“On lonely street, on a dark lonely night…” She sang softly to herself as she walked, hands clasped behind her back clutching her purse. “A thousand glittering lights flicker bright…” Sara was bored… this Halloween had been such a letdown. Her boyfriend hadn’t been available to go to any of …

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“So what time you gonna be here?” Tyler asked me impatiently, his voice obviously frustrated. “Cause, like, the storm’s gonna hit any second and I wanna get dinner cooked now in case the power goes out.” I glanced up at the gray sky from underneath my umbrella and saw a …

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Nine Since

True fear creates three responses. The smart run away; the foolish try to wield fear as a sort of weapon to fight what their very nature claims they can’t defeat; and the weak are paralyzed, unable to react; unable to breathe. No one can predict what sort they are. Whether …

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The Forgotten Hour

As the last of the crisp brown Autumn leaves fell to the worn pavement, the young man let out a sigh. So much had happened in the time since he left in the spring of 2001. His home, his workshop, even his favorite stores and restaurants were gone. Walking past …

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They Were Lying

They told us it was the greatest technological achievement in human history. They told us it would forever change our role on the cosmic stage. They told us it would lead to a Golden Age of exploration, prosperity, and expansion. They were lying. Even after the expenditure of untold billions …

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No Contest

“Alright, kids,” the counselor announced, a devilish grin stretching across her face. “You know what time it is!” Jack nodded vigorously, bouncing up and down with excitement. He had been waiting for this moment all day. “That’s right!” she responded. “It’s time for our scary story competition! I want you …

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