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5 Haunted Aussie Locations That Will Give You Chills

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Visiting Australia should be at the top of your to-do list if you’re keen on exploring haunted places and getting to know the hidden, mysterious stories behind them. Why Australia? Simply because it’s home to various eerie ghostly legends, spooky tales, and haunted locations. This dark side of Australia is what makes the country a real hotspot for people who love to explore paranormal activities and hunt supernatural creatures.

In this article, we’ll reveal 5 haunted Aussie locations that are worth exploring but only if you’re brave enough to handle their mysterious histories. 

The Town of Casino, New South Wales

As surprising as it may sound, there’s a haunted town in New South Wales called ‘Casino’. Interestingly, it’s not called ‘Casino’ because it’s full of gambling establishments. On the contrary, gaming enthusiasts there usually prefer to try online platforms, such as PayID casinos in order to satisfy their gaming needs in a decent way. Instead, the town is named after the Italian word “casino,” which means “country house.” And this so-called “country house” is known for its dark and eerie side.


As the legend says, Casino in New South Wales is haunted by the spirits of those who were sentenced to death. One of those ghosts is called John — a resident of Casino Local Court who tends to enjoy activities, such as turning lights on and off and locking doors for one surprising reason — he’s frustrated that people don’t like contact with him. So, if you’re brave enough to face supernatural creatures, chances are that the ghost John in Casino will be pleased to meet you.

Q Station, NSW

One popular place with a reputation for being haunted in Australia is Sydney Quarantine Station, or “Q Station,” as people often call this spot. Locals believe that this place is full of ghosts, and those who believe in the supernatural occasionally visit it to haunt them. 

Originally, Q station was a gateway for immigrants who were suspected of carrying contagious diseases. During the first quarantine in 1828, these people were forced to stay in ‘Death’s Waiting Room’. Specifically, they spent 40 days there and among them, many who suffered died. As a result of these tragic deaths, people today believe that their ghosts never left the place and continue to wander through the former hospital.

Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Even though the name “Princess Theatre” doesn’t sound like something that would be full of scary ghost stories and eerie tales, this historic theatre in Melbourne is one of those places in Australia that’s considered haunted. It’s the oldest surviving theatre in Australia, having first opened in 1854. 


The person with whom the supernatural happenings of the building are often linked is British opera singer Anatole Baker. Interestingly, he died as a result of a heart attack while he was conducting his performance of Faust in 1888. It turns out that after such a sudden death, his ghost couldn’t manage to find peace and that’s why he haunts the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

North Kapunda Hotel, South Australia

If you are a ghost hunter or believe in haunted happenings, you probably have noticed that hotels are some of the most frequent locations for paranormal activities take place. The same applies to the North Kapunda Hotel in South Australia. This hotel was once a busy mining town and therefore, it’s not surprising that multiple crime stories are linked to its past. 


One of the most famous ghosts that, people believe, haunts the hotel is a woman who worked as a sex worker and was murdered brutally at the pub. She was killed by his little daughter, whose ghost also continues to haunt the building.  


Devil’s Pool, Queensland

This time, the name itself tells you that this spot is hiding something horrifying behind it. However, “Devil’s Pool” is just a natural pool that looks like an extremely beautiful place at first glance. The thing that makes it scary, though, is the fact that many people have lost their lives here on mysterious occasions. 

To be more precise, the pool is believed to be cursed. It has a dangerous swimming hole where 17 young men died in a strange way. Besides, a legend says that a young Aboriginal woman named Oolana drowned herself in the pool after being separated from her lover. Her spirits still reside in the pool and attract young men to their doom.

Bottom Line

Once you visit all these 5 places that we’ve short-listed for you, you can call yourself a brave horror enthusiast who’s not afraid to face the darkest parts of Australia’s history. But be careful because these five places aren’t everything the eerie side of the Assuie culture is famous for. In fact, there are numerous other haunted spots, waiting for you to explore and experience.

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