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We Danced

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Footsteps aren’t an uncommon thing to hear when you’re sitting in a basement, so I think nothing of it when I hear quiet thuds coming from my upstairs hallway. I just assume it’s my brother, and continue doing whatever pointless little thing I was doing at the time. They go on for another couple minutes, and I’m starting to get pissed off. They keep getting louder and louder and I sigh, wondering what the hell my brother’s doing this late at night. I sit there, because it’s impossible to focus with the racket. I mean, it sounds like someone’s power walking all over my main floor.

I sit there and listen as the thumps get faster and wilder. They just keep moving, almost starting to form a rhythm. They move even faster and get even wilder and they’re thumping all over my main floor. I realize that whatever this is, it can’t be human. No human can move like that.

“What the fuck?!” I finally yell. After that, all the noises stop. Everything is quiet for a moment, and then I hear calm, slow footsteps moving to my basement door. The door is pushed open, and the footsteps stop again. I listen to my breathing for the next three minutes, then sigh, thinking it’s over. Turns out something else was listening, too. Suddenly I hear it thudding down the stairs, and I knock my chair over in my haste to stand up. I start to run towards the nearest closet, just in time to see a grotesque, hairless, four-legged creature, dancing towards me, tapping it’s swollen feet in an intoxicating rhythm. I dive into the closet and slam the door shut. There’s a half-second pause and then I hear that same rhythm on the door.


It just keeps going and going with no pause, no rests, no relief. He’s been at it for hours now, and I find myself tapping my fingers along with his song. But then, just as suddenly as it began, it ends. I wait for a few moments, then look out. He’s gone. I flip on a light and fall into a chair. It’s safe. I relax and think for a few moments. But then I notice my foot tapping. Maybe this song isn’t so bad, I almost like it enough to dance to it. So I drop down on my hands and feet, and I start.


Credited to Smiles.

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141 thoughts on “We Danced”

  1. Holy crap why was that so freaky? The four legged hairless bit got me…ugh. And the last sentence ave me a horrible image of just a person with short legs walking on all fours like that…=s= Eu. Short and creepy. 10/10, it really got me.

  2. This was one of the very first pastas I read and it thoroughly disturbed me. I’m not precisely sure why; maybe because the dancing monster was so explicitly described; humanoid, but on all fours like it lost most of what made it human. Maybe the thought of being subjected to a fate of mindlessness and infecting others. Probably both. For whatever reason it really affected me.

  3. This was alright. But it bothers me that the guy isn’t at all disturbed by the fact that some god damned monster just broke into his home, dancing. Maybe he was meant to react like that, but I didn’t like it. 6/10.

  4. Aww! This was the first story I ever heard done as a Cry Reads ;3; Good times, good times.
    This is why I don’t dance.


    seriously one of my favorites. An interesting and original concept, not often found anymore. Really enjoyable,an awesome pasta

  6. Whoa. This started out as just average pasta with an irritatingly constant use of the present tense, but it totally stuck the landing with that ending. I did not see that one coming. Good job, man.

  7. Yeah, a 10/10 for me. it’s so different… at first you’d think it’s some sort of upright supernatural dead-girl or something… then to realize that all this creature wanted was to dance, but that it’s intelligent enough to charge you and realise when you’re listening to it, etc… and then for it to just go away…. and the RHYTHM is what the real monster is… the other thing was just a vessel. His encounter with this creepy beat-carrying vessel is really a unique pasta, because most things aren’t disease-based, and even the disease-based use germs and blood or stories or evidence or something physical… in this case, it’s an idea.

    and has gotten me thinking more than any other pasta.

  8. fucking freaky! wait.. what was that thing? … I have the idea in my head that it was his brother.. maybe. very creepy though. i was on the edge of my seat when it said he was coming down the stairs.

