4 Extremely Disturbing and Chilling Interviews

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πŸ“… Published on March 21, 2019

"4 Extremely Disturbing and Chilling Interviews"

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From a conversation with a serial killer, to the most disturbing interview of all time, join us…

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sometimes when we enter another person’s
mind we find something truly horrible so
from a conversation with a serial killer
to potentially the most disturbing
interview of all time
join us on august 5th 2009 33 year-old
Angela Simpson lured 46 year-old Terry
Neela to an abandoned apartment and
proceeded to torture him for the next
three days according to police she beat
him drove nails into his head pulled his
teeth out
stabbed him around 50 times and finally
strangled him Simpson then dismembered
his body and left it in a trash can
where it was soon found two weeks later
she was arrested and eventually
sentenced to life in prison
you’re very upfront very much about
talking about this killing right you you
murdered this man yes you tortured him
of course there is no ambiguity and
there is nothing you want us in court
today you said you’re not here to
pretend to be remorseful of course not
why would I do that
are you immoral not at all why why would
I be well why did this man deserve to
die you you claimed he was this man why
Rufe do you have of that he told me he
was a snitch on many occasions but that
really doesn’t matter why did you guys
want to kill me
Phenix wanted to kill me what’s the
difference everybody has a reason to
kill the incident can you tell me any
what happened during those three what do
you mean I took him to my house walked
him down the street I don’t know why the
media acts like the motherfucker
couldn’t walk he walked very well walked
him upstairs kicked his ass killed him
and because I told you you claimed that
the other people had been killed in that
same part you had killed other people no
I’ve never killed anyone else so that
was something just talk right and you
don’t want to talk about your past but
your lawyer said that you know what they
in in sentencing you the judge in very
money you’ve had a really good right of
life I started being hospitalized took
ten years old I have a mental history
from 10 years old till present so yeah
when you say mental history I mean do
you care that anyone feel sorry for you
do you want any feel sorry for me yeah
you should should the people who are
watching this say because she had a bad
child course not she had as mentally of
course not no we should feel some
sympathy for no you would not have that
I want no sympathy now what do you care
what anybody thinks now Angela Simpson
and one out I don’t I mean I’m really
not trying to be perfect
angry but I just I want to see you hurt
you say I killed this guy you deserve to
die blah blah blah I mean it’s
brilliance there you’re upfront I want
to know if you have any concerns about
what you know what what put you in that
position to do that today it was just
too much the things he talked about it
was just it was too much do you believe
him I mean lots of people go around him
and I’m a snitch or maybe really you
don’t say well I think they talk about
like that I’ve got I know people come
have associations with law enforcement
you know I’ve got this I’m friend with
this do you happen to have a list of
those people they name drop well maybe
in the circle but what I’m saying people
say lots of things to make themselves
well he picked the wrong
nigger to say that too if he wanted to
brag about putting so many people in
prison you picked the wrong person and
that’s what that’s what did it to him
that’s what that’s why what the bragging
about putting two people in prison right
people you knew no we don’t know any
other okay you believe him do you think
he really was a snitch oops if he wasn’t
yes I believe he was yeah you have a
family I do from an adoptive family well
I have four children
you have four children I do have four
job where are they tell Mirage what is
how they doing and how is it for you to
be separated I don’t want to talk about
my children I can’t do that
is there is there a message for what is
there a bottom line or a lesson to be
learned from the story of Angela Simpson
bottom line everything whatever people
want it to be if I it doesn’t matter
what I say On January 9th 2017 28
year-old Manuel Vela was found dead in
his cell a month earlier he’d murdered
his girlfriend Katrina Riviera and that
unborn child did you hide the baby out
of her yes I did why
pull the point
isn’t it your baby it’s our baby yes
so what point were you proving first and
foremost to defy every religion based
politic politic political to defy every
law of any God creation of a book I
understand yeah so did you think what
you were doing was the right thing or
did you realize it was gonna kill her
well we quite as a team you know from
extraterrestrial to religion to science
