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Why He Weeps

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I’d heard stories of it. Retreat Road down in Cochrane, Alberta. They have a monastery there. Robes and everything. But their real claim to fame is the massive statue of Christ being crucified in the woods. I’ve been there a few times. Walked up the path with all the smaller statues beside the path. There was a baby, a group of people reaching towards Jesus, all those things, finally culminating in this 20-foot tall cross with Jesus hanging from it. What gets a lot of people though, is that Jesus is weeping on the cross. Nobody can seem to figure out why. Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Saviour.




I’ve been a few times during the day. It’s an interesting walk. Even for the Atheist like myself, it is still awe-inspiring. I happened to notice lights though, beneath all the statues. I asked around, and they do light the path up at night. I asked if I could come back then, but they told me the path would be closed. No one would tell me why.

Not one to follow rules, I returned that night, and made my way over the fence and onto the path. As I walked along the winding route to the large statue, I passed the smaller statues. They seemed different. It was the angle the light hit them. The statue of the baby … it’s eyes were all sunken in, and the shadows seemed to make its fingers end in claws. The statue of the people reaching towards Jesus, they looked dead, reaching towards Jesus with the shadows casting a look of horror on his face. Something about them really unsettled me, but it was on a deeper level than just what they depicted now. I reached the statue of Jesus and gazed up at his face. I stood there for what felt like hours, just wondering why he was weeping. What for? What cause?


I heard the whispers and rustling of the trees on all sides of me long before I saw anything. I gazed up at Jesus, looked deep into those stone eyes, and understood.


That night, he was weeping for me.

Credited to TheCoffinDancer.

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169 thoughts on “Why He Weeps”

  1. >Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Savior.

    But Jesus weeps ALL THE DAMN TIME. “Jesus wept” is the shortest passage in the New Testament!

  2. saying that Jesus would never weep is false. One of the most famous quotes from the bible is, “Jesus wept.” Kinda drew me out of the story -.-

  3. Wow, this was an awesome story. I want to find that place and go down that path now, just maybe not at night. Love the story.

  4. wow, this pasta actually made me check over my shoulder. great job. the ending was a little rushed, but it was still really good and interesting.

  5. Absolutely amazing.. no need to add any more more detail but there is room to build on this story if you ever decide to. What I love about the story is that really it’s up to the reader to draw their own conclusions and

  6. I Hate Assumptions

    “Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Saviour. Never. Unthinkable.”

    Uhhh… you obviously aren’t familiar with the Bible, or else you’d know of one of the more famous Gospel verses, John 11.35: “Jesus wept.” He cries about his friend’s death.
    And you also obviously aren’t familiar with Christianity and its tenants, which make it very acceptable for a Lord and Saviour to weep.

  7. This creeped me out. Probably because I’m not fond of statues especially

    Weeping Angel statues…

    I’m also not found of seeing Christ hanging that just screws my head up. I can’t think about it.

    So next time I’m at a place with statues of Christ or His angels….
    I won’t be turning my back, I won’t look away, and

    I won’t blink.

  8. That was awesome! I don’t think I’ve read anything else on this site that good.
    Yes, all right, I would’ve liked to see the statues/demons before he died, but I certainly respect that the author left the terrors to the readers’ imaginations. The horrors of the dark are much more frightening when we don’t know what they are. Even so, I would’ve liked more of an inkling as to what they were. Not a physical description (“dripping fangs” and “twisted claws” are overused), but something more… definite, like “weeping angels,” “living statues,” or even “demons.” What they are isn’t so scary as what they do. I wanted to know what they do.

    That said, this was an awesome pasta, certainly one of my favorites.

  9. Some here said that the ending didn’t have as much of a punch but I like it how it is. It was unexpected to me and I really really like the story! Great job! Totally frightening!

