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Top 5 Weird and Creepy Jobs for Your Daily Dose of Adrenaline

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Are you among the 67% of people who find their job boring? 

Don’t despair. 

What if you could trade the soul-sucking 9-to-5 for a gig that gets your pulse racing? A word of caution, though — these opportunities aren’t for the faint of heart.

If you don’t want to be part of that percentage, you should know that there are jobs that break away from this routine and offer excitement and adventure instead of the usual daily grind. 

So, get ready for a daily dose of adrenaline in your career — in this article, we will introduce you to 5 of the most weird and creepy professions that break away from the ordinary.

1. Paranormal Investigators

The world of paranormal investigators is undeniably creepy. These individuals delve into the mysterious, exploring haunted houses, abandoned asylums, and dark forests, seeking encounters with spirits and ghostly encounters.

Keep in mind that paranormal investigators must possess a unique set of skills, such as keen observation, analytical thinking, and the ability to remain calm in terrifying situations. Therefore, to enter this enigmatic field, crafting a specialized resume is crucial.

At this point, choosing a professional resume writer is a wise decision. Their expertise ensures a tailored, high-impact resume that aligns with your career goals. But, don’t forget to check resume writers ratings, as it helps identify reputable professionals with a proven track record of client satisfaction. This investment saves time and enhances interview opportunities.

2. Forensic Pathology

If you find the research of dead people’s bodies and the cause of their deaths an interesting task, then forensic pathology is undoubtedly the right profession for you. The forensic pathologist, a medical professional who has expertise in sudden and violent deaths, makes an effort to identify the deceased, as well as to find out the time of death, the manner of death (natural, accident, suicide, or homicide), the cause of death, and whether the death was caused by damage.

It’s challenging to become a forensic pathologist, because being a forensic pathologist requires at least 10 years of education and training after high school. It also requires a strong emotional resilience since the work can be unpleasant, and smelly.

Additionally, you require a great sense of conviction to stand by your findings when faced with criticism from lawyers, the media, and even the relatives of the victims.


3. Forensic Entomology

Forensic entomology is an undeniably creepy profession, demanding a robust psyche and unwavering emotional stability. Unlike their counterparts in forensic pathology, forensic entomologists confront not just lifeless bodies but also the insects inhabiting them.

Working in this field necessitates confronting gruesome scenes, sometimes in advanced stages of decomposition. The awful odors, disturbing sights, and proximity to crawling insects make it an unsettling experience. However, for those with a profound fascination with biology and a penchant for spine-tingling discoveries, forensic entomology offers a unique adventure.

The danger is not solely derived from the distressing surroundings but also from the pressing need for precision and accuracy in collecting insect evidence. Still, don’t forget that mistakes can have profound consequences in criminal investigations. 

4. Snake Milker

Have you ever wondered who in their right mind would willingly become a snake milker? This creepy profession involves extracting venom from some of the world’s deadliest creatures. 

Snake milkers capture the precious poison that can be used for medical research and the production of antivenom. So, it can be deservedly said that this is a profession that stands on the razor’s edge of danger!


A single misstep or a snake’s unpredictable mood swing can result in a venomous bite, potentially leading to severe injury or even death. This risky profession isn’t for people who may easily faint. Therefore, snake milkers must possess nerves of steel and exceptional knowledge of snake behavior.

5. Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime scene cleaning is one of the strange employment opportunities that can be suitable for you if you don’t mind being around dead bodies and blood. After the police have obtained their evidence, it becomes necessary to clean up the crime scene. Crime scene cleaners are in charge of removing biohazardous waste, bodily fluids, blood, and human waste. However, the pay for this interesting but terrifying work is extremely competitive.

Although you might not require a personal certification, these technicians are typically part of a business that requires special licenses under the laws of the particular nation. Cleaning up crime scenes normally requires at least a high school diploma, however, people without experience can also get the job.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s obvious that there are numerous weird and creepy professions relevant for those who crave adventure and excitement. However, venturing into these career paths necessitates an extraordinary level of courage. 

So, summon your inner bravery and select the path that aligns with your adventurous spirit. Your thrilling career journey awaits!

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