understand of a voyage of telepathy and
somewhat of a higher power vested in us
as a team me and Katrina Ribera so
we understood yes that I was gonna kill
her she understood she had to die and
she was okay with that yes I said she
said did it yes
so it was a baby alive at first you know
you know capital hour six hours to
myself just with her dad in the back
seat side of the road somewhere
over on time wood and just had the time
reflect with me and my father had enough
basic here to do and that’s where I cut
her open what you told me to the Father
it’s just
someone who wish to communicate with
Jesus Christ is one of you
so do you think that you’re possessed by
the devil me yeah I’m the Antichrist
I’m capable of taking simple business of
any God that ever said creator was here
to defy love anything that I ever said
that I was Adam from the first you know
to understand the flesh pleasure
that’s a the definition of that fulfills
something nobody else everywhere ever
compared to so do you feel that your
girlfriend and your baby are dead
I take it easy on it so no remorse of
not I don’t feel bad how did you get
your instructions and what instructions
did you get those shoes all right
when I was seven
this race is a put in effect in Allah
and through all that time you hear these
voices over and over there well then you
say go left and I had to go right you
know get he’s an Asian spaceship or
something so you already so I had to
learn heavy process of how he really had
to communicate that go right and I go
left got it so you did pretty much
office into that in the process of going
to through this how did you kill your
girlfriend and the baby and what
instructions did you get in order to do
that he said defy me do what you do and
just do it the right way what was that
way what did you come up with what was
your way up to do this oh he said just
do as you were lonely in the garden and
did you use any instruments tools did
you use your hands yeah he gave me up
instructions of a razor blade that he
provided me in the garden with no one
else was there
an exacto knife or was it a utility
knife just a bottle razor by then and
you get all of this with the razor blade
you did the c-section with the razor
blade yes
the scars you suppress throughout this
process of being arrested killing your
girlfriend killing the baby and talked
to me about how you feel right now
do you think that you’ve done exactly
what you were told to do clutter that up
for me we should feel a pretty
magnificent creation you might say my
fact yes it says a very excited for the
next process of experience as how that
imagine to tell you nothing will ever be
the same
yes yeah responsible for the murders of
at least 10 people serial killer at
Kemper finally confessed to police on
April 20th 1973 only hours earlier
Kemper had murdered his mother Klein
Elle he then decapitated her had sex
with the head and finally used it as a
depart as Kemper explained in letter
interviews the two had shed a severely
dysfunctional relationship for years you
were involved in the campus because your
mother worked there yes I was also
involved in killing coeds
because my mother was associated with
college work college co-eds women and
had had very strong and violently
outspoken position on men for much of my
upbringing my mother was a sick angry
hungry and very sad woman I hated her
but I wanted to love my mother I was
getting less detectable I started
flaunting that invisibility severing a
human head two of them at night in front
of my mother’s residence with her at
home my neighbors at home upstairs their
picture window opened the curtains
opened 11 o’clock at night the lights
are on all they have to do is walk by
look out and I’ve had it and then five
minutes later I put that away and there
been knock on the door and I’d put it
and answer the door and the landlady
would be there
and we discussed discuss what reality
her reality not mine
some people go crazy at that point I
felt it it was one hell of a tweak I
mean to just flip out and not know where
I was to be walking up the stairs with a
camera bag it belonged to a young woman
that had her severed head in it walking
up to my apartment passed a happy young
couple coming down the stairs who nodded
and smiled at me as they went by good
evening and they’re going out on a date
where I’d love to be going and I’m aware
of both of these realities and the
distance between those two was so
dramatic so amazing so violent that
really I could feel the wheels squeaking
inside that was really pulling on it and
I imagine at that point some people
break but I didn’t literally go insane I
didn’t get lost for two months I hadn’t
killed I said it’s not going to happen
anymore girls it’s got to stay between
me and my mother and it’s gotta I can’t
get away from her we’re still fighting
she still belittling you she’s still I’m
like a puppet on a string and I
entertain her she knows all my buttons
and I dance like a puppet with that pain