  10. Its my opinion that the statues were just statues and that the shadows making them look like monsters were just that, Shadows. The writer makes no allusion to the statues being actual creatures. So it seems to me that there was nothing special about that statues nothing about how the statues eat him or the monks kill him or something silly like that, but rather that the ending refers to the atheist realizing that Jesus is weeping for him because he is not saved and would go to hell if he died. And also in reference to the previous comments about the statement " Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Saviour. " technically weeping isn’t the action of a Lord and Savior, but it is because of Christ’s personal relationship with us that he weeps.

  11. Very well written story! The atmosphere itself was extremely creepy, and that the statues were dead and that Jesus was weeping added to the overall creepiness. Very good

  12. That was excellent; I like the more psychological stories instead of just a bunch of random carnage. I think we can all agree that statues are really freaky.

  13. I liked it. Nice to have a story about a place nearby. I’ve acctualy been to the path you’ve described but never been down far enough to see the statues. Though i’ve heard they are in fact there. The place has quite the unsettling nature esspecialy with the grave yard across the street. Great story though!

  14. I liked it.I think religion makes a good base for stories,even if it it’s not directly related to religion,like this case.
    And the constant insulting of 14-year-olds is getting annoying.. >.>

  15. I liked it! (And the constant insulting of 14 year old kids is starting to grate my nerves! >.>)
    I think religious stuff can be a good base for stories.

  16. I’ve eaten many servings of pasta, but I felt compelled to comment on this one.

    My interpretation of the ending? Jesus wept for the atheist, because the atheist somehow submitted himself to the killer statues and would become one of them.

  17. Odd story. I.M.O., I think he was either:

    A. Realized his mistakes as he is a man,


    B. He understood what life and our existence truly means,


    C. An Angel of Death visited him.

    Take your pick.

  18. Very nummy pasta! 10/10
    The part that makes it unnerving for me is that I live in Calgary, Alberta, about 40 minutes from cochrane. :(

  19. Wasn\’t he weeping because the guy was about to get killed by the things that \"made sounds in the bushes\"?


  20. nomnomnom
    This was real tasty pasta. Loved the end. If you really don’t understand the it, maybe you should go back to the self explanatory section.

  21. To all the people irritated by the whole “Jesus Wept” vs “Not the actions of a lord and savior” issue, might I just point out one thing:

    Many christians follow by blind faith, and don’t pay much attention to the book their faith is based on except to justify what they believe. As a christian, I’ve long given up on people getting their own religion right.

  22. @Flash37: *points to the sentence where he says he is an atheist*

    Yeah, research fail.

    Meh. Vagueness makes pasta bland. I was not impressed.

  23. *blinks*
    *walks away and returns with a Bible*
    *opens page and points to the words “Jesus wept”*
    *points to the sentence “Weeping is not the action of a Lord and Saviour”*


    1. Someone killed the narrator. Jesus was crying because he wasn’t the only one who broke the rules and ended up being murdered in the night.

  24. Nice. I had thought that I was immune to creepypasta. This was a refreshing slap in the face. Thankyou, Coffin.

    Fear the Darkness


  25. lol as an Albertan who’s been in the area many times, there is no such thing. i just couldn’t take it seriously.

  26. I think the reason he is weeping is either because he feels the narrator is not “saved” or something is rustling in the woods to get him.

    That is all.

  27. I think I have an explanation for the ending. The shadows bouncing of things to make faces, very elaborate, too elaborate to be a coincedence. The monks have put lights to illuminate the statues yet nobody is allowed there at night, that instantly make the unfortunate person visiting the place want to see it at night. The “monks” wait for a person to show up and… That is left for the reader to decide; but what IS important is that the statue of Jesus is always weeping (it’s a statue) indicating that they have done this time and time again. The story could have been made better by the statue of Jesus looking almost happy in the day time but at the night it looked as though he was weeping.

    8/10 Great story not that creepy but nonetheless, a good story.

    On a side not, there is a famous sentance in the bible “Jesus wept.” so all this talk about the lord not crying is rather silly.

