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Voice of the Woods

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I’ve locked myself in this room with my laptop. I…I don’t know when they’re coming, where they’re coming from. Hell, I don’t even know IF they’re coming. But what I do know is that they’re out there. They are right outside my door, in my backyard, hidden behind the trees just out of sight. All I have left is this laptop…so I write this to whoever find it.

In order for you to understand, you must hear my story. It’s quite a tale. I recently moved into my house, bought and paid for, in a small town. The house itself was 3 floors, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and it had a beautiful view of a forest in the backyard. It struck me as odd that it was as cheap as it was, being
such a big house. Now I know why.

About a week after I got all my things moved in strange things started happening. Among the first things are; power outages, strange noises coming from the woods, the occasional shadow crossing the trees. At first I thought it was just because I wasn’t used to living in the woods, my imagination, and the power outages would be explained by it being an old house in the middle of nowhere. However things gradually got worse.

After a few weeks of the previously stated occurrences, I could have swore I saw trees moving, but not like the wind, no actually moving, but I thought it was just my imagination ,and thought nothing of it.

However, one day when I got back home from work I saw that the garage door of my house had been opened,
someone had broke in. I ran inside as fast as I could, maybe I’d catch the guy who did it before he got away. But strangely enough, when I went in not only was nothing missing, but I found a strange stack of twigs, leaves, and the like. I called the cops anyway, told them that they should keep an eye around the neighborhood if people were breaking in. I swept the bundle of foliage outside and didn’t give in another thought.

I went to my bedroom and fell asleep after that. But as if my day couldn’t have been remotely good, I was awoken by something…bizarre. A blood-curling screech of pain like no animal I had heard before. It was terrifying, I didn’t know why it was terrifying, but when I heard it I felt true fear. It continued for the rest of the night, hours of torturous fear. When the sun rose whatever had been making that terrible sound stopped.


I looked out the window to see what was making that dreadful noise, but saw nothing. It wasn’t the last time I heard it, either. It started happening every night. By the 5th day I was missing enough sleep and just built up enough courage to go out there and figure out what that thing was and how to stop it
from keeping me up. I wish that I hadn’t.

I grabbed my handgun and a flashlight and went into the woods, the sound still screaming throughout the forest. I shined the light throughout the forest, still couldn’t see a damn thing. I grew closer and closer, and the sound grew louder and louder. The dreadful screech made my head feel like it was
imploding, my ears started to bleed. The pain was terrible, but I had to find out what it was. And as I crossed one last tree I saw it.

It was 10 feet tall, on all fours covered in brush, bark, and scales. Its mouth was open, screeching as loud as it could, showing its 3 rows of sharp, barky teeth. Its eyes were yellow and reptilian. I only got a quick glance of it, but it will forever be embedded into my brain. I turned to run, but more of them seemed to come out of the ground with the same terrible sound.


I ran as fast as possible back into my house and locked the door behind me, but when I got inside I had a revelation. The stack of twigs…my garage door by far big enough to let those things through. They had opened it, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but they could get it. I quickly grabbed this laptop and locked myself in the small cellar, far too small to let them in. I can still hear that sound, that deafening sound that rips my soul apart. I just can’t take any more of this. So, I write this to whoever finds it. If you EVER see a stack of twigs in your house unexplained, or see the trees move on their own,
and my god, if you ever hear that dreadful noise, god rest your soul, run away, move to the city and never look back. But it’s too late for me now, they’re in my head, I can hear them calling out with their noise that would make the devil himself cry out in pain. The only thing I can do now is sit here and….and……pull this trigger. Hell would be a great improvement to this noise.

Credit: Michael VanWinkle

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28 thoughts on “Voice of the Woods”

  1. I guess it’s okay. Well written but not extremely scary. I think it would be better if it were written in first person point of view.

  2. “All I have left is this laptop”
    Didn’t know laptops had triggers.
    Anyway… big, ugly monster does nothing else then litter your garage and scream at night. Unpleasant, but since it never ever tries to harm anyone, and probably is even too big to get into the house proper, just wait for sunrise and move, problem solved.

  3. I liked it a lot but I think that your character needed some depth because I really didn’t give a shit about him or the fact that he put a bullet in his brain. As for a sequel the idea is ridiculous. It would be the same story all over again. I don’t see how there is a way to build on this.

    I think you could rewrite this and make it better and sorry for being harsh, I gave it an 8/10 because despite it’s flaws, it did manage to creep me out. It just seemed a bit too short. If it had been fleshed out a little it would have been better. Also it just seems like the character is too alone. He doesn’t mention a friend, family member or anything so it is safe to assume he is just some guy all alone by himself which is not so interesting. If he had something to live for like a lover or a child or both, then it might give him some more depth. Like if he tried to survive. It seems they only came out at night too so I don’t see why he didn’t wait until morning.

    How did he know that he wouldn’t be able to forget the screams and move away to be safe? There was also no motive from the monsters or explanation as to what they are. What are they? Why do they want to kill him? Perhaps they are angry at humans for hurting their habitat. Maybe it is some way for the forest to “fight back”. I think if you asked yourself some of these questions and spent just a little more time on it, it would have been a 10/10

    Keep writing pastas though because this was quite good compared to most. Give yourself a pat on the back because you did a good job.

  4. This is why you don’t piss off ents.

    Srsly though, this story has a few things going for it, but it also has some serious flaws.
    I liked the title and its implication of an elemental force. The branches, likewise, made me think of a vengeful forest like in Princess Mononoke.
    That said, the writing style was uninspired. Being alone in the woods, even in a house, is scary, but I never got a sense of that isolation. And for half the story even the narrator doesn’t seem scared. Shadows are his imagination, ditto the walking trees, and the branches are just kids. I actually winced when he hears a bloodcurdling, unearthly screech, then says “I don’t know why it was terrifying”. Really? Not a clue?
    Finding a good premise is half the battle for Creepy Pasta, and this story has that. It’s just that the writing needs some TLC.

  5. The grammar and spelling were really messed up, besides all of the things mentioned above.
    Why were they screaming? And why did no one else notice? Plus, why didn’t he have the twigs examined. I mean, they WERE left there after his house was “broken in to.” Doesn’t make sense. At all.

  6. 10 feet tall and on all fours? Can’t it be a more believable and creative number? Maybe one not so even like 9 foot 2. Or be tall and skinny like Slenderman. You can’t just not notice something ten feet tall and on all fours. It would be too wide. .0000000000001/10.

  7. Lorax 2: This time it’s personal

    I could pull this trigger, or watch porn, or use skype to call the police.

  8. Meh. I just couldn’t get into it. I mean, there are so many stories that start out like this: I just got this car for free, I wonder why? Or, This apartment is lovely but the owner made me sign the deed in blood. And then it it just goes on to be a hunted forest/ rabid beast story. Again, there wasn’t much in length either, not enough for the reader to get attached or be frightened in anyway. It’s like: Oh, this dude is in a dark place writing this down before he dies (Most ways a pasta starts) and as he’s re-telling this story to us he describes this big-foot gone wrong thing and there is really nothing new here in the average pasta. I say 5/10

  9. It was decent the ideea was good and the way it was written keept me interested. It could have been better thought 8/10

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