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A few months ago, I’d been browsing Tumblr for interesting things. That was the day I found Zasphas.

Zasphas had a normal looking blog at first glance. Typical vintage pictures, images of celebrities, food, etc. I followed her for some movie GIFs. But then, just last week, she posted some text, under a “Read More” label, and tagged “Personal”. Curiosity got the better of me, and I opened the text post:


I’m typing this because I need to get something off my chest.

It’s not a matter of “gaining attention.” It’s a matter of just… talking.

Anything to talk. I haven’t talked in so long          .

I can’t remember the exact dates. It’s all like a blur to me. Well, almost all… almost all.

I was sleeping in my bed and I could swear I saw the shadow. It was standing outside that little glass door by my bed. And I could swear I had sleep paralyssis, I read about it, and knew it even though I could move my left arm. I couldn’t         move anything else. It was terrifying, I think.

And that was just the first night.
The second night
I faced from the door
Opposite, like.

And then the knob, it rattled. It rattled so bad. So loud, too. And it was slow at first, real slow. But then it got louder and faster and      I        heard the glass being tapped at and I knew it had happened again but my left arm was pinned under my sleeping body so I couldn’t tell if it was the exact thing or not. But it stopped after a while, maybe because it thought I wasn’t awake like last time, or it got tired of looking at my back. Backs are boring. What a pretty face.

And then there was third night, some weeks later. I’d thought it gave up, that it didn’t see me as fit anymore or something – and I was veryvery glad.

But that night, and I was on my back, and my head turned to the door. I shouldn’t ahve been looking at the doorr. I didn’t meant to. It was my fault all my fault yes.

I heard the coming on teh grass- like soft feet padding through it, then the fallls on the planks of the staircase of the deck, getting closer. And then a body shot to the rail, like a blur, a black blur, and I didn’t see it until it was far too late . I

ts face was pressed againsst the glass, all black, and the grin- you could see white teeth and gums, nothing more, grinning. Long neck attached to the bodyand it had spindly arms and legs that bent the wrong way.                ,               .


And it began to bash it’s ugly face agains t the glass door! The glass was cracking more and more with each bash I want your pretty face and I couldn’t move at all, only my left arm, but it felt like everytime I raised it and bent it its gone it bended in another way and grew out further. It was really not useable at all and I could just lay there as the glass gave in.

And it’s head burst in, but there was no sound of the glass breaking


ut I told myself “This is paralysis, it’s a dream, it will disappear” like all the other dreams.

B&$ut iIt’s bLIKEeen so lYOURong siPRETTnce YI talked to aFACEnyone. Please list&*en



After that, I closed the post, feeling uneasy.

Within the next three days, there was no activity from her blog. I was going to go ask  her if everything was alright, but when I arrived at her Tumblr, it was deleted. Gone. Like it never even existed.

I don’t know what happened to Zasphas. Something tells me that I don’t want to know.

my left arms hu     rts.


Credit: Goaruma

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92 thoughts on “Zasphas”

  1. ImaginationIsDangerous

    The writing bugged me although I understand she wasn’t exactly in control of her movements. Another thought is why does she have a glass door in her room? That would freak me out! Hahaha. I liked the story nevertheless, big word O.O 7/10

  2. Mr. Creepypasta read this, YAY!!! :D I love how the grammar gets messed up towards the end as if he/she is stressed out or rushing because of the creature (That’s what I got out of it anyway). Great job!!

  3. This pasta exists. Im fallowing the tumblr page. It has the same note thaat is in the story. My left arm hurts.

  4. I always sleep on my left arm, and when it starts to ache, I always think of this pasta. It’s made such a long lasting, disturbing effect on me, and for that, I love this pasta.

  5. For folks wondering about why she would be typing still if she’s being taken over by the monster:

    In the end line, how just after reading the original tumblr post the narrator starts showing symptoms of the same haunting.
    One possible implication of this is that the monster can reach out to readers of its story and haunt them as well. A little cliched, but it would tie up that loose end and toss in the implication that as readers, our pretty faces are going to be haunted next.

  6. B&$ut iIt’s bLIKEeen so lYOURong siPRETTnce YI talked to aFACEnyone. But it’s been so long since I talked to anyone. I like your preety face.

  7. In the passage it spaces out the ‘I’ and then in the last sentence you see her trying to write she hadn’t spoken to anyone in so long but you can see inside it it says ” Like your pretty face.” and then inside the passage once again it randomly says ” i like your pretty face.” …thank god im ugly.