and it had even gotten physical to where
I had physically grabbed her and thrown
her on her bed trying to emphasize a
point that she’s threatening to kill her
so here I pick up these two young ladies
and Berkeley on Ashby Avenue
one has flowers in her hand petite
little dolls there in granny dresses and
they’re hitchhiking a couple of real
experts I want to see how together I am
if I can resist this temptation are you
going to Walnut Creek
and they get in my car they want to go
one way I know they need to go the other
if they go the way they’re insisting on
we’re headed right back out to where the
first two coeds were murdered and I’m
saying to myself oh my god all I got to
do is relax and they’ll take me to their
death I’ve got the gun in the car the
same one I’ve been doing it with I
insisted as gently as I could I took
them where they needed to go to their
college that was one week before I
murdered my mother
I said she’s got to die and I’ve got to
die or girls like that are gonna die and
that’s when I decided I’m going to
murder my mother I knew a week before
she died I was gonna kill her and she
went out to a party she got soused she
came home went to sleep I was woken up
by that I got came out I walked up to
her bed she’s laying there reading a
paperback as many thousands of nights
before and she said all I suppose you’re
gonna want to sit up all night and talk
shit I looked at her I said no it’s a
good night
and I knew us get a killer no and I’m so
cold is so hard that’s the first time in
ten years I’ve looked at it that way I
mean that intensely that honestly there
Hertz came out of my mother and then a
rage I went right back in for seven
years she said I haven’t had sex with a
man because of you my murderous son is
one of our arguments I cut off her head
and I’m and I humiliated her corpse it’s
a dare you know six young woman dead
because of the way she raises her son
and the way her son is raised the way
he’d grow us up and once for closing
words I suppose you want to sit up all
night and talk in the 1998 documentary
listening to sex offenders the crew
interviewed a man called Gerald in the
interview he explains how he molested
his 9 year old stepson after about two
years of molesting my son and all the
pornography that I had been buying
renting swapping I had got my hands on
some bondage and discipline pornography
with children involved and
some of the reading that I had done and
the pictures that I had seen showed
total submission forcing the children to
do what I wanted and I had eventually
started using some of this bondage and
discipline with my own son and it had
escalated to the point where I was
putting a large ziploc bag over his head
and taping it around his neck with black
duct tear black electrical tape and
raping and molesting him at that point
to the point that he would turn blue
pass out at that point I would rip the
bag off his head not for fear of hurting
him but because of the excitement I was
extremely aroused by inflicting pain and
when I seen him pass out changed colors
that was very arousing and heightening
to me and I would rip the bag off his
head and then I jump up on his chest and
I’d masturbate in his face and and make
him sucking like penis why he was you
know as he started to come back awake
why he was coughing and choking I would
rape him in the mouth I said my I told
myself that my step child you know
because he wasn’t mine because he wasn’t
my biological son that he was less than
human anyway other people’s children
that I had raped and molested they
weren’t mine they weren’t my biological
children so it didn’t make any
difference to me
I view children as a piece of meat just
to me that to me children were a toy do
what I wanted with and then throw it
away and then I found that if the child
tried to pull away or would scream
holler cry and and all my life myself
would enhance that and make it more
arousing to me and the pain that the
aspect of inflicting pain was extremely
arousing if something that had taken
time to build up it didn’t just happen
it took time to build that up and after
a while I would take him I could
actually take and turn it around to the
child was screaming because I wanted
more the child was screaming Ashley
because they liked it
child screaming because they wanted me
to continue and it’s all turning it
around and saying that that well the
tears really aren’t real for hurt the
screaming isn’t really because of pain
it’s the person actually wants this to
happen I had been fantasizing about
killing a victim during the course of of
rape or molest about five or six months
all during the course of the molestation
of my stepson when I was using the
supplier the plastic bag over his head
I had fantasized thought about killing
and letting him go ahead and suffocate
during the process of my station
I believe it would have been maybe as
short as another month or two and I
would have actually killed him if I was
not arrested

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