  9. the hash slinging slasher

    the pastas that describe the monster in any way scare me more >o< my imagination is painfully vivid, plus just imagine yourself in a dark basement in total silence and you suddenly hear a rapid thumping coming towards you. I don't know about anyone else, but i would flip out and probably run into several things. SOOO happy i don't have a basement XD

  10. For some reason, “hairless” refused to manifest for me. I kept imagining Fiskerton from The Secret Saturdays dancing, and he’s adorable, so… lol/

  11. At the point where the creature is dancing towards him, I can imagine it doing a kind of jazz hands motion as it dances sideways. I’m still giggling at that thought.

  12. so… confused….this thing just makes people dance like little mutants of itself…sounds like a sure fire story to me…

  13. How was no one else awakened? The brother must have been the monster (seriously).

    Out of all the pasta I’ve consumed, this one stands out more in my mind.

  14. Y’see, I had a mild Spore phase. The game where you create creatures. In that game, you can go into a test drive mode, in which you can make the creature you just made dance. There’s a dance in there which involves swinging one foot to the left, the other to the right, and then a backflip. Banjo music plays in the background with various hillbilly calls on occasion.

    That is what I pictured as I read this. It made this soooo much better.


  15. I think you infer that the creature used to be human but danced that song for so long it became groteque and captures others like it did that boy. I liked it.

  16. Hi, dont turn around

    Im pleased but disappointed,
    I like the Basement dweller, but but but, I figured you where heading in the danse macabre direction. Still an interesting concept,
    I’ve had songs i couldnt stop tapping my foot, or stop playing again and again… I gotta get on all fours now, my foots tapping too fast.

    Light thinks itself the fastest, but wherever it goes, darkness gets their first – unknown author

  17. Hmm…. I really liked the fatc that it was thumping down the stairs.
    That thought scares me senseless
    Like, it’s running down really fast on four legs

    Scary thought. I have to think of something else >_<

    To make this different, maybe more creepy, you could change it completely, but keep the begining, and have it go instead with the plot that there was something actually crawling around, upside down, on the ceiling of the basement.


    You are all ignorant dumbasses. The pasta is not funny. At all. The ending isnt random, it’s explaining how the last victim was turned into the beast that was in his house, and how he is going to turn into that as well, because he cannot stop dancing. Bitches.

  19. This is not bad. I really like it, it was creepier than others I’ve read(coming from someone who lauged more than they were scared at a movie that was supposed to be completely terrifying, that’s a great compliment.)

  20. Very good story, I liked the build up, then delivery of the climax. Details definitely helped me visualize the situation in my head. Also, I did think of the Centaurs from Fallout 3 as others have. Damned things always get me by surprise.
    I couldn’t help but start to tap my fingers to the beat of the song playing on iTunes while I read this pasta. Excellent work.

  21. So the thing could open the door down to the basement, but was stopped by a closet door? Most closets open outwards so its not like he could have barricaded it.

  22. Reminded me of The Unborn, and the way the old man chases the woman on all fours… Eugh. I was in my basement as I read this too. D:

    Very delicious.

  23. This gave me goosebumps. The part where the narrator realized it couldn’t be human was scary, and the thing reacting to his shout was fucking terrifying… But why would anybody shout “what the fuck” when they realize something BIG and NOT HUMAN is scuttling above your basement bedroom? Wouldn’t you want to get as small and quiet as possible?
    Anyway, awesome pasta. I didn’t really expect the ending, I was thinking it would be more of a WHAT DO I DO GUYS IT’S OUTSIDE MY DOOR thing. I’m glad it wasn’t.

  24. Sweet Jesus. No pastas on here have freaked me in a long time, and this is actually starting to get to me.

    Might be because I sleep in the basement and am about to turn in, but eh. A+ for you, writer.

  25. This is honestly the funniest fucking pasta I’ve ever read. Just the way it changes back and forth, the screaming “What the fuck?!,” the tapping along with the being dancing horizontally on the closet door, the comments, the ending, it’s all too much and I can’t stop laughing. xDD

    Perhaps this is because it’s 5am here, and I’ve been running on nothing for the past 32 hours.

    Regardless, props, never has randomness been applied so skillfully in creepypasta.