  28. umm, not that I’m religious or anything, but I’m pretty sure the Bible says that Jesus wept several times throughout his life… I think I’d weep too if I was nailed to a piece of wood… I would check your references before writing things like “weeping is not the action of a Lord and Saviour”

  29. Maybe it didn’t mean so much to me because I know that the shortest verse in the bible is one of the most powerful:

    He wept.

  30. I was listening to “Life in a Glass House” when I read this, and… perhaps that’s why I found it so good. The ending of the song is very fitting weeping music. Man, screw them other peoples, this was a good pasta.

  31. Fucking awesome. It reminds me of a legend where holy status would cry blood in the presence of demonic entities.

  32. *Sigh.*

    It’s really not that hard to understand. The statue of Jesus is beholding the damned, in a rather Dante-esque mannner. He’s weeping for the lost souls.

    The reason it’s offensive to that one guy up there is because it suggests that unbelievers deserve Hell. Not sure what the motivation for the original post was, but it’s there.

    I can only surmise that it ends with him becoming one of the statues.

    I liked it for the psychological impact. It didn’t need a monster tearing out his trachea. But, then, maybe I just spend way too much time arguing with Fundies on the internet….

  33. DAMN good.
    Religion shouldnt have to do too much with this pasta – just read it, and love it. Sure, it has Jesus in it, buuuuut.. oh well?

  34. To The Pale Apparition-
    I am a strict atheist myself, but the mention of religious preferences should really have no effect on the story, especially when you mention the word repelling. Don’t tell me you’re one of those little 13-year old atheists who do so for the shock factor; no atheist I have encountered has claimed a story to be repelling over something so silly as that.

  35. wow that was interesting

    im an atheist and yet when i read this my heart started pounding

    then the last line was like”BAM!” xD loved it

  36. Very good pasta.

    Great detail.

    Also, lovespastas, I believe he was weeping as the man was about to die or something.

  37. I loved this one!!! great job. And for those who don’t get the ending, Jesus was weeping for the guy because he’s an atheist and his soul is doomed to reside in hell for eternity. At least that was my take on it.

  38. The Pale Apparition

    The story as a story itself was relatively good, but for the fact of religious preferences mentioned… You see, I am a very strict Atheist myself, so that part was a little repelling for me personally.
    But still, the story is… Good. 9/10

  39. Jesus was Crying for the man because the man was an atheist crying for his everlasting soul and the imiages that he saw of the dead and so forth were the ones that people see of hell , It was a story of a Atheist having a god moment . That was what i got out of it
    I though it was very good gave enough detail as to be entertaining but not so much you were getting lost in a sea of adjectives

  40. holy mother of pearl! :O
    this is good pasta
    and the open ending really gives the reader a chance to imagine what happens next

  41. I shat holy brix.

    Those who say the ending suck have a weak mind. You know very well that the ending had the perfect combination of vaguness and yet overall unevitability. You know what happens to him

    You know why he weeps.


  42. There could have been a little resolution as to the protagonist’s fate, but I liked it. Even something like the next day finding him crucified next to Christ would have been good in my book.

  43. Any more detail on the ending would’ve ruined it. I was skeptical about the Jesus doesn’t cry thing, but it was a great piece.


    I got the impression that the evil statues came to life and killed him or something. Am I in the ball park?

    Anyways, one of THE BEST pastas I’ve ever read.

  45. I like this one, even if it’s not that scary. Reminds me of the Doctor Who episode “Blink,” which (if anyone wants to check it out, it’s probably online somewhere) is some pretty scary pasta.

  46. this was good.

    too bad it was repetative (i can’t spell stfu) and had some weird grammar goin onnn,
    i liked it :D

  47. I agree with Azriel. The open-ended ending was nice, but a bit more would’ve made this story great.
    I did love this though. Just wish it was a bit more flushed out with the details.
    ALSO, with the statues changing, was anyone else reminded of the statues in the amusement park in Silent Hill 3? They did change or snything, but, when you go up to them, you would’ve sworn they were about to eat your face off.

