. The shoes he wore however were outfitted with silver outlines, and green cat-eye-like designs on the tips of them. “Quite the fashion taste” I thought to myself. This must be who Callum was talking about.

“My dear friend, thank you for retrieving the boy, now would you please make this session a little bit more…private?” The enigmatic man said to Callum. “I mean all of you my friends!”

Every fearsome Celt stopped kneeling and walked away looking at me with their lifeless eye sockets. I can’t believe I was scared of them a bit ago. The only thing that was still in the room was Callum. Who brought out an arm, and hand I didn’t even know he had, said farewell, and just left.


“So, I bet you have a ton of questions about my realm?” The mysterious man said as he came closer.

Filled with wonder, fright, and rage all at the same time. I moved confidently and asked, “Forget that, how the hell do you know my name?”

“I know many things.” He replied quickly. “After all I’ve been alive for more than a millennium.”

“You’re Samhain?”

“I am my boy.” Licking his fangs. “God of Death. Kind of like Hades…oh it’s a shame he isn’t in style anymore. Well to be honest neither I am.”

Filled with surprise, and wonder. I try to calm myself down, wanted to ask if I could leave for good.

“Want to know more I see?” He said inquisitively.

After hearing that, it’s like he read my mind. I didn’t understand how he was able to do that. But at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me.
Time for a story, make yourself comfortable.”

“You see long before your birth I was worshiped by the Gaelic tribes of western Europe. They would do anything for me, and I in turn for them. I was there caretaker in the afterlife, and I would make sure they’d be content there. They even started to go door to door, and ask for goods, or materials. To make me pleased so their loved ones could be safe. So, in many, many decades All Hallows Eve was created from me, for me! The day the dead walk, and my power is at its peak!”

“The time where Fall comes, and Summer ends.” He said as his hands reached the sky. “Only to be followed by the cold hands of winter.”

Filled with so much information, I have learned more in a few minutes, than an entire week filled of School. Now I understand why everything is why it is. The saying that the spirits of the dead roam free on earth, is anything but fake. That scared me.

“I see, but what’s my place in all of this?” I asked to the best of my ability. “Why put me through all this crazy shit?”

He pointed to me with his long white fingers, “Your place in all of this?” He pointed to me with his long white fingers. “Well that’s the most important part in my existence. You see as I have just spoken, people used to worship me. They sadly don’t anymore, but that’s where you come in.”

“I see Samhain, tell me more.”

He smiled, “As you wish…I had you of all people transported here because from the very moment you saw those bodies in that abandoned house of mine. You were persistent, and intent on finding that, “family.” You see it was I who made that call, and it was I who brought you here.”

My eyes enlarged, I couldn’t believe it, I had been manipulated like a puppet, and I had risked my life for hours straight. Just so this God could speak to me. My heart sank and I felt terrified. My family must be worried sick, and my average job is as good as dead. All because of my curiosity, and this dudes plans.

“So, you mean to tell me my family’s worried sick, and all my effort in surviving has been for your own gains? You cocksucker!” I stated angrily.

“YES! Isn’t it brilliant my boy?” He laughs and speaks honestly. “Think of it this way, you are the chosen one. Your meager job is nothing compared to this. Your strength in my Forests proved one thing to me, that you’re a fighter, and a survivor. How many people would have the willpower to survive my hellish world? Not many. I have built this place to test my chosen one’s both physically, and mentally. You Otis, have passed. Well done!”

His insanity was truly disturbing. It was obvious that if he really wanted to have people believe in him. He would make it so much easier. I knew that most of the poor souls who came here never came back alive. This was all a sick game and I was his next plaything

“But why did I find a bunch of your dead followers?” I ask questioning, “Isn’t that what you want?”

Brushing his sharp chin, he replied in an almost agitated way, “They weren’t my followers! Those parasites wanted to use my power for their own gains. So, I had to eliminate their treachery. But I know you won’t make that same mistake huh my smart friend?”

Thinking to myself how such a jester-like being could be so savage really startled me. I then wondered just how many other gods were still in existence. If he was still present in the Universe, why not Zeus, Loki, Mercury, or Poseidon?

“Well It’s all about going back to earth for me.” I replied smirking. “I don’t care about you Samhain. Thanks for Halloween though.”