  8. The whole concept of the bad grammar is to make it scarier, notice the writer themselves is not, overall, a bad user of grammar.
    However, the whole Zasphas part; the scary part, breaks up over time, slowly becoming less and less punctuated as if the demon is creating this. Am I the only one who sees this? Amazing. I love it.

  9. If you guys keep talking about punctuation and grammar, I’m going to scream -.-
    It was meant to be like that,
    to seem like she was rushing.
    The writer can type normal,
    you just need to understand why there are mistakes.

    It was great, 9/10

  10. Yeah, her left arm was becoming possessed and causing her typos. There’s a message at the end of her blog i capitals. Stop complaining about the typos, it feeds the story.

  11. People, you guys need to understand the grammar and typo mistakes were intentional. To show how the author was actually getting more and more aggravated by her situation. Don’t just read a story, get into it.

    I like this pasta. Props.

  12. Two things are annoying me here.

    Firstly, grammar and punctuation and grammar are awful.

    Secondly I submitted a fairly similar story to this. It probably won’t go through now. Also I swear to god that I had never read this story.

    : (

  13. Has anyone noticed that the ending “B&$ut iIt’s bLIKEeen so lYOURong siPRETTnce YI talked to aFACEnyone. Please list&*en” had two different phrases that were said in the story.

    “But it’s been so wrong since I talked to anyone. Please listen.”

    “I like your pretty face”

  14. There actually is a demon that looks like that. It’s called an Alcanez and it’s a shapeshifting demon. I had a run-in with one back in April, but a couple of my friends killed it. A few weeks ago, I had another run-in with a more powerful version of the demon. My friends and I, again, killed it, but they can be scary. Although I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis while they were after me.

  15. @sean
    It’s called sleep paralysis. It happens to me a lot. Google it.
    Also, this pasta was incredible. First pasta that genuinely scared me. A lot.

  16. Was this a way for Zaphas to stop using Tumblr? Because it was the persons last post, the Tumblr isn’t deleted though…it’s still up, it just hasn’t been posted on in about a month.

  17. Reminds me of the Mary myth(not bloody mary). The one that you get a call every five minutes. “i’m on my way to where you are now” Mary would say, as you start to worry she calls again, “I’m one block away”. You pace back and forth, as she calls again, “I’m at your front door” You fear mary and lock yourself in your room “I’m right behind you”, she says. Then the myth ends

  18. EDIT TO THE ABOVE: (why can’t we edit our comments on here, that’s one thing i don’t like about this site) I get that the errors are on purpose and part of the story, but my dad teaches a college journalism class and I myself am an aspiring writer, and to someone like me who has grown up in a house where grammar is a big deal and especially since I put it into use on a daily basis in my writing, this particular pasta HURT MY EYES with all those errors, deliberate or not.

    1. Our team of experts ran this comment through the Bullshit Translator and it came out as:

      "My dad is kind of a big deal. I’m also kind of a big deal, being an ASPIRING WRITER. Because, like, words are my homies. You’d think this would give me a better understanding or appreciation of these typos in the context of the story, but no. Because grammar is serious fucking business."

  19. It MIGHT have been scary if things were explained more clearly and it wasn’t so poorly written. This one didn’t give me the adrenaline rush that I’ve been getting from most of the other stuff on this site.

  20. Whoa holy crap. That reminds me of something that’s happened to me. One night I woke up, I KNEW I was awake, but I couldn’t move one bit or make a sound. I attempted to moan because my mouth wouldn’t open but if made any noise nobody heard it. The left side of my periferal vision seemed much darker than the right. I felt some dark presence one the left side of my bed that for some reason I kept thinking was a man just watching me. I sensed that his intensional were ill but I couldn’t do anything about it. After a long time struggling to flex any muscle in my body I finally gained the ability to move and I ran away. When I told my mom what happened she simply told me that it was a dream and the exact same thing happened she was a kid. But I KNEW I was awake. Anybody ever have a similar experience?

  21. B&$ut iIt’s bLIKEeen so lYOURong siPRETTnce YI talked to aFACEnyone. Please list&*en.”its been so long since i talked to anyone” poor guy he just wanted to talk.

  22. Nobody gets it, do they? The grammar was getting worse because of this one line in the story: “I couldn’t move at all, only my left arm, but it felt like everytime I raised it and bent it its gone it bended in another way and grew out further.” She just happened to be turning into the monster. And was I the only one that noticed how in the beggining she goes “Such a pretty face” and then continues on, but then does this: “The glass was cracking more and more with each bash I want your pretty face and… ect.” She says “I want your pretty face completely out of context. Also to K: she coulndn’t move but her left arm and she’s typing because she thinks it’s a dream, but yes they monster took over as she slowly became it.