  48. Oh no, now the Willow Men are coming for athiests too!

    This was a really good story, I thought, but the ending wasn’t terribly creepy. I liked the description of the statues after he goes back at night, that was really well done. Though, as for the ending, I would have liked a little more information on what was coming for him, and why.

  49. At least two idiots in this thread that think they are first just because they saw no comments when they got here. It does take a while to show up, you morons.

    Also, this was not creepy. But it was kind of cool, nonetheless.

  50. Ooh pretty interesting story :D
    Even if i dont think i really get it ahah

    and lol @ people who think there first to comment but there actually not.

  51. I’m from Saskatchewan, Eh.
    My friend told me something along the lines of this. He used to live in a small town in Alberta (don’t remember where), and in the cemetery, there was a twelve-foot tall granite statue of an angel. Apparently, the statue was the first thing in the cemetery, apparently to watch over the rested. Every day, he had to ride his bike to school, and every day he’d see that angel. Now, back in the day, school schedules were around 11:00-5:00. Not too bad, but later in the year, it got dark really quick. He told me that every time he walked rode by at night, it always seemed that the angel was staring at him. Hell, he even had a photo of the thing in mid-October; the thing’s eyes were fucking glowing red pinpricks.

    One day, as he was riding past, the angel was gone. Fucking gone. The pedestal it was attached to was practically untouched. No foot tracks, tires, treads: Nothing. No evidence of any thing or person took the angel, but it’s gone.

  52. Shuleeps, Ray, it is a real place. I’ve been there. Less than a week ago. If you get up that major hill near Cochrane heading towards Calgary (where I live), theres a left off the highway. Take a left, then a right, then follow the long road down. Its a marked street. If you come from the direction of Calgary, it’s clearly marked “RETREAT” and “Retreat Road.”

  53. That sucks Shuleeps. I live near Edmonton and as soon as I read this I was planning a road trip to Cochrane so I could check this place out. Oh well it was still a good piece of pasta in my opinion.

  54. A rather bland piece of pasta in my opinion. I would have liked it a better if the details were a little more flushed out, but solid concept dude I really appreciate the originality.

    P.S. Savior or not, I know I’d be crying if a bunch of jackasses decided to nail me into a piece of wood.

  55. This was good :]

    Unfortunately, I live near Cochrane, & there is no place in or around it like that. So, that ruined it, but other than my knowledge of this being fictional (oh my god! who knew?!) it was satisfying.

  56. Thing In The Drain

    Not very creepy, honestly, but certainly a good story.
    I think the only really creepy thing was the description of how the statues changed to become “crooked”, and even that, not so much.
    Oh well. Good tale anyway.


    …I couldn’t resist?

    Yeah, I agree, a slightly rushed ending… but there’s more left to the imagination than ever before and pretty much NOTHING is absolutely clear. The narrator’s fate is completely obscure. He could have just fallen victim to a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Jesus was crying because he knows what a pain they are… or the Willow Men could have come after him.. or… well, anything. So I like this. It’s really left almost totally up to the imagination.

  58. In b4 the 14 year old gothtards with their “FAIL I H8 U 4 TRYIN TO FORCE RELIGION ON MEEEE. I BETZ U BURN WITCHIZ!” and “I DUN GET IT, LOLZ!”.

    I liked it. I usually shy away from anything with religious under- or over-tones, but this was very dramatic- and not really religious at all, as a full piece. Creepy, in a sort of understated way, and very skilfully written. I liked the preciseness of the location- “on THIS road, in THIS state, there’s a statue that looks like THIS”. Too many people try too hard to be obscure and artsy, and wind up sounding pretentious. There’s nothing pretentious here (that doesn’t belong, at least). Good work, TheCoffinDancer.

  59. first to comment!

    this is pretty cool. I like the religious theme and the overall mysteriousness of it. although I’m not quite sure if I fully understand the ending. I’m guessing something bad happened to him and thats why Jesus was weeping?
    anyway nice story…

    1. Trying to keep my dinner down

      OMG every single pasta I’ve read has had at least one ‘But who was (insert something)’

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