  26. Incredible. I love you.

    Intensely well done. I got chills. CHILLS. I happen to be in a basement where I happen to hear footsteps all the time, and now I happen to be freaked the hell out every time the house creaks or the ice maker drops a cube harmlessly into the tray.


    That’s what it’s all about, though, and you’ve done an incredibly good job at it. I haven’t been this creeped out by a pasta before. It’s largely situational, but still … just, well written, well devised, well done.

  27. That was a lovely pasta…totally DID remind me of those Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books… Those illustrations always made me shit brix.

  28. kiss my a -- kitty

    The only shit that scared me was this…

    “I start to run towards the nearest closet, just in time to see a grotesque, hairless, four-legged creature, dancing towards me, tapping it’s swollen feet in an intoxicating rhythm.”


    Yeah, the creature scares me like no other. I recommend this, though.

  29. Nicely cooked.

    You know how siblings always manage to give you something when they catch it? Well, this is like your brother catching the “dancing” and then coming downstairs to give it to you! How considerate! =D

  30. I liked it. It was short, to the point and had a plague-spread feel to it. I wonder what did it in the first place or created it though…

  31. Creative, awesome concept, felt like some traditional horror fable from the “Scary Stories” books, but wholly original. Incredibly disturbing idea for a monster and how it converts victims, raising lots of creepy questions.

    People who disapprove of this story are just being dumb.

  32. Delicious. I really like this one…I dont know what about it got to me, but…It was just…Well, it seems to have scared the living crap out of me.

  33. I picked it looking oddly liked an even more deformed version of smeegal form Lord of the Rings. And I looked up those Cenataurs from Fallout 3, they are fucking scary. o.o”
    So now I picture it a cross between those, dancing,stomping, and jumping around to weird hill-billyish music. I liked this pasta though, very yummy :p

  34. This was creepy until I imagined the dance. Then it was amusing, although I do want to try and do it myself now- IS THIS WHAT IT WANTED ALL ALONG?

  35. i saw the title to this and thought “ballroom ghosts” but the idea took me completely by reminds me of centaur from fallout 3,among other distorted art.

  36. I bet it was a human that heard the dancing, too…

    It wasn’t very scaey but how I imagined th thing was… *shudder*

    And I’m in my basement with my dog running like crazy, freakes me out a little.

  37. I liked it. Short abd sweet with concise-yet-delicious descriptions. Good word choice all around, and he doesn’t try to draw out the horror. It’s a nail-and-bail with just the right amount of everything. A++, my favorite pasta in a long time.

  38. This was scary because it made me think of children’s shows, like Barney, and how easy it is to get one of their earworms stuck in your head, and what monsters those puppets would be if you saw them as living beings.

  39. ooh a pretty tasty pasta for once, the recent ones have been pretty tastless but i actually really like this one.

    short, sweet, and to the point and doesnt act pretentious
    but yeah very good :3

  40. The only creepy part about it was what I imagined the creature being xD Otherwise I liked it ^^ Pretty awesome, considering I used to have a computer in the basement. It reminded me of myself hearing footsteps o:
    But it never turned out to be a hairless thing. D:

  41. Maybe this guy’s brother decided to become an Olympic swimmer while drunk off his ass one night. He chose to get a full-body wax (to increase his speed, of course) before learning to actually swim. Then he came home, and realized that waxes hurt like shit. He started slamming his arms and legs on the floor, writhing in pain and being a giant pussy in general, as people are prone to do after getting every hair plucked from their body.

    Then the narrator comes and sees his brother being an alcoholic freak as usual, and shuts himself in his closet and dances before seeing that this “four legged hairless creature” is actually just his brother being a tool, and that it’s iPod headphones are totally visible.

    So in short, smashed brother comes home in pain and writhes around to some bitchin’ techno, while narrator pisses his pants (he is also drunk).

  42. A great short one! The ending was kinda predictable, but the part where the thing opened the door and started coming down the steps kinda made my heart beat faster. XD

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