  23. I was about to make the complaint that this pasta is full of grammatical and punctuation errors… then I, realize…. my lfet arm’s hur ting too . Eeks.

    The intentional errors are a nice touch, but I’ll second what Person said in that it doesn’t really make sense that she has the time to type a good chunk of the entry as herself after the ugly face broke in and took over. I guess as she’s typing that entry, the ugly face fully took over?

  24. The last part is “I like your pretty face” but ALSO “But it’s been so long since I talked to anyone”. I think the ‘pretty face’ was that monster taking over her and making her type that… Anyways great, original pasta.

  25. Oh wow, these comments are filled with morons. The spelling mistakes and whatnots were there on purpose.

    Didn’t care much for the pasta, but damn, don’t hate on it because you think it is full of spelling errors by accident.

  26. People who are complaining about the grammar, punctation, etc are missing the entire point of this pasta.

    Anyway, I thought this was really good!

  27. And of course, after reading this my left arm started to hurt. Well, my left hand frequently hurts but hey, good timing. It didn’t scare me but I thought it was clever the way that the tumblr girl slowly delves into madness and how the “I like your pretty face” keeps cropping up. I find it odd how there’s a glass door right by her bed that leads outside. I guess she might have a patio or something but still, kind of weird. You’re just asking for creepers.

  28. So the thing busted in but allowed her enough time to post on Tumblr? Guess updates on social sites are priority in the monster world too lol.

    Status update on FaceRip: “Dude, totally pwnd this bitch’s door. Gonna rip her pretty face off after post, then go watch Jersey Shore. Would love to rip Snooki’s face off lol :) “

  29. very yummy pasta :) well written and ingenious use of poor spell and grammar. finger licking goodness

  30. Wow….. anyone who doesn’t get that the grammar wasn’t intentional is pretty much lost on the point of the story. This was one of the better submits we’ve had especially in its originality. But please never stop commenting, I especially enjoy the people who bash grammar with bad grammar themselves.

  31. BloodyNightmare

    Just so you guys know, when it started babbling and going into upper and lower case letters the uppercase letters spelled out “Like your pretty face” Pretty creepy. I think that was one of the big points of the story.

  32. WHO WAS PHONE???

    meh could’ve been better it was kinda hard to read at the end with the grammar and such, but good story! 5/10

  33. So stupid. BTW apparently someone has two left arms. “my left arms hu rts”. Honestly not scary at all.

  34. the crammar mistakes made it even better… really awesome but a little confusing in the end… that my left hand hurts part.

  35. I loved that the writer freaked so many people out with the punctuation and grammatical errors that they thought it was the writer’s intention to piss them off. Nice job though, really leery about tumblr now… 4/5

  36. Later they found that the FBI had imprisoned her for having 3.3 million dollars worth of pirated intellectual property.

  37. Um.. There are SUPPOSED to be grammar mistakes guys. None of you get this. Annnnnyways. This was so creepy! Guess who’s never going on Tumblr again!

  38. I love how the grammar and spelling detiriorates, and the last sentence posted. I like your pretty face, that’s eerie!

  39. Wow, somebody actually posted a “” blog. & the grammar really just shows how the monster came after her. 7/10

  40. I don’t even. How are so many of you completely missing that the increasingly bad grammar and spelling are intentional?

    What is it like to read things without processing them at all?

  41. I was waiting for something and when it said “teh grass” I just gave up and read the rest as a humor story. It was like the grammar was good, but the typing was terrible.

      1. 847ueiojdhasjyf




  42. I don’t think you guys really get this… Notice how the grammar/spelling starts okay, but slowly gets worse and worse as the story goes on? The author meant to do that! It adds a certain mood, like something is coming to get her…
    I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10, for her originality of the grammar.

    See Ya…:3

  43. mercy_less_killer

    I’m glad that your starting to put new storys,but,i’m sad that you made SOOOO many errors! >:( i give it 4/10

  44. That was honestly horribly written, and also not very convincing at the least. It was completely predictable from the start. 2/10.

  45. Sooo, what. Does her arm posses magic capabilities or something? And this sounds a lot like a slendy story spin-off, what with those noodly arms and such. Wait…. how does she post this? I dear think the beast/spirit/slendy would actually interfere with the blog post and then leave her alive to retell the internet. Although, candlejack might be he

  46. I loved it.
    The feeling of madness and the way the writing and coherence detoriorated into babbling was perfect.
    Almost makes me want to spend less time on tumblr…

  47. Even though the whole blog, chain-message formula was repeated. The description given in the post was extremely eerie, and the last part of her post was unexpected and scary. Awesome pasta and awesome job.

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