Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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the wrapper

The Wrapper

The point of me writing all this is because I don’t want any of my story to go without hearing, or any of my actions to go without seeing. I honestly don’t even know where to start as I’m anxious [...]

December 10, 2018 Beings & Entities


Introduction Fear of the unknown… a fear that almost all humans feel, an outcome that is uncertain. The fear of darkness is something that is mysterious, something we experience every single night. Each and every person has their own nightmares [...]

December 9, 2018 Beings & Entities
roommate changed

My Roommate Changed…

Let me start this whole thing of by saying that I am a going to university in Germany. I am living in the dorms here but they are a little different from the typical American ones that most people tend [...]

December 6, 2018 Beings & Entities

My doorbell keeps ringing and I’m the only one that can hear it.

So, I’ve lived with my parents in the same house for over twenty years. Nothing exciting really, just the same little neighborhood they raised me and my sisters in. Sometimes it’s nice, I know every backroad and where to find [...]

December 6, 2018 Beings & Entities
The Spindler

The Spindler

“I want to hear about the Spindler.” Logan listened as the voices of his three friends talked. He watched as the fire before him dwindled. “You sure you wanna do that, Lexi? In these woods?” Logan’s back was firmly set [...]

December 5, 2018 Beings & Entities

The Gravedigger Had an Odd Conversation

It was hardly past seven that morning when the Gravedigger saw the Earth stir. Fingers, rotted and skeletal, burst forth from the dirt, and with force they pulled their bodies to freedom. It was happening all over the graveyard. Every [...]

December 2, 2018 Beings & Entities
uninvited guest

An Uninvited Guest

As Samuel edged closer and closer to the staircase the scratching grew louder and louder until it became a continuous clawing. This was not the first time this has occurred since he had moved here almost five weeks ago, but [...]

November 30, 2018 Beings & Entities


I work at the mental ward in my cities hospital. It is not like they depict it in the movies. The place is not filled with insane maniacs and serial killers. Most of our patients are just people who are [...]

November 29, 2018 Beings & Entities, Strange & Unknown
terminal velocity

Terminal Velocity

I could feel the engines of the ship scream to life as the heads-up display flickered in around me, my hands grasping the control yokes with the kind of sweat that only drips when you’re afraid. All the stories ran [...]

November 29, 2018 Beings & Entities
I've Never Seen A Child Eat Their Pet Before

I’ve Never Seen A Child Eat Their Pet Before

When I joined the case at 47 County Street, I didn’t know what to expect. As a social worker, I see all kinds of screwed up things from child abuse, to children abusing their parents. Yet, when I got the [...]

November 23, 2018 Beings & Entities, Murders & Deaths, Strange & Unknown