“This actually happened to my friend’s uncle’s roommate. I swear.” Chloe looks at me skeptically. One eyebrow rose smartly, but she was smiling. “Chris Thompson, you are full of shit,” She laughs. “No, I swear to God… this is a true story. This guy and his girlfriend were out on …

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The Five

My involvement in the experiment started only a few weeks ago. I was visiting my grandfather, who lives alone and needs someone to come over and help out with the house once a week. I’d usually go for the well stocked library in his office, and the long conversations about …

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The Ragman

“He’s waiting, he’s watching. He’s biding his time. He stares as your sleeping, it’s just after nine. You‘re holding your blanket, In comfortable heaven. He’s sneaking towards you, the clock says eleven. You dream about candy, and chocolate and fun. He’s nearly beside you, it’s just turning one. You don’t …

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One Word Story

Have you ever played One Word Story? It’s a very simple game: a few people take turns, going around to make a sentence. Each person adds one word, until the sentence is complete, then someone says “period” and it’s read back. It’s actually pretty fun if you play with the …

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Mirrored Man

Curiosity is quite simply a bitch, but me being me, adventurous to the point I become stupid, let my curiosity roam free. I should probably give you some background first, so you understand what I’m about to tell you better. I live in a quiet and seemingly perfect town in …

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Three Truths

The two men, perched on a steep hillside, watched from a safe distance as an invading army destroyed the city below them. The towering stone wall that protected the city, once strong and unbreakable, couldn’t hold back the onslaught. Even over the sounds of war, the watchers could hear the …

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