“You’re not making this any easier on yourself lad. This really is quite simple. Just agree to spreading my influence across the world as you live and that’s it. No more, no less.”

Samhain’s offer was quite tempting to me. I could leave this hellhole forever, and be reunited with my family. All I’d have to do is mention this weirdo once and awhile. I mean how else can I leave here alive, and sane? A sharpened stick won’t do much to a God of Death.

“You got a deal Samhain.” I spoke with honor as I decided to agree to his request. “I’ll speak of you whenever I have the chance. Just hear me out really quick.”


“Splendid, what do you desire?” He scratched his hand with his scarecrow arm and replied.

“I want to be free of any potential killings done in your name, any rituals, or anything just plain crazy okay? I want to just talk about you and that’s it. That should be enough right?”

The look in his eyes were like fire in a forge. He sat down in his throne, and contemplated for a few minutes. Then he simply said, “As you wish Otis. I suppose that will be enough. For every thought about me, fuels my power.”

“That’s great man really is. I’m glad you understand. I won’t forget this act of kindness ever!”

“Oh, I’m counting on it. How about we shake one’s hands, that is still customary of your people, yes?”

“Sure thing.” I exclaimed

We shake hands, and he leans close to me, and speaks like a snake would, “If you have any sense you shall take my side of the deal, and my deal alone. You shall do all my duties as I have requested. You don’t want me as an enemy Otis.”

Smirking, I thought about all my high school bullies and how they barked more than their bite, except they were never gods or anything. This could have been the mistake of my life. But I was suddenly filled with willpower, and felt I could get out of this situation.

“Sorry Samhain, it’s either my deal or it’s off.” I firmly said.

“Few have ever challenged me like this before.” He screamed like crazy as he called down and screamed. “You dare haggle with the God of Death? The creator of the Dimension of Samhain!”

“I haggle with anyone given the chance.”

Samhain smiled widely like a jester, and laughed hysterically, “I could vaporize you with a mere movement of my pinkie boy. Yet you still fight, amazing.”

“That’s just my nature.” I said while lifting my arms.

“Killing you would be so easy…yet so sad. Your just too much fun Otis. I shall watch after you very closely. Go, go with your family, live your life. Remember what we agreed to, and be well.”

“Thanks for that bit of mercy, I appreciate it.” I smile as I reply, “See you never.”

“The old ones used to acquit themselves in a discussion with honor.” He laughs.

“I’m not an old one.”

“Don’t forget your stick.” He said grinning. “Consider it a sort of Memento Otis, more useful for that, then as a weapon.”

Smirking at his remark. I touched my jacket pocket, and felt it safely concealed. At first, I wondered how he figured I had that on me, but then it hit me. He is a god after all.

“Thanks for the reminder, guess I will.” I softly reply.

Samhain then opened a bright red portal, and I could see my car. He put a great deal of concentration into this crazy magical spell. As I could see his hands shaking. Regardless of what happened today I was so happy to go back home; I just can’t wait.

“Goodbye Otis. Be well, I’ll tell Callum you’re on your way out.”

“Adios Samhain. Can’t believe you actually exist.”

“Remember the deal, the deal of Samhain.” He spoke softly smiling one last time. He then closed the portal, which was followed by a pumpkin face squinting into dust.
As soon as I touched earth’s ground again. I was filled with happiness, and laughing in joy. I got a whisk of fresh, clean air. Looking up in the sky, I noticed just how dark it was. Afterwards, I checked my Phone, and my battery was unsurprisingly at 48%. Plus, the time was exactly three AM. So, my parents were definitely going to yell at me, then question where the hell I’ve been for the last eleven hours. But it didn’t matter. I immediately went to my trunk and took the rest of the Pizzas. I went to the driver’s seat and drank all the water from my bottle. Ah the perfect taste of water. So refreshing, and good. I then ate like five pieces of pizza, and wondered what Samhain did with those other five Pizzas I dropped in that creepy house? “He probably ate them.” I jested. Checking my Phone, I noticed a text message from my Boss that said I was fired. I honestly didn’t care. For I survived an encounter with one of the most powerful gods of all mythology. I was thrilled by this notion, and was ready to experience true life again. I can always find another job, just can’t wait to see my parents again. They must be so worried, the looks on their faces are going to be priceless. For I have successfully escaped the Dimension of Samhain.

Credit : Itai Schwartz

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